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“Bless Big, Mommy!”

I was praying with Sue the other night…just the “regular” prayers about health, protection and good dreams…when she looked at me and said clear as day, “Bless Big, Mommy!  Bless Big!”

And I thought, as I think so much of the time these days, that God is speaking specifically to me through her.  Before she was born, when I thought I was miscarrying her, boy did I “bless big.”  I believed big, too, because that was all I had.

Yet now that she is born and healthy, now that the cyst on her brain is gone. Now that she knows all her colors at 2, now that I’ve come through the Promised Land cycle and seized that promise, it’s easier and easier to ask for the status quo of health and protection.

I have effectively forgotten to “bless big.”  Yet that’s what God wants to do, isn’t it?  He wants to bless big, so why have I stopped asking?

Posted on 11 July '07 by , under Faith is the Evidence.