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The Winner Is…

Yes, almost 10 days late, I finally coerced H into drawing a name for the winner of this grand Sensory Processing periodical.

And the winner is:

Adonya has a wonderful web site, and has also recently written a book so please check out her blog!

Edward woke up during this drawing and is pictured here with his beloved Webkin, “Jet.”

I know.  Who sleeps in a golf shirt?  (We do…when it’s convenient.)

Thanks for playing!

Posted on 13 November '08 by , under Autism Spectrum/Sensory Processing.

3 Comments to “The Winner Is…”

#1 Posted by Adonya Wong (14.11.08 at 01:06 )

I still cannot believe my name was pulled from the magic hat.

I’m wicked jazzed! Thank you again for broadcasting this drawing.

I can’t wait to read it.


Adonya Wong
Author | Autism Activist | Blogger

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#2 Posted by Helene (14.11.08 at 17:06 )

Elizabeth, where can I get a copy of that magazine with that specific article? I’ll try googling it and see what I come up with. In the last few months, Garrett has been doing some things that had me wondering (like not wanting to wear certain textured shirts, screaming when I put socks and shoes on him, refusing to wear certain jammies…he’ll just tug and tug on them as if he’s being lit on fire). We just had an EI eval done for him for speech and I mentioned this to the evaluator and she said it could be a sensory processing disorder, though very mild. I was just thinking certain materials bother him…had no idea it could possibly be something more than that.

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#3 Posted by Danette (15.11.08 at 00:58 )

Congrats, Adonya!

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