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Fish Pectin Marshmallow: It’s a Food Review?

Sounds appetizing, eh?

Something about marshmallows in any way associated with Nile Perch and Tilapia is troubling…

Yet here’s a close gander at a perfectly toasted sampling:

You see, it all started when my mother-in-law, whom I earnestly, dearly love, sent Edward a Marshmallow Bow and Arrow for his birthday from drugstore.com.  For a child obsessed with the Middle Ages, a child who cannot stop talking about the importance of the Ottoman Empire, this was a fetching choice.

Feel that wild love?

The only issue was his inability to actually eat traditional mini-marshmallows due to their inclusion of obvious enemies tetrasodium pyrophosphate and artificial color “blue 1”–a particular nemesis–after they had been shot.

Yet, without fail, the ‘squirrel people‘ sent their promised Halloween/Birthday candy stash for the gluten/casein/food dye/artificial flavor-sensitive–two weeks late–and it included a package of fish gelatin marshmallows.

I’ll just lead off with a typical Edward quote:

“Well, they smell like rotted fish, but they do taste quite sweet and good.  I like them!  I really do!  You just need to hold your nose when you eat them!”

Good times.  For a family that guzzles fish oil like cheap ripple, this is fab.


Dodged that one because although these mallows are.not.cheap, they enable us to embrace the familiar thrill of toasted marshmallows.

At this point, I just seize the joy and run with it!

I run for the hills!  It’s vitally important!

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14 Comments to “Fish Pectin Marshmallow: It’s a Food Review?”

#1 Posted by jaden (14.11.08 at 11:41 )

Oh. Gross. lol.

I’m glad Edward likes them. Cuz I know I wouldn’t…*shudder* Fish marshmallows?? Wonder who thought that one up…

At least he gets to do the traditional campfire toasting thing now 😀

jadens last blog post..Thursday Thirteen #6- Thanksgiving Edition!

#2 Posted by jules (14.11.08 at 12:06 )

that reminds me of camp…

but I can’t roast them too much because then they just become another squeeze toy

juless last blog post..Movie Review: Madagascar 2… The Kids Will Love It!

#3 Posted by Rhemashope (14.11.08 at 14:53 )

What a cool birthday gift! And thanks for the link to the ‘squirrel people’ – if I order from them I’ll make sure to do so way in advance!

Rhemashopes last blog post..Potty Paraphernalia

#4 Posted by Steph at the Red Clay Diaries (14.11.08 at 15:33 )

I think for me, anything that is edible only if you hold your nose is not, in fact, edible.

Glad it’s working for you. 🙂 When you toast them, do they smell like a fish fry? (badump-chshhhhhh)

Steph at the Red Clay Diariess last blog post..An Evening with the Four — Er, Three — Horsemen

#5 Posted by Carla (14.11.08 at 16:43 )

Hmmm…interesting. Not sure if I could get past the fish smell, but if they taste good…perhaps only eat them when you have a cold?

We’re getting the gun version of the bow and arrow. *roll eyes* The package DOES say not to eat the marshmellows after they’ve been “shot.”

Carlas last blog post..Giving the boys some bloggy love..

#6 Posted by Helene (14.11.08 at 17:02 )

Marshmellows that smell like fish? There’s just something really odd about that! But at least he likes them…I love his quote that they taste good as long as you don’t smell them! That’s classic! What a cute kid!

Helenes last blog post..I’m so glad I’m not one of "those" moms….

#7 Posted by Jennibeanv (14.11.08 at 22:52 )

Ummm, yum? LOL! As long as he is happy!

Jennibeanvs last blog post..Why Can’t They Collect Something Smaller?

#8 Posted by mrsbear (15.11.08 at 00:28 )

They actually look pretty good toasted. Thank goodness it’s not smello-blog, don’t know if I’d be able to stomach a fishy smelled ‘mallow. If these are the ones you binged on the other day, they don’t really count. 🙂

mrsbears last blog post..The Invisible Umbilicus

#9 Posted by Felicia (15.11.08 at 00:40 )

Fish marshmellows? I can’t even imagine!

You have a NEW award to pick up! This one really is a good one!

Felicias last blog post..Boon Potty Bench: I’m Gonna Win It!

#10 Posted by stickymama (15.11.08 at 12:20 )

That is too funny. Why must they sneak the word “Natual” onto the package? Do they think they’re fooling anyone? What could possibly be natural about marshmallows?

#11 Posted by Minnesota Matron (15.11.08 at 22:41 )

Fish? Fish chocolate, fish cake, fish licorice. All sounds nummy to the ocean -oriented Matron.

Minnesota Matrons last blog post..The Community College Dialectic

#12 Posted by Annette Piper (20.11.08 at 23:54 )

Hahaha , yes, the fish in the title is rather concerning. But hey, he loved them and the bow/arrow set was obviously a hit.

Annette Pipers last blog post..Only six weeks to Christmas!

#13 Posted by Anonymous (14.12.08 at 10:41 )

My son loves these marshmallows. For kids allergic to beef, as my son is, as well as eggs, milk, wheat and nuts, if really doesn’t matter how bad it sounds until you try it. I try everything he eats and I would not feed him things I can’t stomach – have you ever tried tapicoca bread? Point is, don’t knock until you try it.

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