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Roof Tampons, Petrified Cotton Candy and Other Flood Tales

My town has received 16 inches of rain in the past 48 hours!  Here’s a house in my neighborhood.

We almost bought this house six months ago when we were house-hunting.  We even had a contract on it, but pulled out because of some inspection issues:

The sellers told us we wouldn’t need flood insurance…

We do have water running through the crawl space of our house, but thanks to our trench-digging a few months ago, it flows right through the space and into the yard.  Not ideal, but certainly workable!

Plus we got to run the fire place all weekend to keep the deluge of rain from spilling out into the floor.  Nothing like a fire when it’s 75 degrees!

Earlier today we noticed a seeping brown spot in the playroom ceiling.

H went up to the attic to check it out, but the spot was almost beyond his reach.  He called down and asked me to find a long stick and several tampons.

What was the point of questioning him?  I grabbed the tampons.

He stobbed a few “medium flows” on the end of the stick and jammed them in the leaky spots.

So far they are working like a charm!  It will be simple to change them out if the rain continues.

Please don’t think I am complaining because we are blessed to be safe and dry, but we have been confined to the home since Friday afternoon, and the children have resorted to some rather creative sources of entertainment.

Sue taped paper plates to her feet and scooted about the house.

H  finally just went to the grocery store because we were seriously out of most staples.

We even resorted to cleaning out the pantry in search of interesting vittles and found this:

Yes, it’s petrified cotton candy.

Here’s the bottled water aisle in our local grocery:

Oh, and of course school is canceled for tomorrow!  And nobody is talking about rabid skunks anymore either, although there was a news story about a man and his parrot who were rescued by jet ski.

Still, seriously the flooding in this area has been epic, and many people are in true trouble.  So many homes were not in flood plains and therefore did not have flood insurance.

It’s got the makings of a fascinating week…

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10 Comments to “Roof Tampons, Petrified Cotton Candy and Other Flood Tales”

#1 Posted by Jen (03.05.10 at 06:22 )

Oh no, that looks really bad. I am happy to hear you are all safe, even if you are bored:) I hope the floods clear soon and life returns to normal. Jen.
.-= Jen´s last blog ..10 Things HRH wants you to know. =-.

#2 Posted by Tonggu Momma (03.05.10 at 09:09 )

Roof tampons… now I have heard everything. Stay safe, y’all… it looks pretty scary.
.-= Tonggu Momma´s last blog ..Sunday Linkage =-.

#3 Posted by mrsbear (03.05.10 at 10:10 )

I completely forgot you’d moved to TN. We’ve been in touch with my in-laws who are in Dickson, everyone is dry but tons of people are stranded in their town with the interstate flooded in areas, but so far everyone is dry. I’m glad other than a few leaks everything is fine on your end. Your husband is quite the innovator. And really, that house across the street! That’s terrible. Everything happens for a reason though, doesn’t it? Phew.
.-= mrsbear´s last blog ..I Heart Complications and Random Tuesday Thoughts =-.

#4 Posted by kim (03.05.10 at 10:51 )

I had no idea about the rain
We had been in Valdosta for the Wild Adventures EAW family fun weekend
We got home late last night and woke up to the news of the flooding
That is terrible!!!
What a blessing though that you did not buy that house – can you imagine??!!!
Praying for you!
.-= kim´s last blog ..Our Protector =-.

#5 Posted by Adi | Hidden Object Games (03.05.10 at 12:26 )

The flood look terrible. Thanks God you & your family doing Ok. Interesting that you almost bought that house. Thanks God again.

#6 Posted by Elle (04.05.10 at 22:03 )

So glad to see you are safe and fairly dry. I have to say I’ve never thought to use tampons in quite that way, but whatever works! So sorry for all the flooding in your area.
.-= Elle´s last blog ..Random Tuesday Thoughts =-.

#7 Posted by Patty (04.05.10 at 22:46 )

Wow! I will be praying that you guys stay safe!

Kudos to the husband for such quick thinking. I love the tampon idea–pure genius!
.-= Patty´s last blog ..Role play =-.

#8 Posted by Natalie Spontak (05.05.10 at 14:04 )

So glad to hear that you all are safe. I can really feel for you as we were in your situation at the end of March when Rhode Island was hit by serious flooding. Like your neighbors, so many people didn’t have flood insurance because they were not located in flood plains. That’s what happens when you experience a more than 100 years flood! You guys certainly are creative about your roof fixes. I never would have thought of that. It’s brilliant. I’m hoping things will dry out for you guys soon and that you are all able to stay safe and sane while you wait it out.

#9 Posted by Elizabeth Channel (05.05.10 at 20:01 )

Yes, my sister-in-law has decided to add “sump pump expert” to her resume after all this. I know I will qualify as a “mold remediation professional” after we finish spraying down the crawl space with anti-mold agent.

#10 Posted by Tari (05.05.10 at 22:06 )

Just don’t tell your insurance company about the mold!
.-= Tari´s last blog ..Quoting Children =-.