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Wordless Wednesday: What Does This Hat Say?

My dearest friend from high school and college went on a blind date with this fellow lately.  One blind date.  It went reasonably well.  He left for a two-week vacation and when he returned, he gave her this faux-distressed “cap” and a skimpy, see-through, purple and gold “swim-suit” cover up.  At least we think that’s what it is.

It’s been so many years since I’ve been a part of the dating world, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of all this.

Neither was she.  So we are seeking your opinion.

What do these gifts mean?

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25 Comments to “Wordless Wednesday: What Does This Hat Say?”

#1 Posted by BeThisWay (17.09.08 at 16:49 )

It’s quite clear to me. He wants her to star in a Gangsta Rap video.

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#2 Posted by Peanut (17.09.08 at 17:09 )

It means he spent his entire vacation trying to find something for her and panicked at the last minute. Or is that just the hopeless romantic in me talking?

Peanuts last blog post..Waiting, waiting…

#3 Posted by Corina (17.09.08 at 17:10 )

That he has bad taste. That purple thing screams bad taste.

Corinas last blog post..Don’t throw the sand!!!!

#4 Posted by shannon (17.09.08 at 20:02 )

It means, there is a reason he is still single. haha After a blind date, he is already getting her gifts, hhmm….

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#5 Posted by hellokittiemama (17.09.08 at 20:24 )

Is/was the hat his?

And the purple thing.. bwa buppa bwa bwah….

#6 Posted by Elizabeth (17.09.08 at 21:00 )

No, HelloKittieMama, the hat was a “brand-new-with-the-tags-souvenir-faux-distressed-cap.” Yep. That’s what it was.

#7 Posted by Jennibeanv (17.09.08 at 21:21 )

Hmmmm…that he likes to buy random things at airport giftshops?

#8 Posted by Helene (18.09.08 at 00:51 )

Yeah, I have to agree with the other commenters! It’s easy to see why he’s still single. I mean, even a snow globe would’ve been nicer than a hat and a swim cover-up.

Helenes last blog post..Holy freakin spiders…

#9 Posted by jyl @ mommygossip (18.09.08 at 02:21 )

That he had no idea what to get, was trying really hard to appear stylish, but really asked some ho in a shop what to buy for a girl he really wanted to impress.

Scary…. but I am a little out of the dating scene myself.

jyl @ mommygossips last blog post..Wordfuless Wednesday—Dreams of a Straight-A Student!

#10 Posted by Stonefox (18.09.08 at 06:53 )

I think there is something to this. Not sure exactly what, but I think he is trying to work her.

My guess is that he wants to take her to the beach. He’s definitely playing the dating games. I just hope she can figure it out!

Keep us posted, we’re nosy out here in the blogosphere!

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#11 Posted by Danette (18.09.08 at 07:45 )

Well, I’ve been out of the dating scene for a long time too, so I’m not sure, but my guess is it means he has no clue what to get as a gift for a woman :).

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#12 Posted by andreacook (18.09.08 at 07:48 )

Oh dear! Were they on clearance? Maybe he’s a tight wad. Where did he go on vacation? That might be more telling…

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#13 Posted by andreacook (18.09.08 at 07:48 )

PS – she does look very cute in that hat though!

andreacooks last blog post..The Legacy of a Step Child

#14 Posted by tracey (18.09.08 at 08:56 )

Ummm… Hmm. That he thought of her on vacation? That men are really pretty basic when it comes down to it? Actually, I think it says he thinks she’s cool to hang with and sexy at the same time. Yeah. THAT’S what he was going for…

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#15 Posted by Mrsbear (18.09.08 at 10:09 )

He’s been single a long time, huh? I think it was probably meant as a sweet gesture, but he’s obviously clueless as to what to buy a woman. Or maybe he’s just a weirdo. I don’t know, I think one blind date is a little soon to be buying souvenirs but what do I know? I haven’t been single in 15 years. I’m sure dating etiquette has changed somewhat since I graduated high school. 🙁

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#16 Posted by kim (18.09.08 at 12:53 )

Seriously I was ticked at Craig for bringing me home a plaque from Ireland instead of jewlery and this dude gave her a hat and a sheer whatever thing
Yeah I am thinking RUN and do not look back!

kims last blog post..A Giveaway for you…

#17 Posted by Jamey (18.09.08 at 15:08 )

Either that was very thoughtful and he is really into her
( just a bad shopper)or RUN like the wind. But I haven’t dated in 15 yrs!

Jameys last blog post..A Thousand words Thursday

#18 Posted by Monica (18.09.08 at 19:22 )

Oh poor men… they kinda just – well.

Okay, here’s my take:

He was thinking about her. He had no idea what to do other than *get* her something. So he chose stuff he liked.

All in all, it’s just – he was thinkin’ of her and wanted her to know. The gifts don’t mean anything… 😉


Monicas last blog post..Wordless Wednesday #7

#19 Posted by Patty O. (18.09.08 at 20:09 )

Wowzer. I just don’t know what this means, if it really means much at all. many men are clueless when it comes to buying gifts. It does seem early to be buying something for her, but was sweet to think of her. This makes me happy to no longer be single, that’s for sure! I hate those weird awkward dating moments where you can’t figure out how to interpret everything.

Patty O.s last blog post..does not apply

#20 Posted by Connie (19.09.08 at 00:37 )

Totally out of the dating scene but I don’t think it has to do with dating but with men. Men don’t know how to shop, especially for women. I think he meant and did the best he could.

Did he give her a card too? Now those are easy to read. Oh gosh, I couldn’t resist that one. Keep us posted. We can all live vicariously through your friend!

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#21 Posted by Juliana (19.09.08 at 01:03 )

I have something for you in here.

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#22 Posted by laura phelps (19.09.08 at 02:12 )

she needs to end this NOW. (but save the purple thing for a Princess Jasmine costume)

laura phelpss last blog post..I am so skinny

#23 Posted by angela moore (20.09.08 at 06:20 )

That he needs a personal shopper 🙂

angela moores last blog post..Tips for Managing Online Activities

#24 Posted by Felicia (21.09.08 at 16:29 )

Did you say “it” was a blind date, or “he” was a “blind” date! I’m just kidding! Seriously, what does that mean?!

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