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Quirkiness Abounds

People out there must truly think me quirky since I’ve been tagged twice in the past few days for this outstanding meme about Quirkiness.  Now that I peruse my posts, I do discuss quirkiness a lot, and even describe myself as quirky in my “About” page.  So I was absolutely thrilled to be tagged by three great bloggy buddies, Bonnie Sayers from Autism Family and Elle and Stacy from Blue Monkey Butt.

I’ve written about quirks before so initially I feared I would have exhausted all possibilities.  Alas, this is not the case.  I have to stop at six quirks, and honestly I’ve found that a tad limiting.

Quirks from the Quirky:

1.  None of my children embraced a pacifier.  I did buy those pricey “so-much-like-the-breast” pacifiers for the nursing infant, and I tried the ones that smell like vanilla.  By the time Sue, my third, came around, I felt excited buying pink pacifiers for the first time, but she simply spit those pink beauties across the room.  She named them “buppy” when she turned one and liked to carry them around in tiny purses.  Here’s the quirk.  I still carry two buppies in my purse at all times.  I have some odd sense of security in knowing that if I am faced with a wailing infant at any point in the day, I can adroitly whip one of these “pacis” out of my purse.  Like I’m some Mary Poppins of pacifiers?  Or maybe it’s part of my refusal to let go of my children’s babyhood and face the unlikelihood that, at 41, I will have another baby?  I don’t know.  But it does seem a little quirky.

OK, I mean I really would rinse it off before I gave it to the wailing infant.

2.  One of my ears is approximately 1/4 inch lower than the other one.  It’s not all that noticeable but H does mention it still when he is trying to be encouraging about my appearance.

3.  I still style my hair with hot rollers and I have had the same hair style (with or without bangs) since 1985.  Yes, I have tried a flat iron.  I even received an incredibly nice flat iron for Mother’s Day.  Occasionally, I have the time to use it.  Yet after 23 years of whipping hot rollers in and out of my hair, I’ve perfected a winning technique.  I can execute this style in about 45 seconds.  I came into my marriage with the same set of hot rollers I “carried” to college.  I used those same hot rollers up until four years ago when my oldest son (who was four at the time) suggested new hot rollers as a Mother’s Day gift.  H was more than happy to accompany him to Target to procure a new set.  I love them still!

4.  I have had the same glasses since 1995.  They are eerily similar to Hello Kittie Mama’s.  (Not a knock on this fashion maven.  The style was “in” during the mid 1990s and came back recently.)  I like to embrace a style and just keep going with it as it meanders in and out of actual popularity.

5. Some of my fondest childhood memories involved spending Saturday nights with my grandmother, who lived in a small stone cottage she built with my grandfather.  She could tell stories about each stone, where they found it, and why she chose it for the house.  She died in 1994 of Alzheimer’s, but she left me many things that I cherish.  One of these is a small, pressed glass juice glass.  I can only drink orange juice out of this glass.  When I do, I am instantly transported back to her tiny kitchen which smelled of oatmeal and sassafrass tea.

6.  I become so engrossed when reading novels that I must eat the same foods the characters eat.  If I am reading about Geisha, I am scrambling for bowls of jasmine rice and chopsticks.  When involved in a novel about the old South, I yearn for country ham, biscuits, grits and beans.  After 14 years of marriage, H has learned this about me.  Lately I’ve been reading a book about pirates with the boys.  And yes, I’m on the hunt for some hardtack and brine.

The rules for this Meme are:

1. Link the person who tagged you.
2. Mention the rules on your blog.
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them.
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged bloggers letting them know they’ve been tagged.

Whom should I tag?

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Have a quirky time!

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22 Comments to “Quirkiness Abounds”

#1 Posted by Danette (15.09.08 at 02:13 )

Aww, the paci one is sweet :). I still have a few pacis, although not in my purse, in a diaper bag in the closet. Not that anyone needs them now, I just keep them for sentimental value :).

Danettes last blog post..Mondays in Motion!

#2 Posted by Penelope (15.09.08 at 03:07 )

I love number 6; I’ve never heard that one before, but it sounds like a fun way to get in touch with the characters!

Penelopes last blog post..Great Find: radKIDS

#3 Posted by acarlson (15.09.08 at 08:28 )

I have one of R.’s papppys hanging on our Christmas tree. I try to keep it toward the back, though. It looks a little gross amoung the pretty (fake) Radkos!
I have never noticed your ears, but I am fascinated. That bit of information just armed me with hours of happy Google research. I am sure by tomorrow I will be able to give you thousands of syndromes, deficits, and levels of giftedness that you possess!

#4 Posted by kim (15.09.08 at 08:52 )

Wow I learned some new things about you 🙂
And if I ever need a paci I know who to ask – hehe
BTW I just started a twitter thing how do I link to you?
I am a spaz at the computer/techie stuff
Have a great Monday

kims last blog post..Bloggy Peeps…

#5 Posted by Helene (15.09.08 at 11:39 )

I’m the same way with pacis! I keep pacis all over the place just in case the moment calls for one! I have 3 in the diaper bag, 2 in my purse, 1 on my nightstand, 4 on the dresser next to Garrett’s crib and of course 2 unopened packages of pacis in the laundry room! I totally know what you mean about that security of knowing you have one available at all times. I’ve been there a few times when there are NO pacis available and it was pure torture (for me and the child who wanted the paci!)

Thanks for tagging me!!! I’ll have to sit down later tonight and think of some quirks…I know I must have some!

Helenes last blog post..The adventure for the perfect Halloween costumes…

#6 Posted by andreacook (15.09.08 at 11:58 )

I am too quirky to mention just six! For starters, I HATE sidewalk chalk. I can’t touch it! I also HATE popsicles. I can’t stand the messes, I can’t stand the way the frozen ice crystals scream when bitten. I also HAVE to cut my toe nails in the shower. I ALWAYS have my mouth open in a weird oval shape when putting on mascara and sunglasses. I LIKE to keep the tags on my clothes until just before I wear them. And, I CAN’T decide if I am an extravert or introvert. And, I think I BLOG and TWEET because I am a NARCISSIST!

OK – there, I confess the quirks of me-self! Sorry, didn’t post them on my blog. I am trying to keep my blog free from the deep dark secrets of me-self – yeah… right!!! 🙂

andreacooks last blog post..The Legacy of a Step Child

#7 Posted by Nina (15.09.08 at 12:27 )

I think the paci quirk is cute! I understand because both my boys refused them and I still have them tucked in places around the house and their really is no point because they are not going to use it.

#8 Posted by Patty O. (15.09.08 at 12:52 )

I get into the books I read too. Lately, I have been immersed in the books in the series “The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency” by Alexander McCall Smith. It is set in Botswana and the main characters drink bush tea all the time. Whenever I read a book in this series, I have to have herbal tea, even in July.

Patty O.s last blog post..shame and fat

#9 Posted by Morningside Mom (15.09.08 at 18:54 )

I love this post. Its a great way to get to know you! Thanks for sharing all of this.

Morningside Moms last blog post..SNL Gets it Right for Hillary.

#10 Posted by Anonymous (15.09.08 at 22:08 )

Recipes for hardtack:



Google has many others.

#11 Posted by autismfamily (15.09.08 at 22:50 )

Some neat quirks you have. Like the added touch of pics. Interesting looking ears. My grandmother also died of Alzheimers a few years after yours did.

autismfamilys last blog post..Child with Autism Gaining Independence

#12 Posted by mrsbear (15.09.08 at 23:03 )

Very cute. I also seem to have dusty pacis laying around everywhere, even though my youngest has never ever used one.

Hot rollers, ha! that’s pretty funny. I just recently got the hang of the flat iron, before that it was just wrap it in a pony tail and go. I’ve never been successful at changing hair styles. 🙁

mrsbears last blog post..Tag, I’m It

#13 Posted by ali (16.09.08 at 13:30 )

I’m gonna have to check my ears. I have the worst time finding sunglasses that aren’t lopsided. Maybe it’s my ears?!

I actually own a hardtack cutter:) Hubby is a Civil War reenactor and every now and then I have to whip up a batch since he can only eat authentic Civil War food at events.

alis last blog post..Me? Quirky?

#14 Posted by Patty O. (16.09.08 at 14:26 )

Just wanted to let you know that there is a recipe for what looks like an amazingly delicious gluten free cake on this blog: http://thecakedcrusader.blogspot.com/

Check it out. I hope it tastes as yummy as it looks. I will have to try making it if my weird food aversions/morning sickness ever go away.

Patty O.s last blog post..shame and fat

#15 Posted by Stephanie (16.09.08 at 15:55 )

LOL – One of my earlobes is longer then the other and it drives me crazy. I wanted to get my ears double pierced but you could totally tell they were off.

Stephanies last blog post..blackberry or spouse?

#16 Posted by Renee aka Mekhismom (16.09.08 at 19:05 )

This is a great meme. I enjoyed reading the quirky things about you!

Renee aka Mekhismoms last blog post..Do Something

#17 Posted by Kiki (16.09.08 at 21:23 )

You have won an award! Come over and check it out and then pass the award along to some other blogs you think are worthy!

Pick Up Award

Kikis last blog post..I Got An Award

#18 Posted by Kia (Good Enough Mama) (16.09.08 at 22:54 )

This is awesome! I love the ear thing. This, in case you hadn’t already thought of it, would make a great party trick. Just sayin’…. 😉

Kia (Good Enough Mama)s last blog post..Junior Kindergarten, Take Two: It’s a WRAP!!

[…] a commenty-conversation with Elizabeth, of Three Channels, last night, I told her that I thought the fact that she has one ear that is 1/4″ higher than […]

#20 Posted by hellokittiemama/MT (18.09.08 at 00:16 )

Are those babygirl’s spare panties in your purse?


🙂 I think I’ve got hello kitty and dora’s going in mine right now. No binkies though. Belle was a huge fan of the binkie, I was pretty sure she’d take it off to college. If she wasn’t on my boob she had the binkie!!! Thankfully she is off both now (finally) LOL.

Now.. onto the glasses – ha! I actually wear a different pair now from that picture but they are similar. I love glasses and thankfully don’t lose them as often as my son does!


hellokittiemama/MTs last blog post..GF/CF Cooking with Kids – Blueberry Pineapple Easy Cake

#21 Posted by Molly (22.09.08 at 20:54 )

EEP! I was out of town.

I will do this in the morning-IF I still can.

Thanks for thinking of me-even in my laxness!

Mollys last blog post..Ike Came to Kentucky

#22 Posted by Three Channels » More Wisdom from the ER…Trip IV (16.10.08 at 19:05 )

[…] scrambled around my purse, grasping for the phone but snagging a linty craisin and old buppie instead.  Immediately it rang again in […]