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Tell Me Thursday

Well, I’m not making you wait too long to find out how I managed to mangle my leg so badly.  Let’s just say I don’t recommend holding a largish three-year-old clad in a slippery life jacket while scolding an errant 6-year-old floating in a lake and then simultaneously trying to walk down algae-ridden pier steps.  That’s what I did for Labor Day.

No, I wasn’t drinking either.  Although maybe I should have been and then I wouldn’t have fallen so hard.

And now my leg resembles sausage.

And my tush?  Well, I may blog about some controversial topics, but I’m not taking that picture, or going there just yet.

At least not this week!

Posted on 4 September '08 by , under Humor/Disconnected Miscellany.

27 Comments to “Tell Me Thursday”

#1 Posted by Peanut (04.09.08 at 00:52 )

Ouch! That looks really sore. I hope it heals up fast. I can’t believe all the bruises I get now that I’m a mom!

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#2 Posted by Heidi (04.09.08 at 01:08 )

It really does look terrible. I hope it doesn’t FEEL as bad as it looks.

I won’t comment on the other things you said, I’m trying to exercise discretion.

Heidis last blog post..Sarah Girl

#3 Posted by Carla (04.09.08 at 01:45 )

OUCH! oh….owie!!!! I hope it really heals fast and you are back on your feet soon.

Carlas last blog post..Pancakes for dinner?

#4 Posted by autismfamily (04.09.08 at 03:00 )

Wow that is really swollen, hope you are on antibiotics and some pain meds. Take care of yourself.

autismfamilys last blog post..The To Do List Begins

#5 Posted by hellokittiemama (04.09.08 at 07:42 )

Ouch…… I guess you can say you are lucky you didn’t get more seriously injured but that loooks super ouchy.

hellokittiemamas last blog post..Rocky Road Ahead … or Preschool Orientation Day

#6 Posted by molly (04.09.08 at 08:08 )

(that about sums it up)

I hope you are back in natural form soon!

#7 Posted by Mrsbear (04.09.08 at 11:21 )

You’re sure your kids aren’t trying to kill you, right?

I hope that heals up soon. Did you go to the ER? Again, you walked around on that all weekend? You’re one tough cookie. I know it had to hurt.

Mrsbears last blog post..Thursday Thirteen – Reasons I’m Not Cool to the Average Teen

#8 Posted by Nina (04.09.08 at 12:26 )

That looks like it really hurts. I hope it gets better soon.

Ninas last blog post..Raising our kids equally…haha

#9 Posted by Patty O. (04.09.08 at 12:39 )

Yikes! Who says being a mom isn’t dangerous?!?!?!

Patty O.s last blog post..so what does this mean?

#10 Posted by Karrie and Chrysti (04.09.08 at 14:37 )

I can relate girl…I have a bruise on my thigh that looks just as bad – I just want to know why I bruise so bad lately…surely it has nothing to do with the fact that I am in my 40’s… that’s still young, right? Anyway, I wanted to thank you for posting a comment on our site about the Sara Palin bashing and I wrote a comment in response so check it out!

#11 Posted by andreacook (04.09.08 at 15:22 )

Oh no! You poor thing! Looks like your daughter has sent you a couple of webkinz to ease the pain. We have the same pug! So sorry about your temporary handicap! Use the time wisely, you’ll be back on your feet before you know it!

#12 Posted by Tracey (04.09.08 at 16:07 )

Ewww….that looks like it hurt!
Hope you are better soon!

Traceys last blog post..Thankful Thursday

#13 Posted by Cant Hardly Wait (04.09.08 at 16:28 )

Ugh, did you fall infront of tons of people, too? That would make it suck even worse. Not to make you feel bad or anything.

“I hope your legs feels better soon” is what I should have said to begin with.

Cant Hardly Waits last blog post..So I bet you’re all wondering

#14 Posted by Jamey (04.09.08 at 17:52 )

OUCH! wow that looks painful, I hope it gets better soon!

#15 Posted by Jennibeanv (04.09.08 at 19:30 )

YeeeeeOuch! My butt aches just thinking about it! You poor thing!

#16 Posted by Kelly (04.09.08 at 21:59 )

my motto is to drink until the pain is gone. or i pass out. either is fine!

Kellys last blog post..Mother of the Year

#17 Posted by Kia (Good Enough Mama) (04.09.08 at 23:03 )

Oh man! I just fell with you, reading that description. Ouch!

Should I mention how hilarious it is that your daughter is in the background of the pic, smiling? Evil, I tell you. Kids are evil. 😉 Kidding, of course!

Kia (Good Enough Mama)s last blog post..Parenting By “Feel.”

#18 Posted by stickymama (04.09.08 at 23:42 )

Ouch! That panda really did a number on you.

#19 Posted by stickymama (04.09.08 at 23:42 )

Ouch! That panda really did a number on you.

#20 Posted by Hilary (05.09.08 at 06:48 )

We must be separated at birth!

I know it will get better (don’t forget to ice and elevate!) but I feel for your pain for the time being.

Hilarys last blog post..This makes it all worth the while!

#21 Posted by Rachel_L (05.09.08 at 10:31 )

Awww — that looks painful!

Rachel_Ls last blog post..Passing It On

#22 Posted by Cathy (05.09.08 at 10:57 )

Oh no.

I hope it’ll heal quick. Take care of yourself.

Cathys last blog post..You Rock! — Tag

#23 Posted by Ann (05.09.08 at 11:45 )

Oh man! That just looks so-o-o painful!
(This makes ME want to have a drink!)
Here’s to wishing for quick healing.

Anns last blog post..I Scare Myself

#24 Posted by Amy @ Thoughts from the Mrs (05.09.08 at 21:45 )

Ouch! I hope you’re feeling a little bit better! Yikes!

Amy @ Thoughts from the Mrss last blog post..Dapper Snappers Giveaway!

#25 Posted by Elle (05.09.08 at 23:05 )

Ouch! That looks like it hurts.

#26 Posted by Jennae @ Green Your Decor (06.09.08 at 00:57 )

I hope that’s not as painful as it looks…Here’s hoping you feel a whole lot better!

Jennae @ Green Your Decors last blog post..Green Steal of the Week: Organic Cotton Selvedge Window Panel

#27 Posted by Penelope (06.09.08 at 01:03 )

Ouch! That could not have been fun to go through. I hope it heals fast, and you get to feeling better!

Penelopes last blog post..Hillarious Twilight Trailer Spoof

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