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Quirky Quotes From Past Weeks

We’ve had a crazy few weeks, and while I am still working on some sort of coherent post to share, I decided I would throw out a few quotes from the past week or so.


So the Sunday School teacher asks the class what kinds of things a King would have at his birthday party.  Edward immediately starts to bounce in his chair excitedly.

He quickly raises his hand: “Stainless steel?”


One of the sweet boys during Edward’s spend-the-night party:

“I’m allergic to plain donuts; my mom says I have to have chocolate-glazed.”

(This same boy also claimed to be allergic to plain cheese pizza and was only allowed to have “pepperoni and cheese.”)


Sue, running in from outside on a particularly cold day;

“Oh Mommy!  Oh!  There’s an ant in my mucous!”


Me to Edward who is concerned that his daddy will not be able to assemble the trampoline in time for his party:

“Everyone says it takes a full day, but If there’s one man in South Georgia who can put a trampoline together in two hours, it’s your father!”

(He made the deadline with time to spare!)


Edward says this to Joseph; he’s actually rushing to finish his schoolwork:

“I’m gonna get finished with my work first so I can play with your stuff.”

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14 Comments to “Quirky Quotes From Past Weeks”

#1 Posted by jaden (24.11.08 at 17:29 )

Great quotes!! LOL… An ant in my mucous. I might have to use that one! 🙂 Have a great day, and thanks for the laugh!

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#2 Posted by Molly (24.11.08 at 18:18 )

There is always one friend who is supposedly allergic to everything you have in your house.

the 13 yr old used to have a friend who would bring his own food because of his “issues”.

spagettio’s and chocolate poptarts.

and he once tried to tell me that he has chocolate milkshakes for breakfast EVERDAY.

..and I know that isn’t true-since all he will eat is a chocolate poptart.

#3 Posted by ashley (24.11.08 at 21:47 )


#4 Posted by April ~ EnchantedDandelions (24.11.08 at 22:36 )

Thanks for the giggles tonight! *grin*

#5 Posted by ali (24.11.08 at 23:15 )

As soon as my kids got an idea of what the word allergic meant, all of sudden, they were allergic to vegetables!

alis last blog post..I’m Not Worthy!

#6 Posted by Felicia (24.11.08 at 23:17 )

“There’s an ant in my mucous! LOL!” You kids must be a hoot!

Felicias last blog post..Bumkins Gift and Contest: Review

#7 Posted by Jamey (25.11.08 at 12:29 )

LOL they are too funny. I love the pic of the darling from the ant in my mucus! adorable.

Jameys last blog post..Temp My Tummy Tuesday

#8 Posted by Mrsbear (25.11.08 at 14:43 )

It’s always the most unexpected comments that make me laugh the hardest. “Stainless Steel?” They’ve got to keep you laughing.

Mrsbears last blog post..Channelling My Inner Sponge – HASAY Update

#9 Posted by BQkimmy (25.11.08 at 15:56 )

Those are all great! I especially love the little kid with all the allergies though. I bet he thinks he is quite clever.

BQkimmys last blog post..The Outside Resources

#10 Posted by Helene (26.11.08 at 00:01 )

Those are some really funny quotes!!! Esp the kid who is allergic to plain donuts…that’s quite creative! I love reading things that kids say…what a great way to put a smile on anyone’s face!

Helenes last blog post.."Mommy, unicorns don’t like Halloween"

#11 Posted by Eryn (26.11.08 at 00:39 )

Haha these are fantastic. My daughter had a friend who was allergic to regular milk and needed chocolate milk!! I NEVER would have guessed that other little ones were trying to make this lie work, that’s a bit transparent, don’t ya think?

We had a gentle talk about how allergies can be serious business, and not something to be flippant about.

Eryns last blog post..Build-A-Bear Workshop Wii Game Giveaway

#12 Posted by jules (26.11.08 at 00:39 )

great stuff!

I can relate to one of the little guys.. for the longest time I was allergic to…work!

juless last blog post..Puppet Shows Are Great For All Kids

#13 Posted by Danette (27.11.08 at 00:51 )

LOL, those are cute!

The boy at the sleepover reminds me of Bearhug, he claims to be “allergic” to anything he doesn’t like. We’ve tried explaining that just because you don’t like something doesn’t make you allergic to it, but he’s not buying it.

Then there is cheese, which he just happened to eat around the time he had a stomach flu one time and threw up soon after. Ever since then he peels the cheese off his pizza and tells everyone he is allergic to cheese. It’s really embarrassing when we’re out in public and I inadvertently give him something with cheese on it and he says, “Mama, I’m allergic to cheese, don’t you remember?” ugh, I’m sure people are thinking what kind of mother forgets your own child’s “food allergies”?? I’m a fast learner though (haha) I haven’t made that mistake in a while :).

Danettes last blog post..SEW & WW: Naptime

#14 Posted by Peanut (27.11.08 at 02:55 )

You’re all about the stainless steel, aren’t you?
Oh, and I’m allergic to plain donuts too 😉
Love “there’s an ant in my mucous!”

What did we laugh about before having kids??