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Wordless Wednesday

Posted on 27 August '08 by , under Humor/Disconnected Miscellany.

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#1 Posted by Amy @ The Q Family (27.08.08 at 14:19 )

Oh!! This is hilarious!

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#2 Posted by Patty O. (27.08.08 at 14:21 )

Awesome. Thanks for the much needed laugh!

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#3 Posted by Alisha @ Izzy N' Emmy (27.08.08 at 14:45 )

Hilarious! What a great photo!

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#4 Posted by Rachel L (27.08.08 at 15:06 )

LMAO!!!! That’s hilarious!

Rachel Ls last blog post..Forgive the Mess

#5 Posted by Channah @ Get a Grip, Mom! (27.08.08 at 15:49 )

Hilarious! That’s going to keep me giggling through the next hour while I fold laundry.

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#6 Posted by autismfamily (27.08.08 at 19:11 )

What a nice picture. Looks like fun the making.

autismfamilys last blog post..Preparing for Enrollment in Middle School

#7 Posted by Heidi (27.08.08 at 20:01 )

You’ve got one nutty family, I don’t feel so lonely now! And by the way, we now all know your bust size haha!

Heidis last blog post..Flower Power!

#8 Posted by Tracey (27.08.08 at 21:57 )

Too funny!
I have a similar picture of my son posted @

I just couldn’t resist!

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#9 Posted by Jamey (27.08.08 at 23:11 )

That is a classic! lol

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#10 Posted by Danette (27.08.08 at 23:57 )

I am laughing hysterically, that is just too funny!!

You’ll have to save that to show his girlfriend someday, hehe πŸ™‚

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#11 Posted by MT (28.08.08 at 02:09 )


I love this πŸ™‚

MTs last blog post..spinning in circles

#12 Posted by Mekhismom Aka RenΓ©e (28.08.08 at 06:04 )

Now that’s a photo!

Mekhismom Aka RenΓ©es last blog post..Nie Nie Day

#13 Posted by Toni (28.08.08 at 06:54 )

You get my first official laugh of the day!!! Great picture! Great blackmail in a few years!

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#14 Posted by Danette (28.08.08 at 08:06 )

Good morning, you have received a blog award! Head over to my blog to check it out πŸ™‚

#15 Posted by andreacook (28.08.08 at 08:29 )

That is too cute! You are such a great blogger! I am smiling, so glad to have a fellow blog “freend”!

andreacooks last blog post..Momma, did you know…?

#16 Posted by Kristen (28.08.08 at 08:55 )

that is awesome! That really made me laugh.

Kristens last blog post..Wordless Wednesday

#17 Posted by Connie (28.08.08 at 09:14 )

OMGosh! Now that is one funny photo πŸ™‚ Thanks for the laugh.

Connies last blog post..Need A Realtor?

#18 Posted by My2Gs (28.08.08 at 10:23 )

Oh my gosh, that is too funny!

#19 Posted by Kim (28.08.08 at 11:05 )

That is hilarious!
I am not showing my cole that b/c he would totally try to make it into a superhero costume and wear it outside – hehe
Love ya

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#20 Posted by Mrsbear (28.08.08 at 11:07 )

That is awesome! What a joker. lol. πŸ˜€

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#21 Posted by On The Verge (28.08.08 at 11:16 )

Oh my God I just about peed my pants!! Thanks for the laugh!

On The Verges last blog post..Top 5 Things I Won’t Miss Now That The Kids Are In School

#22 Posted by Katherine (28.08.08 at 12:23 )

Hahahahha. Oh, one for the collection of torture photos for first dates.

Katherines last blog post..More Stuff You Don’t Need

#23 Posted by TellMeThursday (28.08.08 at 12:26 )

Ok that’s too funny! Can’t wait to hear the “tell me thursday” on that one!

TellMeThursdays last blog post..Tell Me Thursday 8/28/08

#24 Posted by Shannon Smith (28.08.08 at 12:29 )

OMG That’s great! You MUST save that for a 16th birthday party. πŸ˜‰

Shannon Smiths last blog post..Tell Me Thursday – Flight 5191 Memorial Dedicated

#25 Posted by Stephanie (28.08.08 at 13:43 )

LOL that is a good one.

#26 Posted by Tess (28.08.08 at 14:52 )

Welcome to The Comment Club!
What a cute site-love the pic!

#27 Posted by Helene (28.08.08 at 15:25 )

Elizabeth, that IS the best picture!!!!! I can’t stop laughing!!!! I think that compares right up there to the time Cole taped maxi-pads to his shirt and paraded around the house!

Helenes last blog post..My memories have escaped me…

#28 Posted by Shamelessly Sassy (28.08.08 at 15:33 )

Best wordless wednesday that I’ve ever seen. haha. πŸ™‚

Shamelessly Sassys last blog post..Vocabulary Violation

#29 Posted by Jennifer (28.08.08 at 15:42 )

Oh My Gosh that is too funny!!!!

#30 Posted by Cathy (28.08.08 at 17:34 )

This is definitely wordless. I would be laughing so hard!

Too funny, lol.

Cathys last blog post..Diet Pill Reviews

#31 Posted by Jaden (28.08.08 at 19:31 )

HAHA! That is so awesome. Now I wish I had had my camera on hand tonight when Ilyana decided my undies made a good scarf… We could have started a collection of inappropriate ways to wear undergarments πŸ˜› Have a great weekend!

Jadens last blog post..Friday Fill-Ins #3~

#32 Posted by Scriber's Web (28.08.08 at 19:32 )

Oh wow!

That is hilarious! It took me a second to realize what he was actually using.


#33 Posted by Jennibeanv (28.08.08 at 19:38 )

LOL! That right there is a picture you show his prom date….

Jennibeanvs last blog post..You So Need This!!!

#34 Posted by Pamela Kramer (28.08.08 at 20:40 )


Pamela Kramers last blog post..Groovy Train – Day 139

#35 Posted by Petra (28.08.08 at 20:51 )

Classic! This reminds me of the two dudes in Weird Science. Anyone remember that movie when they put the bras on their heads? Kelly Lebroc was so hot!

Petras last blog post..I’m a Lazy Arse

#36 Posted by Amy @ Thoughts from the Mrs (29.08.08 at 10:55 )

Ha! That’s so funny! What a clever little guy.

Amy @ Thoughts from the Mrss last blog post..Ah, The Budding Artist

#37 Posted by April ~ EnchantedDandelions (02.09.08 at 20:29 )


My 3yo just said “look, glasses!”.

April ~ EnchantedDandelionss last blog post..Our Cucumber Tree…

#38 Posted by Harish (02.10.15 at 13:13 )

OKAY these are priceless…and love seenig the girl wear the pants in the relationship lolHaving such a blast chking out all these new Wordless Wednesday pix.Hope u will chk ours out too at twinswithtots.blogspot.com/2011/10/wordle Cathy

#39 Posted by http://www.insurance.liquorisquicker.net/ (20.07.16 at 10:42 )

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