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Diving Forward

Isn’t it fascinating when you see your child leaping forward developmentally with apparent abandon?  That is when I know God is working mightily.

The past two weeks have been such for Edward.

Last week we went swimming with two slightly older friends–one who is a fairly skilled diver and swimmer.  Edward watched this friend absentmindedly, attempted dives halfheartedly, and later annoyed the friends by splashing them and simultaneously blathering “blah blah blah” in an cloying voice.

I was so thrilled when this most patient child finally told Edward that what he was doing was “dumb” and held up a kick board to shield himself.  Edward actually garnered enough self control to stop his mind-numbing action immediately.  This is big for him.

A few days later, Edward shocked me beyond belief by laying out a decent dive into the deep end of our neighborhood pool.  Apparently, when I thought he was in “La La Land,” he had been watching his friend.  His swim coach was equally surprised when he claimed he knew how to dive and then dove off the diving board to prove it.


At swimming lessons the next day we saw a dear friend from kindergarten days.  He was with another boy and the two were lounging by the pool watching the lessons, dangling their legs into the cool water.

Edward sauntered up to the pool, took keen aim, and laid out a perfect dive in front of the two boys.


The new boy turned to Edward’s friend and admired, “Wow, that dude’s good!  Who is he?”

The friend replied, “That’s Edward.  He’s my friend!”

I blinked back tears behind my sunglasses.


Edward is a dude who’s been “good” at multiplication, reading and memorizing.  He’s a dude who I’ll wager knows more about the Tudors than most adults.  Yet I think this was the first time Edward had ever been genuinely admired by a peer for something athletic.

Then the child who has been terrified to stand on his head and flip over at gymnastics, a child fearful of somersaults and a child who would never consider a backward handspring, began doing back flips under the water in rapid succession.

The next day at gymnastics he garnered more shock and awe by doing an assisted back handspring.

Something is going on in that brain of his, and I am beyond awe.

Still, isn’t that the way God works?  He wants to bless us so much more abundantly than we can ever imagine, and so often He comes through so mightily just when life has begun to look rather bleak.

“If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!” Matthew 7:11.

I have more stories of Edward’s progress that I will share next week.  In the meantime, I am going out of town for the long weekend and will be back Tuesday!


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15 Comments to “Diving Forward”

#1 Posted by Tonggu Momma (26.06.09 at 15:23 )

Oh, I’m SO happy for y’all, especially Edward! It’s always fun to see and hear about this type of thing.

Tonggu Mommas last blog post..Embarrassment: PW Style

#2 Posted by ashperkins5 (26.06.09 at 15:47 )


#3 Posted by Tari (26.06.09 at 20:29 )

goosebumps! so happy for y’all!

Taris last blog post..A Sweet Valentine

#4 Posted by mrsbear (26.06.09 at 23:28 )

I’m happy for Edward and you as that proud Momma. But it seems your boy has always been full of surprises. Hope your summer is filled with many more. 😉

mrsbears last blog post..Wearing My Anger On The Outside – FFF

#5 Posted by BQkimmy (27.06.09 at 22:20 )

Wow! How amazing. Good for Edward and his awesome diving skills. Progress is the most amazing gift us mommies and our kiddos can receive.

BQkimmys last blog post..How our vacation started

#6 Posted by Kim (28.06.09 at 13:04 )

that just makes me smile 🙂
I am so happy to hear that news!
Enjoy your trip see you next week 🙂

#7 Posted by Elle (28.06.09 at 18:47 )

They just amaze us sometimes don’t they? Go Edward!

Elles last blog post..Happy Birthday Sistah!!!!

#8 Posted by Helene (28.06.09 at 19:24 )

Awwww, go Edward!!!! Sounds like he’s doing super well! I can imagine how proud you are of him!

Helenes last blog post..The laundry resolution….

#9 Posted by Tess (28.06.09 at 21:06 )

Great news of his accomplishment! Have a fun trip!

#10 Posted by Danette (29.06.09 at 01:20 )

Wow, that is so incredible! I’m so happy for him, it’s so cool to discover a new talent :). And I’m in awe myself, as someone who can barely swim, took a whopping 16 years to get up the nerve to jump (not DIVE, are you kidding me?!) off the diving board, and even at 30-something would be terrified to actually try diving. Edward rocks!

Danettes last blog post..A day in the life

#11 Posted by Patty (02.07.09 at 21:35 )

That is so great! I am so excited for you both! And thank you for reminding me that even when our kids seem lost in their own world, they are watching and learning. I need to remember that.

Pattys last blog post..Just too much

#12 Posted by hellokittiemama/MT (04.07.09 at 15:27 )

I can’t even dive!! Way to go Edward.

I’m extremely impressed!!!! back handsprings? woah!

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#13 Posted by astarte (11.07.09 at 10:22 )

OMG, this is wonderful!!!! Maybe he feels deep down that the pool is a lot safer, since you can’t really get hurt if you fall, and doing things there has increased his confidence enough to try them other places, too. Wow! I can’t wait to hear about what else he’s been doing!

astartes last blog post..Literally Booked Announcement

#14 Posted by Amygrace77 (10.09.09 at 18:19 )

I am a 32 yr old step mom who loves my life!!!! After lots of concern for “odd” behavior we have recevied a diagnosis of Sensory Processing Disorder for my 5 yr old step son. I have been blessed to read this story… we are the other end of the success right now… and praying that God starts a miracle in him! He has already blessed us so much and even our decision to go forward and get the evaluations proved to be a HUGE GOD THUMB PRINT!
I will continue to read your blog and look forward to more stories like this one!

#15 Posted by Sensory Processing Disorder (06.11.09 at 02:30 )

What a great blog! Are you familiar with the SPD Foundation and the Star Center? They are both great resources for families dealing with Sensory Processing Disorder.