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Capable Randomness Stream


I saw Kia doing this and thought it sounded grand!  It’s hosted by the Un Mom.

*The babysitter allowed my children to watch Andrew Zimmern (the food-thrill-eater-traveler) tonight, and I’m delighted to report it was the episode where he eats bird’s nest soup and drinks that civet poop coffee.  I’m not sure where this will lead us, but chances are it’ll be good.  Remember last time?  (Seemingly not because nobody commented on Ear Fat or the time I fainted on TV news.)  Somebody go read it!

*So Edward pulls his front tooth…blood blood blood because he’s what I call an ‘early puller’; he  puts it in a plastic baggie for the tooth fairy and then can’t find it.  Stressful worrying screeling low sobbing searching toothfairy fear what will happen to me blah blah blah.  We all look for like 45 minutes for that blasted tooth.  I actually dig down in a “post-period” waste can that someone had dumped old apple cider down in (you get the picture) and I slogged through that swill looking for the tooth. Only to find it in the PANTRY of all places!  Crisis averted!

*Please enter my Viral Valentine giveaway because the last time I gave something away only a few people entered and then the drawing wasn’t terribly exciting and that sort of dampened my enthusiasm for the give-away concept which looks so fun and jolly on other peoples’ blogs but plays out rather slumpily on mine.  Please?  Please?  Enter?  It’s free…

*I made that ‘ol Paula Dean’s Taco Soup last night and while it is rather good as are most of her recipes, (so I hear but do not know from experience because this is my first “Dean” recipe trial since I am afraid of Rachel Ray like Tari), I have consumed the soup for the past four meals, (since H is still a bit peckish from the intestinal stress), and I do not believe I can bring myself to eat it for a fifth meal so therefore I will freeze it.  Lucky, lucky shut-ins!

*Move over Annie Dillard!

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10 Comments to “Capable Randomness Stream”

#1 Posted by Stonefox (18.02.09 at 00:38 )

Girl, you’re rockin today.

Stonefoxs last blog post..THE Question

#2 Posted by acarlson (18.02.09 at 09:15 )

Poop coffee? hmmm.

#3 Posted by Keely (18.02.09 at 10:05 )

I’ll take the taco soup over the birds nest, please. And I don’t care what kind of coffee it is, as long as it’s coffee!

Glad you could play!

Keelys last blog post..People suck and sometimes so do their books: Random Tuesday Thoughts

#4 Posted by the domestic fringe (18.02.09 at 12:16 )

This post cracked-me-up!

I have a late tooth puller in my home. Two teeth are hanging from something thinner than thread and have turned black…apparently they died long ago. She’s on school break this week and is waiting to lose her teeth in school, a much more exciting place. In school, the entire class looks on cheering and you get to visit the nurse. What could be more rewarding?

Gotta go read your fainting post and enter your give-away.


#5 Posted by laura phelps (18.02.09 at 13:24 )

I am currently starving myself for the Oscars, and so birds nest soup actually sounds good.

laura phelpss last blog post..So, you wanted details?

#6 Posted by She (18.02.09 at 14:38 )

Hmm. Bird’s nest soup? I think I’ll pass.

But I’d love to try the taco soup you made!

Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day! Nice to meet you!

#7 Posted by mrsbear (18.02.09 at 23:53 )

Glad to see you getting random. I remember the bird’s nest soup episode. Gag. I always wondered what on earth would possess someone to climb in to a seaside cave, scrape a nest off the wall, and put it in a soup…Aren’t there easier ingredients to be got? I also read the TV fainting cow eyeball post, sorry I missed it the first time around, it was quite a story. 😉 Oh and ew on the tooth search, yikes.

mrsbears last blog post..Wordful Wednesday: Share and Share Alike

#8 Posted by Rhemashope (19.02.09 at 00:53 )

Haha! You had me laughing at the post-period waste can with old apple cider. Glad you found the tooth! Just so I know for future reference… how much does a bloody tooth go for these days?

Rhemashopes last blog post..Inextricable

#9 Posted by Patty O. (19.02.09 at 14:36 )

Glad you found the tooth!

Patty O.s last blog post..bugs don’t have feelings

#10 Posted by April ~ EnchantedDandelions (21.02.09 at 18:22 )

Yuck… but glad you found the tooth!

I’ve always wanted to try taco soup (bird nest soup? not so much).

April ~ EnchantedDandelionss last blog post..Wordless Wednesday – Look what Ollie can do!