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Viral Valentine: Share Your Story and Win!

After Friday night’s beautifully surreal event, the crash was inevitable.

It started out slowly, with the following Declining Economy Valentine’s Gift:


First let me say that I am not ungrateful for the brand-spanking new lens case.  A few months back, I cleaned out my bathroom drawers and tossed all the old lens cases I had accumulated.  (Isn’t this riveting so far?)

I threw away every case except for one with mismatched lids.  So for the past several months, I’ve had to just prop some ill-fitting lens lids on top of the case.  You can imagine my children regularly knock them in the night and I awake to find crinkled blue contacts littering my bathroom countertop.

So this case is something I genuinely need, and I do not take lightly the choice of a name-brand item–clearly this is no dollar store contact case!  Earnest love shown here, friends!  Earnest love!

Soon after, however, my love succumbed to a particularly nasty intestinal virus and was laid up, alternatingly, on the sunroom couch and bed.

I simply thrill to the roaming sick.  As soon as you think you may have adequately disinfected one infested area, the invalid lumbers back only to languish further, thereby reinfecting or “sicking up” the area.  Let me just say again how thankful I am for Tromm.

So please tell me: What did you get for Valentine’s Day?  Perhaps I can share vicariously with those who received diamond necklaces and weep with those who received a card, or, alas, only a cheerful word.

The person who sends me the funniest and/or most pitiful Valentine’s story or gift, will receive a grand gift pack to include a copy of Sacred Sex: A Spiritual Celebration of Oneness in Marriage by Tim Alan Gardner.  (Get your mind out of the gutter: it’s a Christian marriage book!)  Also personalized notecards with either your name or initials, and, in keeping with the foot issues theme that seems to be going around these days, a Burt’s Bees Foot Care gift pack.

Just in case you are waiting with bated breath to find out whether or not I succumbed to the viral torment, let me say I enjoyed a much kinder, gentler version that rendered me sick only briefly last night and resulted in my oversleeping this morning and awaking in a fog to find out what it looks like when my children


make their own




So tell me your Valentine woes or joys!  Remember, you could win!

FYI: I am not voting on the winner.  H, my husband, will vote!

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26 Comments to “Viral Valentine: Share Your Story and Win!”

#1 Posted by Elle (16.02.09 at 11:54 )

That sounds like such an awesome day! I have to say I wasn’t expecting much because we’re saving our pennies for a Disney trip in May and I didn’t get DH anything so I can’t really complain.

Saturday morning he took our 10 year old for coffee and donuts. It’s their Saturday morning thing. They brought me back a donut. Usually they do, so I can’t really call it a Valentine’s Day donut. They also brought me a bouquet of flowers, which I’m pretty sure came from the gas station/donut shop. Still, they are flowers and they do look nice in a vase. Then I started getting a headache and to top it off I had to go in to work. My headache got worse and worse and turned out to be a migraine. Oh joy! I came home from work sick took a new miraine medicine that’s supposed to work immediately, but didn’t and suffered for 3 more hours. The whole time I’m thinking this is the absolute worst headache of my life and maybe I’m having a stroke or an aneurysm and I need to go to the ER. Hmmmm…how will we manage 2 kids and the ER. Great, I’ll just lie here and die. Finally, I felt a tiny bit better and realized I wasn’t going to die. I got up for a couple of hours, took more headache medicine, ate dinner and went to bed. So much for our romantic Valentine’s. We thought maybe we’d have a little celebration Sunday night, but no, our 6 year old DS got sick and his fever spiked to 103.2. There’s always next year.

Elles last blog post..Mental Defective Monday

#2 Posted by Tari (16.02.09 at 12:44 )

wow, all we got was pinkeye this weekend – otherwise it was relaxing and lovely. yours was impressively bad.

Taris last blog post..Hypothesis

#3 Posted by Mom on the Run (16.02.09 at 12:53 )

Well, I have absolutely no right to complain about any Valentine’s gift I got since I did not give my husband a gift. I like to buy people what they want. My husband wants a PS3. Well, we have a PS2 and a wii, so the PS3 seems over the top plus very expensive. We’re at a stand still. He will get it eventually, but for now he waits. He got me a red rose which I loved.

Now I got my children small makeup-type bags for one, a Star Wars guy for one, and a book of pizza recipes for one. My kdis loved their gifts.

#4 Posted by Tiff@Three Peas (16.02.09 at 13:33 )

At least you got something useful. Glad your stomach bug didn’t last long. But i’m sure it was no fun at all!

Tiff@Three Peass last blog post..Weekend Recap

#5 Posted by Elizabeth's Husband (16.02.09 at 14:23 )

Elizabeth is so dramatic. If she thought Valentines were important, she could try giving me one for a change. She’s zero for fourteen – that’s right: not one Valentine’s gift in fourteen years.

“Do as I say, not as I do?”

#6 Posted by Elizabeth (16.02.09 at 14:32 )

The one day he decides to read my blog…sheeeesh…No seriously, dear, I do recall a few years into marriage that I gave you some heart boxer shorts. Don’t you remember that? Surely you do?

I love you.

#7 Posted by LauraJ (16.02.09 at 14:41 )

Thank you for your little visit today! I’m glad I don’t have to worry about contacts.
Thank you for the red shoe love too…my friend says I have Cinderella feet. I’m able to shop in the girls department at shoe stores. They have such cuter shoes at size 4!

LauraJs last blog post..stash sunday

#8 Posted by Elizabeth's Husband (16.02.09 at 15:04 )

I can’t say that I do. That doesn’t sound like the kind of thing I would wear.

I would be interested to know what percentage of ladies are like you and do not get their husband a Valentine gift.

By the way, the contact lens case was a two-pack – looks like I’ve got next year covered too. Sweet!

#9 Posted by Elizabeth (16.02.09 at 15:35 )

Ha! You know you *totally* would wear that kind of thing.

I see the angle you are playing and no, you cannot vote for yourself!

The package says “Contact Lens Case,” not “Cases.” I’m not sure where you are getting this dual pack idea. Anyway, the package says you should replace the lens case *monthly.* So much for your plan…alas…

#10 Posted by Helene (16.02.09 at 17:34 )

I love the commentary between you and your husband!! Too funny!

I unfortunately don’t have a funny V-Day story to share. Mine was as pathetic as they come. My husband didn’t get me anything but I did get him a card. I think you read my blog post from today so you already know that I’ve considered birthing his four children my V-Day gift to him for the next 10 years.

#11 Posted by mrsbear (16.02.09 at 17:53 )

I love the back and forth between you and hubby.

Personally, we’re not big on Valentine’s day. Some years my husband gets me flowers. This year rather than waste money on cut flowers that will in a couple of days wilt and die, we opted for plants to landscape with that we can hopefully keep alive for an extended period. Except the plants my husband purchased were on sale at Walmart for $0.02 apiece. Needless to say they were already on death’s door. They’re a motley bunch, but the intention was there right? I also skipped out on getting my husband a card or a tangible present. My love should be enough, right?

It’s okay, I was repaid with a sinus infection.


Sorry about the sick going around your neck of the woods. And the kids making their own breakfast, at least they tried and they didn’t opt for eggs too. 😉

#12 Posted by ashley (16.02.09 at 18:26 )

Y’all crack me up!!! I will say we had a very sweet Valentine’s day. I never had time to buy a card, so I wrote down 100 reasons why I loved Skip. It was so much fun to sit and write – I really could have kept going past 100. I also replaced Skip’s pre-tornado robe. His robe was a little tattered from being tossed around the neighborhood. He still wore it, although it was missing a belt. Our girls are so funny. They will usually walk into the bathroom about the time Skip is stepping out of the shower – they are very curious and he is extremely uncomfortable at the locked stares. He will hurry into is robe and in order to keep it closed he has to put one arm across his stomach. The tornado was March 2007! It was time for a new robe.

He gave me a precious card and a ladybug pin – it sparkles:) The pin is wonderful and such a sweet reminder of this time in our life adopting from China. I have become a bit obsessed with spotting ladybugs in the house, dead or alive they are celebrated. The ladybug represents ‘Good Luck’ in China. However, the many ladybugs we have found have not brought us good luck. So far in this adoption journey, our agency closed it’s doors, I sent our home study to a stranger on the internet, I have spent many hours in the police station getting the required records notarized (proving we haven’t been arrested lately but feeling like I had been), our Dr. office refuses to fill out our paperwork for the dossier . . . the list could go on! Luck? No. The ladybug represents the precious baby we will meet soon and the blessing God has given us to go after her.

I do think this was a grand Valentine’s day. Elizabeth, in years past Skip has asked me on Valentine’s day if I would not mind watching the children while he ran out to get me a card!

Much love, Ashley

#13 Posted by Kate @ FromaDesperateHousewife (16.02.09 at 22:25 )

Hey – Hadn’t been here in a while and thought I’d see what you’ve been up to. I love the Valentines gift! That’s some great stuff there. I actually told my husband that with all the money we’ve been spending on remodeling projects, he’d better not spend any money on Valentine’s gifts this year. But the last present I got from him, which was for my birthday, was a vacuum cleaner…..

#14 Posted by Mary (16.02.09 at 23:57 )

Well lets see this Valentine weekend started with my son’s cold turning for the worse. He was wheezing and having a hard time breathing Friday evening. After several breathing treatments he was a bit better but I did spend that night sleeping on the floor next to his crib so I could listen to him breath. Well really to make sure he was breathing and all. Saturday we made a trip to the Dr and he test postive for RSV and I spent Valentines night sleeping next to his crib again. It wasn’t a total loss my boys had picked out a box of my fav choc truffles and my 6 yr old made a homemade valentine that was fabulous.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’ll be back to visit yours again. I’ve been reading Good Enough Mama for a while and the two of you totally crack me up.

#15 Posted by Maddy (17.02.09 at 00:53 )

Hmm. I have no sympathy with men who insist upon dripping around the house, vaguely mobile but otherwise completely ineffectual. If I could persuade mine to ever go to bed I’d lock him in and throw away the key until the plague had passed. Mind you I do have a dog kennel now!

I should like to list the many gift that I received on the great day, preferably of the diamond / costs more to insure than the house variety, but sadly I had a few soggy Valentines that the school whip lashed my children into making. Gotta love those teachers otherwise we’d be completely neglected.

As for the lens case…..I used to use a couple of egg cups with similarly disasterous results.

#16 Posted by Kim (17.02.09 at 00:54 )

Oh no!! I am so sorry that B was sick!
Well I have to confess this was the weirdest Valentines ever
It started with my hubby bringing me breakfast in bed
but then he exclaimed that he was “sick oh so sick I have chills running down my spine”

So then I got up to clean the entire house b/c his parents were coming and the house was a wreck
I cleaned ALL day while he laid on the couch sick
I had to mop the floor 4 times b/c the cleaner kept leaving a dull residue on the floor – that totally ticked me off

Then I made a huge Valentine’s dinner – filet mignon, baked potatoes, green beans with homemade cake
music playing, fire roaring, candles burning, and wine poured
Hubby – sat down with me and then exclaimed – I think I might throw up!!
He never even ate the dinner
So there I sat ALONE at the table – kids in bed and hubby in the throne room sick
yeah it was a great V-day …
Oh and no gift or card but hey I am totally not bitter not at all – LOL
Love ya’ll

#17 Posted by JoyMama (17.02.09 at 08:01 )

Heh. I have a husband who snarks in my blog’s comments too!

There have been years when I got him a gift or organized the kids to do a project for him, and he didn’t manage to do anything for me. This year was the opposite — not that I didn’t remember, but I was wiped out from organizing the multiple aspects of my 7-year-old’s birthday (thanks for visiting Elvis Sightings to comment on that, Elizabeth!) and told him up front that I wasn’t going to manage any V-day gifting this year.

He bought me a box of gorgeous, locally-made, high-end, amazingly and creatively flavored chocolates. Including two designated “aphrodisiac.”

He’s a good man, even if I gripe about him sometimes…

#18 Posted by laura phelps (17.02.09 at 14:36 )

my husband never really got into valentines day. I would have to tell him what to do…what to buy me…and well, this year, I woke up, and simply didn’t care anymore. I got him nothing, and I did nothing for him. Zero. Nothing. ANd I told him that I had given up. And I then set a beautiful valentine breakfast table for the kids, and told my husband that from now on, it was all about them. I give nothing. I need nothing.
And I was OK with that.
Sort of.
Not really.
Not at all.

It left me sad. And not sad because I knew that my husband had not done anything for me that day. Sad because I no longer had the desire to do anything for him.
Sad that the sparks were gone.
Sad that it is always about the kids.
Sad that romance comes last.

My husband presented me that night with a cookbook I had wanted, a pair of GAP body pjs, and a very casual, comfy, what could pass off as lingerie, in red, thingy, from the GAP….all cozy..all very ME. No garters. No lace and thongs I would need to starve myself before wearing, and unplug every light bulb in the house.

My husbands “not getting” that Valentines day was special to me always made me sad. Because it meant he didn’t get ME.

But these gifts…purchased last minute, non the less…were very me. And THAT was romantic.

(he also bought a bottle of wine called BEAVER…but that is a completely different post)

laura phelpss last blog post..Too tired to show you the beaver

#19 Posted by Stonefox (17.02.09 at 21:34 )

Well mine was pretty ordinary, but anything “ordinary” done overseas is really extraordinary. I didn’t expect anything, just because. But John came home with a dozen pink roses with three chocolate flowers for “I Love You” and I was SHOCKED! When I offered to share the chocolate with him, he refused. He told me it was for me.

But I told him that chocolate is better when it’s shared; it really is. It was very special. To me.

I think someone who got the shaft on V day should win the prize. They need it (and it is a GREAT prize, but then again I do have a foot fetish.)

Stonefoxs last blog post..THE Question

#20 Posted by Kia (GoodEnoughMama) (17.02.09 at 23:04 )

I’m hoping I don’t win, because I think that if I win, that means I’m pathetic and pitiful. But. But.

I took Little Man to WalFart last Thursday. They had some $15 roses on clearance for $7.50. There was a teddy bear with the roses. I bought it and told LM that this was his gift to me for VeeDay. From Hubs? I got a card. That he only remembered to sign AFTER I told him he should sign it and lick the fricking envelope.

Kia (GoodEnoughMama)s last blog post..Turns Out Some of You Suck at Parenting, Too!

#21 Posted by Stimey (17.02.09 at 23:09 )

I got to sleep in, which is a totally rockin’ gift. (I actually get to sleep in every weekend, because my husband just lets me sleep until I wake up every Saturday and Sunday. So that’s even more of a rockin’ gift. Feel free to never speak to me again. If I weren’t me, I’d hate me for that too.)

Stimeys last blog post..I’m a Beauty School Drop Out

#22 Posted by Carla (17.02.09 at 23:55 )

My Valentine’s Day was spent with a surprise extra “morning” in Walt Disney World! Dh spent an extra $8 and secured us one more park entry day on our tickets…and we faced the MAJOR crowds for a Saturday Holiday during a 3 day weekend…at the end of a FULL week of over-stimulating family togetherness for our crew. We ventured into such parks that we knew our boys would LOVE and ADORE the rides without even coming close to the Magic Kingdom which we figured would be absolute chaos after having seen how it was the previous day…thus we spent Saturday morning and early afternoon at Animal Kingdom and EPCOT. Mostly with rides Katie can not ride and NO stroller. I chose to stand in a 60 minute posted wait time (actual 26 minutes) with the boys instead of wait with Katie.

Then, about 3:30 we piled into our van to begin the arduous journey home. Stopping off in a hotel where they put us above the indoor pool and in a room with MAJOR mold issues causing my asthma to flare up. I requested a room change and ended up sleeping with Clone2 and Dh, and enjoyed a nice lovely “accident” from Clone2 during the night.

$8 for tickets, $26 for lunch, $12 for parking…$100 for the moldy hotel room…that was my Valentine’s. Split it between 5 people as we “shared” the gift. LOL

Carlas last blog post..Disney 2009 – Trip Report – Chapter 1

#23 Posted by the domestic fringe (18.02.09 at 12:21 )

Your gift is a winner for sure!

My hubby totally lucked-out this year. We were invited to a Fireman’s Installation Dinner event at a faincy catering hall on Valentine’s Day. My hubby “gave” me a beautiful dinner filled with every yummy food available, including gobs of lobster tails, seafood platters, lamb chops, steak, fancy pastries, fondue, and so, so much more. He also “gave” me a flower for my wrist and a rose upon my exit. It was quite the evening of “giving”.

He was happier than can be imagined! All those gifts with ZERO cost to him. It may be the finest date he’s ever taken me on.


the domestic fringes last blog post..Grandma – Way Back

#24 Posted by Patty O. (19.02.09 at 14:35 )

You and your husband are really funny. Well, I don’t have a pathetic story as my husband always remembers V-Day. we usually take this holiday as an opportunity to indulge in really good food and especially chocolate. I got Bil some Ghiradelli’s chocolate and took him to dinner at our favorite restaurant (yes, I used money from HIS bonus, but still, I got the babysitter and it was MY idea…) and Bil got me beautiful tulips and Lindt truffles. It was really nice, because he typically avoids buying me flowers saying that they are a waste of money because they die, which is true, but they are pretty…..

Patty O.s last blog post..bugs don’t have feelings

#25 Posted by Peanut (19.02.09 at 15:44 )

I think practical gifts are quite romantic (seriously).

And I don’t care how messy the house is when they are done… if the kids (well, KK for now) can get herself breakfast so I get a few more minutes of sleep, I’ll deal with WHATEVER when I get up! (She only once has given herself chocolate bars for breakfast… possibly because I moved them after that!)

I worked for Valentines day, a really busy, sad, crazy shift. Halfway through, I was surprised by my family walking in, KK with a huge bouquet of my favourite flowers. The flowers were almost as big as she is and she just marched right into the nurses station with them… the unit clerk was all like “Wha?” Definitely the high point in a very hard day.

Peanuts last blog post..A year ago today

#26 Posted by Julie Todd (19.02.09 at 23:05 )

I’m glad that our love doesn’t have only one day to celebrate cause our Valentines Day started out rough, but ended well.

I found your blog from Mom’s Ministry and More…

It’s my first visit here. It’s nice to meet you! I’d love to have you stop by for a visit. I love meeting new people

Julie Todds last blog post..How He Loves