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Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Children Search ‘Pets’ on Craigslist

Please meet “Lily,” Edward’s new pet Hedgehog.

It all started last Spring when Edward discovered Craigslist and the “Pets” section; he perseverated on various pet possibilities until he decided that the hedgehog was the perfect pet!  For the next eight months, he became an expert on hedgehogs, hedgehog breeders, laws related to keeping hedgehogs, etc.

Posted on 6 November '10 by , under Humor/Disconnected Miscellany.

18 Comments to “Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Children Search ‘Pets’ on Craigslist”

#1 Posted by @jencull (Jen) (19.11.10 at 13:32 )

And is Lily the perfect pet? She certainly looks cute 🙂 Jen

#2 Posted by Pets For Children (20.11.10 at 00:32 )

[…] Three Channels » Why You Shouldn't Let Your Children Search 'Pets … Why You Shouldn't Let Your Children Search 'Pets' on Craigslist. Please meet “Lily,” Edward's new pet Hedgehog. It all started last Spring when Edward discovered Craigslist and the “Pets” section; he perseverated on various pet . […]

#3 Posted by JoyMama (20.11.10 at 08:12 )

What an adorable pet! And great educational experience — perseveration has its positives — I hope the actual pet-keeping is not too difficult!
.-= JoyMama´s last blog ..Included- J-Cats Birthday Party =-.

#4 Posted by Stimey (21.11.10 at 19:43 )

I think you win for Best Mom. I don’t know ANYONE who has a pet hedgehog. I used to work at a zoo and got to help with the hedgehogs. They were so sweet. I liked letting them ball up around my finger. They’re so soft.
.-= Stimey´s last blog ..Adventures From My Week—Pumpkins- Fist Fights &amp Zombiraptors! =-.

#5 Posted by kim (22.11.10 at 00:09 )

Oh my she sure is cute!!!
My boys want a dog and I said no!
You are so much nicer than me!!!!
WE miss you!!!!!!
.-= kim´s last blog ..Baseball!!!!! =-.

#6 Posted by the domestic fringe (23.11.10 at 18:58 )

Oh, my, goodness! It’s kinda cute. Good luck with the newest member of the family.

#7 Posted by Tari (24.11.10 at 23:38 )

You are SO GOOD to let him get a hedgehog! And we’re glad to have you back!
.-= Tari´s last blog ..Im Thankful =-.

#8 Posted by danette (26.11.10 at 17:45 )

So cute! Wow he really did his homework 🙂
.-= danette´s last blog ..Happy Thanksgiving! =-.

#9 Posted by Patty (28.11.10 at 23:01 )

You totally rock! What a great pet. I wonder if we should get one. Charlotte wants a pet in a bad way, but my husband is allergic to cats and dogs. The allergist never mentioned hedgehogs though…
.-= Patty´s last blog ..Putting the Fun in Dysfunctional =-.

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