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Imagine The Moments Ahead

I believe we are into week three with our medication trial for Edward, and I had to quote verbatim from the marketing materials for the title of this post!  My husband and I have had so much fun mocking the pamphlets and checklists provided by this pharmaceutical company.  I’ve never seen such complicated marketing packets and reminder stickers–all in soothing beach-tone colors of blue and light tan.

The medication promises “manageable mornings,” “assignments accomplished,” and “drama-free dinnertime.”   The materials encourage us to “notice the little changes, write them down and celebrate the improvements.”  There are photographs of a little boy enjoying board games with his sister while his parents smile adoringly.  He smiles ingratiatingly at his mother as she prepares his breakfast, his backpack packed and jacket already on–clearly ready for a productive day at school.

We’ve been running around the house for the past three weeks occasionally lapsing into a faux reverie where we claim to be “imagining the moments ahead” when Edward will not interrupt me while I’m talking with a doctor to tell me that hedgehogs are extremely prone to cancer, or when he will actually remember all of his homework materials so I do not have to bribe a custodian to allow me entrance into the school to retrieve them every other day.

All sarcasm aside, we have seen a certain amount of calming in hyperactivity with the use of a very small dose of this medication.  Specifically where we used to witness loud, screaming tantrums when the soccer team lost, we now see quiet sobbing.  Where once we experienced shrieking and wailing at the threat of turning off a video game, we might see a fist pounded quietly into the carpet and a wry face, but otherwise a rather mild reaction.

It reminds me fondly of a Temple Grandin talk I went to last Spring where she spoke about gifted software developers with Aspergers who would quietly retreat to their cubicle when upset or overwhelmed.  Her point was that they had learned how to manage their emotions in a socially appropriate way.  I suppose I see this medication helping Edward do just that, and my hope is that this new reaction to adversity will become more ingrained for him and therefore a part of his coping skills.

We’ll see.

In the meantime, I will continue my quiet reveries…

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16 Comments to “Imagine The Moments Ahead”

#1 Posted by JoyMama (03.09.10 at 07:17 )

I’m glad there are enough hopeful signs that there are good imaginings to be imagined. Wonderful photos, too!

I can also see as to how that marketing slogan just begs to be made mock of… 🙂
.-= JoyMama´s last blog ..Bringing Kindergarten Expectations Down to Earth =-.

#2 Posted by Barbara (03.09.10 at 11:18 )

This a perfect post! Mocking marketing is one of my favorite past-times! The balance of real testimony for meaningful results also appeals to me.

My Hubby and me also trade jibes on surreal media stuff – like how your represented that.

Like JM, I love the beach photos, too.

Hoping with you and believing it is possible.
.-= Barbara´s last blog ..Turn-around Space =-.

#3 Posted by Patty (03.09.10 at 15:04 )

Yeah, really, they are BEGGING to be mocked in a serious way. But good news that the meds seem to be working! That is so great!
.-= Patty´s last blog ..R-E-S-P-E-C-T find out what it means to me! =-.

#4 Posted by charlotte (04.09.10 at 10:32 )

First of all, I’m so happy you’re back online! I lurked for several months after you moved and finally gave up in defeat. Then today I saw my hubby tuning in. Yea!

Secondly, this Rx sounds like it has lots of potential. Would interested in knowing the brand name if you care to share privately. School has been a roller coaster here too. *sigh*

We miss you guys! Shoot me an email when you have a moment. Would love to catch up privately. 🙂


#5 Posted by Tari (04.09.10 at 22:31 )

I’m just happy it’s doing something good, rather than keeping him up for days. That’s definitely praiseworthy!

I have a HS friend who is in marketing and she has a note on her Facebook page that says “yeah, I’m in marketing. you wanna fight about it?” 🙂
.-= Tari´s last blog ..On the Priesthood =-.

#6 Posted by Trish (06.09.10 at 15:42 )

Glad to hear that you are seeing a positive response. Hopefully it will continue making a difference for him!
.-= Trish´s last blog ..Sunday Best – Labor Day Edition =-.

#7 Posted by danette (06.09.10 at 23:54 )

Glad to hear you’re seeing positive signs of improvement! I loved your “pancake” analogy from a prior post, definitely gave me something to think about ;).
.-= danette´s last blog ..Random tidbits =-.

#8 Posted by rhemashope (08.09.10 at 22:03 )

LOVE the photos!
and thanks to Edward because i didn’t know that about hedgehogs. =)
.-= rhemashope´s last blog ..Here =-.

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