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Lemon-Eyed Great-Aunt June

We just introduced Joseph to the Hardy Boys.  His first read is While the Clock Ticked, and he started it tonight.  He just came in the kitchen where H and I were  dueling laptops trying to figure out this blog thing.

Joseph can’t sleep because, as he explains, “It’s in my head…it’s Great-Aunt June with gigantic lemon eyes…yellow eyes with black pupils that don’t blink…looking at those boys from the window…you know with her hair all wrapped up in toilet paper like she does.”

Yes, I’ve seen the woman shuffle down the hall looking like a soft-serve “shade” swathed in a jade brocade caftan.

(I’m always on the lookout for opportunities to rhyme, as well as to use the word “shade.”)

At least he is not too numb to notice that parts of the Hardy Boys are truly eery…

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