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Fast Food GF/CF: Don’t Scream!

It’s not easy, it’s not healthy and it’s not perfect, but this is how we run it:

McD: French fries, apple dippers with no caramel.
BK: French fries, apple sauce.
Wendy’s: French fries, mandarins.
Chick Fil A: French fries, fruit cup; lemonade’s OK.  Their policy is separate fry oil but you don’t know for sure without asking.
Panera: fruit cup, Mango Smoothie (without the raspberry swirly stuff).

He won’t eat: plain hamburger meat (unless it is the size and shape of silver dollars; he calls them “meat disks”—quite appealing).  He won’t eat grilled chicken either.

If all else fails, I keep a tiny Tupperware bowl full of organic peanut butter in the Town & Country; we like to eat that with a plastic knife.

Other ideas?  Keep them coming!  Alas, we’re new to this…

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