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My Beautiful Boy “Pull-Ups”

The potty training marathon continues.  Sue’s third birthday has come and gone, and still no progress.  Yesterday at her check-up, the nurse wanted her to produce a “specimen” in a small plastic cup.

Sue thrilled to the idea of tee teeing in a tiny cup.  She grunted…she groaned…she spoke directly to the moment: “Come out, tee tee, come out!”

As I silently prayed that she would be able to make, I could hear Edward’s voice echoing down the hall as he took his vision and hearing test alone with the nurse.  “What’s that device for?  Why does this button activate that part?  Are you sure you calibrated it correctly?”

(I always cringe inwardly when he is alone with an unknown adult because I really never know what will come out of his mouth, although I know it will be something shocking and I know the unknown adult will ask me several questions about it later.)

The pressure to urinate in a pediatrician bathroom decorated with jeering clown wallpaper was far too overwhelming and Sue crumpled under the challenge.  But she did want to take the cup home as a souvenir…it’s been rattling around in my purse ever since.

Oh, but I was so excited about my latest potty training plan for Sue that I announced it at her birthday party last week.  One of my friends even said, “Now that’s out-of-the-box parenting!”  (I was so proud.)

My plan was to make her wear BOY pull-ups.  She shrieked, she cried, she flailed at the thought.  “But I love those ’pincesses,’” she wailed.

Knowing she despises The Hulk, I told her we would get some Hulk panties.  “I don’t like that ‘geen’ monster Hulk.” I took her to Target with the threat of Hulk.  She’s jumping in protest…she’s fussing…she’s clinging with both hands to the very last princess Pull-up clinging to her tiny body…she’s noticing the Diego pull-ups…she’s smiling…she loves Diego…she wants those pull-ups.  “Diego can just run away from the tee tee,” she laughs.

Target does not have Hulk pull-ups any more.

So yesterday she got up, wet and soaking, and I pointed it out to her.  “Oh, that’s OK, I’ll go get one of my beautiful boy pull-ups.”

And it doesn’t matter that these pull-ups have the new “cool alert” system that is supposed to ”notify” the child when he or she has had an accident.

“Cool alert” is apparently refreshing in this hot July weather.

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One Comment to “My Beautiful Boy “Pull-Ups””

#1 Posted by annettepiper (18.07.08 at 04:10 )

Oh dear it sounds like a trial at the moment! I had similar ‘issues’ with my son. He was three and still not looking AT ALL like toilet training was going to work. (Tried the stickers, rewards, big-boy pants, belittling the nappy etc. – he would be ok for most of the day, go to the toilet and then whoopsie!)
He wanted to go to Preschool but couldn’t because ours only deals with older, toilet trained children. Finally, something that he actually wanted enough to make the bother with. So in about two weeks he became pull-up free.
My girls on the other hand were trained first attempt in about a week well before age 2. Go figure.