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Only Today…

A year ago, our family was in Disney World, splashing around the pool at the Polynesian Resort, not a care in the world.  (H had a work conference so this was such a blessing that we could go without paying for most of the trip.)


Then the call came in.  H’s best friend’s sister, with whom he had grown up and known since tiny childhood, had died, completely unexpectedly, from a random blood clot; she was 38.  One minute, I was happily watching my children frolic in the spurting fountain sprays, and the next minute I tried desperately to hold all three of my children at once to make sure they were OK.  I shuttled them up to our room where we prayed fervently for friends who are family to us.

So a year later to the day, a shocking email crossed my computer: the mother of one of my son’s football teammates had died, unexpectedly, from an aneurysm; she was in her mid thirties.  Earlier that day, she was happily delivering invitations to her son’s 8-year-old birthday party, and later that afternoon, she passed away on her bathroom floor, only to be found by her five-year-old son.  She leaves behind this sweet child, a four-year-old daughter and a recently-turned eight-year-old who attended his mother’s funeral instead of his own birthday party.

Please know that I share this story not to be morbid, depressing or melodramatic, but to let you know that I firmly believe those events happening on the same exact day one year apart can mean something to me personally.  They stand as a wake-up call to me–a reminder that we truly only have today.


We don’t know what God plans for us tomorrow, or in the next moment, for that matter.  And while we all know this intellectually, an event like this reminds me in such a visceral way.  In my hustle-bustle, hurry-worry world, I forget that tomorrow just might not be for me, or for someone I hold dear.  I skitter along mindlessly, stopping to feel sorry for myself (or bitter) when painful events occur, but forgetting the big picture.


I used to write more about the story God is writing with my life.  Today during church I realized how far I’ve gotten away from that, and potentially why that is so difficult for me to address.  I believe it boils down to my inability to believe that God could actually delight in me.

Zephaniah 3:17 says, “The Lord your God is with you, He is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you.  He will quiet you with His love. He will rejoice over you with singing.”


I spent an entire year with that verse taped on my bathroom mirror, but it didn’t sink in, did it?  Perhaps I’d better stick it back up there where I can remember, rejoice and believe.

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#1 Posted by mrsbear (09.02.09 at 23:00 )

Elizabeth, this makes me so sad. But I think we can all use this reminder. I was so busy today dwelling on the frustrating details of my day…I don’t even know what to say. I’m so sorry for what those families have lost.

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#2 Posted by Tari (09.02.09 at 23:34 )

Wow. It is something we should think about – just enough to make us grateful instead of frightened, though.

Weirdly enough, my uncle lost his 1st wife to an aneurysm – the last person to talk to her in the hospital before she had her second (and final one) was the woman who was to become his 2nd wife. 35 years later, they stood in the same hospital over their older son, who also had an aneurysm. Technology had advanced over that 35 years so much that he survived, but the impact on my uncle – two loved ones, same hospital wing, same illness – was really tough.

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#3 Posted by Stonefox (09.02.09 at 23:50 )

Girl, you are so right. It makes me think of the GIFT life is.

I know exactly how you feel about God delighting in you. I look at others and think, “But I’m not as good, as productive, as savy, as…as…as…” And my faith plumets. I am searching out exactly what I CAN believe, and this scripture pretty much spells it out. I’ll work on believing if you promise you will.

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#4 Posted by Helene (10.02.09 at 01:20 )

This is a very powerful and thought-provoking post. I’m so sorry for both of those family’s losses. It does make you really think about appreciating every moment we have.

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#5 Posted by ali (10.02.09 at 11:41 )

Being in my mid-thirties myself, I consider myself too young for these kinds of things to happen. And then I hear stories like this. It’s definitely a wake up call.

#6 Posted by Tonggu Momma (10.02.09 at 14:06 )

I know Zephaniah 3:17. It was one of the favorite Scriptures of a teen in our small group. And I am so very sorry for your losses. You are right – things like this often do serve as personal wake-up calls. Hugs to you right now.

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#7 Posted by ashley (10.02.09 at 14:41 )

That sermon hit me the same way. Much love.

#8 Posted by Patty O. (10.02.09 at 15:57 )

Wow, that was a moving post. I need to be reminded to view every day as a gift to be embraced. I know what you mean, though about having a hard time believing God delights in me. I had a really bad day yesterday and was a really mean mom. I prayed and prayed and prayed about it. Then, as I took Danny to school, I passed a church’s sign that said, “God loves you and there’s nothing you can do about it.” It really made an impression on me, that God is trying to help me see his love, even when I mess up.

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#9 Posted by Laura (10.02.09 at 17:23 )

*shivers* that is a chilling coincidence. Reminds me that I am blessed in so many ways.

Lauras last blog post..One year.

#10 Posted by kim (10.02.09 at 17:37 )

BTW: did you notice the cross in the picture of J and E standing on the beach?
It is sideways 🙂
Great reminder that God sees, knows, and cares!
Love you

kims last blog post..Update on Mom 🙂

#11 Posted by Stimey (10.02.09 at 18:56 )

Wow. This post gave me chills. I’m so sorry about your son’s teammate’s mom. This story is absolutely heartbreaking.

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#12 Posted by Peanut (11.02.09 at 04:37 )

Hard stuff. Hard days. Our mortality is something that keeps coming up lately… it’s a little scary, but a little… um.. motivating and perspective changing.
I like that verse. I like the idea of taping it up to my mirror. I should do that.

Peanuts last blog post..Men and Directions

#13 Posted by Molly (11.02.09 at 09:01 )

Very similar thing here last year about the same time. One of my son’s class and team mates mother passed away, also from an anuerism. She was 43. She left a senior in high school, a 10th grade girl and 7th grade boy.

For weeks after the event, I couldn’t look at any of those children with out crying. And even today, I am very careful of what I say in their presence.

This is a great post and thank you so much for sharing it.

We understand old people goin’on. but a child or a young mother…aw heck no!

Mollys last blog post..Like Father, Like Son

#14 Posted by autismfamily (15.02.09 at 01:39 )

This is a wake up call and sent chills through me, even though I was consuming ice cream at the same time. I am turning 49 in April and it seems so unreal and freaky at the same time.

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#15 Posted by Jaxon (24.07.16 at 17:54 )

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