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Perhaps You Don’t Know This, However…

My dear friend at Mom on the Run tagged me for this quick meme.  Per usual, I am late in responding.

So here are my 7 random things you might not know about me…

1.  Having recently been introduced to a tiny plastic ball curiously named “Bakugan Battle Brawlers,” I can tell you that few things would provide me greater joy than donning my circa 1987 black Doc Marten boots and crushing one of these “brawlers” to smithereens.

“But Mom, they are so cool and fit right in your pocket!”

My response:  So do marbles.  I mean please.  Round is still fun, right?

2.  I was sharing this story with Kia last night and thought others might find solace and/or humor in it.  I once had a pet Conure named Freddie who was given to me by an old boss who was married to a Rod Stewart impersonator/hairstylist who had hair longer than she did and always dressed in “flowy gowns.”  Anyhoo, she bequeathed this bird to me after she moved to California to flip houses, and I felt compelled to accept her (the bird.)  Freddie was a temperamental creature who tormented Pearl, my Chihuahua, and would bite at her and peck mercilessly whenever Pearl approached her cage.  While in Mexico on vacation, we boarded Freddie at a local pet store.  When we returned, however, we found that Freddie had been bird-napped by a trench-coat wearing aviary thief who had stalked the store.  These things happen…

3.  When I make Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, I double the water and use half the noodles to make a Kraft Noodle-Mac Cheese Soup.  It is supreme.  (Especially if you have PMS and are craving all that sodium.)

4.  Stone Fox’s toe hair discussion has me feeling a tad confessional about my own feet which are, incidentally, shaped like arrows.  Additionally, my pinkie toe has what I like to call a “dual nail.”

5.  Throughout my life, I have suffered from intermittent bouts of trichotillomania.  I’m not linking it.  If you want to know what it is, you’ll have to Google it yourself!

6.  One of my greatest frivolous delights is watching House Hunters International.

7.  Mayonnaise is revolting.  (To me.)

I’m not tagging anyone because I have no clue who has already done this.  Take it if you want it!

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14 Comments to “Perhaps You Don’t Know This, However…”

#1 Posted by Kia (GoodEnoughMama) (11.02.09 at 23:21 )

Feet like arrows, huh? That’s sexy. HAHAHAHAHA!!! What the heck is a “dual nail?”

Kia (GoodEnoughMama)s last blog post..He Loves Daddy More Than Mommy. Boo. Hoo. Hoo.

#2 Posted by Stonefox (12.02.09 at 00:07 )

Only you, Elizabeth. You’re one of a kind. You really need to do this more. I’m going to try #3.

Stonefoxs last blog post..How I Spell S.E.X.Y

#3 Posted by andreacook (12.02.09 at 09:28 )

I think my DH might have a touch of the trichotillomania. He picks his eyebrow hair when he is nervous. I don’t mind, I assume it is a monkey grooming sort of thing…

I just started growing a toe nail on my pinkie toes when I hit my late 20s. Before then, I had to paint a dab of nail polish to ‘pose’ like I had normal nails. “Toes posers” I suppose…. toes…pose…get it? VAN PAN!


andreacooks last blog post..Three’s About Me

#4 Posted by hopealso (of hippie dippie bébé) (12.02.09 at 13:59 )

LOL I’m late too! I just started my post to tag you day before yesterday and all the little details got in the way! So I guess you’re double tagged! Does that mean you can move now?

But I said good things about you. You can read them on my tagging post.

Be well, glad to catch up with you!

#5 Posted by Apr il ~ EnchantedDandelions (12.02.09 at 15:05 )

Mmm, I like my mac/cheese swimming in a soup of orange-colored milk, too.

Apr il ~ EnchantedDandelionss last blog post..Wordless Wednesday – Winter Tree

#6 Posted by kim (12.02.09 at 17:34 )

Hey those were some things I did not know
And in researching the trichotillomania
I found out I have had bouts of this -onychophagia
Totally helps me understand that I could in fact have OCD –
I feel better already 🙂
Love you

kims last blog post..Update on Mom 🙂

#7 Posted by Tarasview (12.02.09 at 19:04 )

oh I would LOVE to step on my sons bakugans…. what a lovely thought 🙂

You have been awarded


#8 Posted by Helene (13.02.09 at 00:33 )

The bird story is funny…I feel bad for saying that since he was birdnapped but as they say, karma’s a b***ch. He should’ve been nicer to your dog.

What is a dual nail? Am I gonna be sorry I asked? Now I think I might google it b/c I’m super curious!

Helenes last blog post..What’s so wrong about googling the ex-boyfriend who crushed my heart?

#9 Posted by Patty (13.02.09 at 10:38 )

That bird story sounds like a plot from a sitcom. Funny….Not that it was funny that you lost your bird, but just weird funny….

#10 Posted by Elizabeth (13.02.09 at 11:53 )

I seem to be receiving several questions about the “dual nail.” I coined the term myself, and it refers to an extra tiny toenail that sticks out to the side of my regular pinkie toenail. I know it’s weird, gross and all that. I’m just being real here!

#11 Posted by Peanut (13.02.09 at 14:40 )

I’m horribly behind on all this kind of stuff too… I’ve probably been tagged 25 times for the “25 things” meme on facebook…

I will have to try #3. Sounds yummy.

I wonder if anyone likes their feet. My husband thinks feet are revolting. Something about them being like deformed hands.

It’s probably not a bad thing (for your hips at least) that you don’t like mayo. We only like it because it makes our ketchup pink.

Peanuts last blog post..Men and Directions

#12 Posted by mrsbear (13.02.09 at 14:44 )

My son is obsessed with Bakugan. Those little balls were such a chore to find this Christmas. Also, I’ve been reading Bakugan books at bed time. They’re actually quite tedious and involve me yelling “Bakugan Brawl!” at regular intervals. Ugh.

I did Google trichotillomania. Never heard of it before. Not that strange I guess, it’s in the same category as skin picking which I tend to do when I’m under stress.

Now the dual nail thing on your arrow feet, that’s a little odd. 😉 But I appreciate the realness.

mrsbears last blog post..A Typical Morning – The Two Year Old Perspective

#13 Posted by laura phelps (14.02.09 at 00:43 )

with you on the bakugan, but no so much on the mac n cheese soup. I had a really gross experience with kraft mac n cheese…haven’t taken a bite since. But who cares about me…this post is about YOU…!!! (ugh, I AM my mother….)

laura phelpss last blog post..How tired am I?

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