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“There were bullets on top of the TV!”

Joseph had a play date today with a new friend.  Of course when he got home he COULD NOT QUIT TALKING about this child’s house.  Usually the items that make an impression on Joseph are the food (“real orange cheese curls, Mom, and white bread!”) and the myriad of video game systems.

I get to hear him wax poetic about the advantages of the Xbox over the PS2, and describe in detail what it’s like to eat an actual Little Debbie Swiss cake roll for the first time in his short and incredibly food-sheltered life.

This playdate, however, was different.

“You know at Billy’s house…they had this tiny old TV in their kitchen and it only had Black and White color.  And it had those long antennas…it was so cool…much cooler than anything we have.  And there were real bullets on top of it.”

“Do the TVs with those antennas have no commercials?”

“Is it normal to have, like, bullets lying around?  It sure is cool.”

It sounds like we could sell our HDTVs, scatter some bullets around on the floor and really have it made.

Life could be so simple…

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