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Insight: Quotes From the Week

Why do all of my children thrill to going exceptionally fast?


“Sometimes I’m even thankful for myself.” – Edward on Thankfulness.


“Choosing the right breeder is important. That’s why we went with Santa Claus.” – Edward on Dog Breeders.


“I’ve got ‘nostril’ in my mouth but it’s ok because I’m already sick!”  Sue on Sickness.  (Our group calls “boogers” ‘nostril’ or ‘tiny nostril.’  So refined!)


“Ha!  I hit so hard my helmet came apart!”  Joseph on Safety.


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7 Comments to “Insight: Quotes From the Week”

#1 Posted by Tari (26.01.09 at 10:22 )

Great quotes!

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#2 Posted by mrsbear (26.01.09 at 12:51 )

Santa does run a pretty tight dog breeding operation. 😉 Your kids are adorable. And your comment yesterday cracked me up. Mimes are scary but it’s definitely a toss up between them and the carnies. *shudder* Happy Monday.

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#3 Posted by Helene (26.01.09 at 17:13 )

I got a good laugh out of this post!!! The quotes are hilarious!!! Although the cracking the helmet quote on safety would’ve totally freaked me out! heehee!

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#4 Posted by hellokittiemama/MT (27.01.09 at 08:36 )

LOL!!! Your kids always give me a chuckle. So observant and witty! 🙂 A great way to start my morning here since Alex was finishing up some homework for school and crossed out directions he didn’t like and added his own. I left it that way, wasn’t going to battle!!

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#5 Posted by Patty O. (27.01.09 at 15:40 )

That’s great. I swear i would so love to hang at your house and just listen to your kids. They are so smart and hilarious!

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#6 Posted by Kia (GoodEnoughMama) (27.01.09 at 23:59 )

Your kids are HIGHlarious, doooood. Sue is downright edible. Can I have her? 🙂

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#7 Posted by Peanut (31.01.09 at 15:54 )

So funny! Boys are something else, aren’t they? I’m terrified! That cracking the helmet comment… I see it in my future!

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