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By virtue of reading her blog, (which I highly recommend if you are not already a reader), I’ve been tagged by Carla.  I’m glad because it fits in with my self-imposed NaPloBoMo, and it’s quite fun!

Five Names You Go By:
1. Mama
2. Mom
3. Hey!
4. Elizabeth
5. Edward’s Mom

Three Things You’re Wearing Right Now:
1. Sweet Tart Drawstring PJ pants
2. Army Green socks
3. Red and white pinstriped robe


Two Things You Want Very Badly At The Moment:
1. Real cream for my coffee
2. Someone else to make up my bed

Three People Who Will Probably Fill This Out:
1. Kim at Connor Cole’s Mom
2. Tari
3. April

Two Things You Ate Today:
1. Bagel with cream cheese
2. Sugar in my coffee (does that count?)

Two People You Last Talked To On The Phone:
1. Amy
2. Ashley

Two Things You Are Going To Do Tomorrow:
1. Clean up puppy tee tee
2. Clean up puppy poo poo

Two Longest Car Rides:
1. Auburn, AL to Sedona, AZ
2. Huntsville, AL to Washington, DC

Two of Your Favourite Beverages:
1. Coffee
2. Sweet Tea

Two Phrases You Said Today To Your Kid That You Wish You Could Take Back
1. I don’t care of the eggs are cold.  Just eat them RIGHT NOW or you can’t have any toast!
2.  Your nighttime pull-up really smells.  Let’s get that thing off.

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10 Comments to “MEMEMEMEME”

#1 Posted by Patty O. (19.01.09 at 13:56 )

Ok, you are making me feel guilty. I ROUTINELY tell Charlotte that her diaper stinks. I mean it as a joke, and now she’ll go around saying, “I stinky.” Maybe I should cut it out….

Patty O.s last blog post..a waste?

#2 Posted by Carla (19.01.09 at 14:15 )

LOL, well Katie comes up to me and says “I shooo-weee Mommy.”

Geeze, we really do NEED to talk sometime.

Carlas last blog post..Photography – Encouragement

#3 Posted by mrsbear (20.01.09 at 18:50 )

I love the PJs. Sweet-Tarts were my favorite movie theater treat. Also real cream for the coffee is always a good option. 😉

mrsbears last blog post..All The Cool Kids Are Doing It

#4 Posted by Peanut (20.01.09 at 20:22 )

I love your jammie pants! So cute!

Coffee is fast becoming one of my favourite beverages as well!

And is there such a thing as a day when we don’t say something we wish we could take back?

Peanuts last blog post..She didn’t learn that from me! (No really, she didn’t)

#5 Posted by hellokittiemama/MT (20.01.09 at 23:05 )

Your jammies ROCK!

I’ve missed you!!!

Good to see you “back” 🙂 I hope!

hellokittiemama/MTs last blog post..Obama’s Inauguration Day- Will he be a voice for Autism & Children?

#6 Posted by ali (20.01.09 at 23:39 )

I want a bagel and cream cheese! Nice pj pants–mine have dogs and bones on them:)

#7 Posted by Helene (21.01.09 at 01:30 )

Love the jammy pants!!! So cute! It definitely beats my ratty old Mickey Mouse jammy pants that I always wear!!

Helenes last blog post..Note to self: Never leave hubby alone to supervise the kids again!

#8 Posted by Stimey (24.01.09 at 00:05 )

Look at your adorable jammies! Nice.

Stimeys last blog post..Insanaerobics

#9 Posted by Roman (02.10.15 at 12:54 )

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OMG like hi!:) I’m totally new to this blog. This is my first comment and I love it here. I’m a big fan of you and Nikki I love the fun crazy drama and things you’ve went through together. It’s so fun right?