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Local Toddler Trapped in Pool Bathroom

What started as a carefree day at a local River Heights pool turned frightening when two-year-old Whitney Adams locked herself in the bathroom.

“I just kept knocking and knocking and calling to her.  I knew she knew how to get out…she was just being stubborn,” 40-year-old homeschool mom Sally Adams explained.

Maintenance workers were soon dispatched to remove the door, but after 30 minutes of trying, were unable detach the hinges from the 1970s-era door.

The saga ended nearly 45 minutes later when a slender 6-year-old shimmied through an air conditioner vent to unlock the door and rescue the toddler, who was found unharmed, playing happily with toilet paper and a discarded pair of flip flops.

Adams claimed she wasn’t surprised. “I mean her favorite place to play is on top of our van.”

Maintenance workers at the pool have promised to retrofit the door with new locks so that nothing like this will happen again in River Heights.

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