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Guess What Santa Brought?

Posted on 26 December '08 by , under Humor/Disconnected Miscellany.

21 Comments to “Guess What Santa Brought?”

#1 Posted by Molly (27.12.08 at 14:12 )

Oh what a precious puppy. If I ever get another dog, this would be the kind I would want. Reminds me of my phe dog, but almost purse size.

If you lived closer, I would dog sit ANYTIME!

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#2 Posted by FringeGirl (27.12.08 at 16:28 )

Oh my goodness! How adorable!!!! Your kids must be crazy in love. Happy times ahead…hide your shoes.

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#3 Posted by Tari (27.12.08 at 19:06 )

SO CUTE! Is it a Boston terrier?

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#4 Posted by Stimey (27.12.08 at 22:45 )

Gasp! Oh, the cuteness!

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#5 Posted by Stonefox (28.12.08 at 07:53 )

Precious. Sue looks like the perfect mommy.

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#6 Posted by Felicia (28.12.08 at 18:48 )

How adorable! What’s the name?

#7 Posted by Jenni Jiggety (29.12.08 at 00:03 )

Ohhhh! A puppy!!!!!! How sweet!

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#8 Posted by ali (29.12.08 at 17:40 )

Oh my! What a cutie! We need details!

#9 Posted by Ashley (29.12.08 at 21:57 )

Sweetest Puppy!

#10 Posted by Mrsbear (29.12.08 at 22:29 )

I love puppies. They’re so sweet, but you are in for a world of trouble. Yikes! They’re like toddlers with pointier teeth. Your daughter is clearly enamored. 🙂

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#11 Posted by Helene (30.12.08 at 00:45 )

Awwwwww!!!!!!!! So cute!!!!

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#12 Posted by Trish @ Another Piece of the Puzzle (30.12.08 at 01:03 )

He is TOO cute! Boy, how is Santa going to top that one next year??

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#13 Posted by rhemashope (30.12.08 at 02:00 )

Adorable – both of them!
Happy housebreaking. =)

#14 Posted by Jen P (31.12.08 at 08:35 )

And its ALIVE!! lol. Just coming back to read blogs once again. Soon I’ll have to blog on my own blog but it was good to catch up on you! Happy New Year!

#15 Posted by Kia (GoodEnoughMama) (31.12.08 at 10:23 )

Wow! It’s a pooping and peeing machine, dressed up as a puppy! Hahahahahaha. What a cutie! Oh, and the dog’s not bad, either. 😉

#16 Posted by hellokittiemama/MT (31.12.08 at 20:30 )




smoosh… why is it that puppies make me ovulate????

Happy holidays! Wishing you a happy new year.

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#17 Posted by goodfather (01.01.09 at 18:18 )

Awwwwww! So adorable!!!

And the puppy is cute too. 😉

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#18 Posted by Patty O. (04.01.09 at 20:24 )

My kids are soooo jealous of your kids! When the doctor asked Charlotte if she wanted a baby sister or brother, she said, “A kitty cat!” and she keeps saying it. I think she will be disappointed in the baby we bring home.

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#19 Posted by Janine (06.01.09 at 01:35 )

Oh what a cutie!! We considered doing that – my 6 year old is DESPERATE for a puppy – but we weren’t brave enough to take on another creature!

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#20 Posted by andreacook (06.01.09 at 09:24 )

Hi bbf (best blog friend)!

Haven’t see ya lately online – dog got your hands full no doubt? How’s the potty training going? Have you lost your mind yet? tee hee hee….

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#21 Posted by Kate @FromaDesperateHousewife (07.01.09 at 23:32 )

Oh my word, he is the absolute cutest thing ever. A lot of people get baby fever – I get puppy fever.

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