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Playing Santa

Felicia at Go Graham Go agreed to let me “Play Santa” over at her site and pontificate on a few top items on my children’s Christmas List.  Per usual, I am woefully late in fulfilling this mission.  Everything around here has been incredibly late, or just plain old incomplete.  Still my children have compiled lists, emailed Santa, refined lists, re-emailed Santa with edits, and sobbed because they received a “C +” on an online Santa Claus behavior quiz.

(That was today at church when Edward shared his less than stellar score with another little girl who claimed to have received an “A +” on her behavior quiz.)

“What can I do to improve my behavior grade for Santa?  I’ll do anything!  What in the world can I do?”  He cried woefully after sharing this sorrowful tale of mediocrity.

“Well, maybe just clean your room and stay seated at the table during meals.  Those were two heavily-weighted questions,” I encouraged.  “Oh.  Well, that’s impossibleimpossible!” he countered.  “I guess I’m stuck with a C +.”  He ran away happily.

It’s encouraging to see a child who so readily accepts average when it comes to behavior…

At any rate, my children have many items on their respective lists, the top one on each child’s list (if you combine all descriptions) being a “live, newborn Boston terrier girl boy puppy.”  Yes, it’s Sue who emphasizes the word “live” each time she is asked by friends and strangers alike.

“So what do you want for Christmas, sweet girl?” the hapless stranger or relative asks.  “A LIVE dog.  A live one.  He’s got to be ALIVE!” she shrills.  Apparently she’s seen battery-operated animatronic pups and she will have none of that!

Here’s her list written in her own three-year-old hand.  You can barely make out the word “dog” there with all the “Ho Hos.”  Still it’s there…

Yet back to Felicia’s project.  Since we have not received any of our gifts thus far, I believe I’ll share details on some perennial favorites during my almost 9 years of motherhood.

Every child needs a Cozy Coupe:

It is simply one of the grandest childhood toys around.  Joseph received one on his first birthday (he’s almost nine) and that same coupe has seen us through two additional children.  It has served as a fort, had three children stand on it at one time, careened down rocky hills containing children, stuffed animals, Star Wars action figures, been turned upside down and jumped on, sat out in the rain for years on end, had birthday cake and sidewalk chalk smeared all over it, and housed science experiments in its “trunk.”  It still looks fine with bright colors and is…well…see for yourself:

There are countless years of fun left still in this coupe!  (Yes, it really is my old Mrs. Beasley doll!)

We also have the Police Car coupe which I believe is a must for those with two or more children.   I’d personally love to see my old Shirley Temple doll gracing the back seat of that police coupe!

The other items we have thrilled to for years include anything Little People-related.  We currently own the Farm, Zoo, Princess set, Doll House and Nativity.  Again, many of these Joseph received from a wise Santa during his first Christmas!  Those durable Little People can battle Darth Vadar, withstand bubble baths, become mowed down by Hot Wheel cars, get lost in the van for years.  They are just fun, high-quality toys.  Sometimes I’ll put them up for a few months and when I get them back out, it’s honestly like Christmas all over again…

Our favorite is the Navitity set:

Now there’s a set I firmly believe every child should own!

Remember the reason!  Merry Christmas!

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10 Comments to “Playing Santa”

#1 Posted by Felicia (22.12.08 at 00:57 )

Thank you for “Playing”! I love your style. .. always have!

Felicias last blog post..Award Time!

#2 Posted by Mom on the Run (22.12.08 at 01:54 )

We loved our Cozy Coupe…we had the yellow and green one in the picture. It was much loved. I sold it at a yard sale when my youngest was about 3 to make room in the garage for the bikes. I would have liked to keep it, but for space reasons could not.

Fisher Price stuff is timeless. Growing up we had the people and some furniture but never the house. My kids had the house, garage, and farm. We are left with the school bus, and the Nativity and Thanksgiving sets. I won’t part with any of these sets.

I’m glad your trip to DC went well. I’m a local, but rarely go in to DC. A week ago I met a friend for the day. We visited the Sackler and the Freer galleries and had lunch at the Old Post Office Building. I arrived home one minute after the school bus dropped my kids off. I had a great day just for me!

Mom on the Runs last blog post..Will Christmas Happen This Year: An Update

#3 Posted by goodfather (22.12.08 at 16:12 )

Our three-year-old fell in LOVE with the cosy coupe’s at my wife’s workout club’s play area. Such a great vehicle for a toddler, heheh.

I love the Little People nativity! I haven’t seen that yet?! Off to Target…

goodfathers last blog post..Loser

#4 Posted by Anonymous (22.12.08 at 20:43 )

We have the cozy coupe and a veritable village of little people as well! My favorite is definitely the Nativity. We also have the farm, Noah’s Ark, and the A-Z learning zoo. Hannah will be getting an old house for Christmas this year from Santa that I found at a second hand shop. Those sets last forever!

#5 Posted by Charlotte (22.12.08 at 22:37 )

LOL! Don’t forget Thomas the Tank engine and his miles of wooden tracks, or the millions of tiny !@#$ legos that disappear during the day but reappear at midnight just so you can step on them in the dark. (Indescribable pain!) No home is complete without them…

Charlottes last blog post..Ballet Classes for Kids at CSU

#6 Posted by Helene (23.12.08 at 00:43 )

An old neighbor of ours had that Cozy Coupe and my kids loved it!! They’ve moved and took it with them and I totally forgot about it until seeing this post! I may have to get one for G & L’s upcoming b-day!!

I love the Santa’s behavior quiz!!! First thing in the morning, I’m gonna have Cole and Bella do it! I have a feeling they’ll end up with D’s!!

Helenes last blog post..Would you know what to do in this situation?

#7 Posted by Mrsbear (23.12.08 at 01:28 )

The question is…will Santa cave and opt for the LIVE pup, or will battery powered just have to do? I wondered a little why she said live dog vs. real dog, I envisioned maybe some comatose canine with a ribbon collar.

I love the Little People nativity, never seen one before. We have the farm and town and a school bus I believe that occasionally disappear in the under-the-bed vortex.

Mrsbears last blog post..The Topper

#8 Posted by April ~ EnchantedDandelions (23.12.08 at 20:42 )

That letter is so sweet! Excellent penmanship… and I’m LOL at all the HOHOHOs. Too cute!

April ~ EnchantedDandelionss last blog post..Our Solstice Celebration…

#9 Posted by Jenni Jiggety (26.12.08 at 19:44 )

My boys loved their FP Nativity!

Jenni Jiggetys last blog post..Aloha Friday : Quickie Post Christmas Funk Edition

#10 Posted by hellokittiemama/MT (31.12.08 at 20:32 )

I love the Little people nativity. In fact, when I boxed up and sold all of the Little People sets the 2 that I kept were the Nativity and the Playhouse!!!! 🙂

hellokittiemama/MTs last blog post..our 2008 in review