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Ear Fat

“Did you know the best part to eat on the lamb is the ear fat? That’s what that Andrew Zimmern says.”

Joseph throws this one out last night as I’m trying to prepare dinner.

“You know he also ate the lamb eye.”

Yes, I’m sure he did…and other unmentionable parts as well…  And they were probably raw.

“Would you eat the lamb eye, Mom?”

Well, no, but it does remind me of my high school Anatomy and Physiology teacher, Ms. Swisher, who brought in delicacies such as cow eye, cow brain, pig stomach, cow ball, frog leg and a host of other troubling fare; if you tried it, you got lots of extra credit. (She did cook them.)

I’m really not sure why because I was strictly a liberal arts kind of student but I got so much extra credit that I was selected to attend some advanced medical science seminar at Vanderbilt.  Let’s just say the whole thing ended with me fainting on the TV news; I will never be able to erase the image of live open heart surgery on a helpless Golden Retriever…then they served us Sloppy Joes in the university cafeteria.

Wow, I can really digress…I’d be surprised if you are still with me on this one…

By the way, I did not eat the eye.

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3 Comments to “Ear Fat”

#1 Posted by acarlson (18.02.09 at 09:13 )

wow. I am trying to picture where the ear fat is on a lambs ear. I wouldn’t eat the eye either, although I was pretty shameless in my need/desire for extra credit. come to think of it, I might have eaten the eye. I wasn’t very good at science.

#2 Posted by the domestic fringe (18.02.09 at 12:22 )

Oh, MY!

That’s why I stayed very far away from science classes.


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#3 Posted by Jaden (23.02.09 at 15:08 )

Ick. I wouldn’t eat the eye. And I probably would have passed out, too… But I do like to watch Andrew Zimmern eat weird things. So maybe I just like to watch other people being tortured/ grossed out?


Another issue. Guess I’ll add it to the list!

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