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Turning a Profit at Baseball Camp

All the other children emerge from the ball field from this baseball camp looking sweaty but relatively clean.  Joseph, however, is covered in red clay. When I say covered, I mean the socks are orange; the gray baseball pants have holes in each knee and are caked in red clay.

He recently found a wooden bat in our attic, left by a former owner, and insisted on taking it to the camp.  So when I picked him up today, he smiled gleefully, holding up a wad of money.  “Look at all this money I made today!”

“Made,” I asked, “How do you make money at a baseball camp?”  “Well, no one else has a wooden bat, so I give people one free trial at bat with this wooden beauty.  Then if the like it, they pay me a dollar and can use it the rest of the day.”

So now we are renting out a discarded wooden bat.  Ok, that’s entrepreneurship I guess!

Posted on 17 June '08 by , under Humor/Disconnected Miscellany.