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“You Are in Charge of the Grubs!”

You can’t beat technology that allows you write while sitting on your back patio next to a sagging and sun-bleached plastic blue whale pool filled with fetid water, bloated gold fish crackers and dead beetles while hearing comments such as, “You are in charge of the grubs!”

“I want grub!”  Sue sobs for a grub clad only in a pre-school craft fish t-shirt and princess pull-up.  “Now we’ll make the obstacle course!”

Picture three whitish grubs on a cracked patio surrounded by rocks, dried silly string and some sort of red plastic fender broken off a tricycle and you get the picture. “Don’t you run over the grubs with that tricycle.”  “She smushed all our grubs with a rock!”  “You can’t be deader than dead, you know, so we are going to investigate the grubs for science now.”

Posted on 6 July '07 by , under Humor/Disconnected Miscellany.