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Last night Sue was running a low grade fever so I knew something was amiss.  Yet her “Thanksgiving Show” was today at school so I felt positive about this being a cold she was fighting off.

I surmised she might be a little withered but would still be able to don her American Indian costume to sing the perennial favorite “Ooo Wa, Ooo Wa, Shoot that Arrow!” complete with hand motions.

(Isn’t this three-year-old rite of passage?)

Not for sweet Sue.

She awakened with a bright red rash, a rather high fever and bulging, scarlet tonsils.

And then Joseph who is never, ever-ever sick, turns over in bed, when I’m wont to finally wake him up, with a green look, a red face and a fever of 103.

The grand part is that H had taken the morning off for the Thanksgiving stage show and was able to sequester the one well child we had and begin simultaneously disinfecting the home and teaching said well child triple digit addition.

(Thank goodness for our capable Tromm and his “sanitary” cycle that washes clothes with smokin’ hot water that’s like 200 degrees Fahrenheit.)

We were blessed with an early 9:30 appointment with a gentleman I like to call the “old timey” doctor in the practice.  When Edward split his top lip completely, severing the frenulum, this fellow felt that gargling with a little baking soda was the ticket.

(You try getting a 2-year-old to gargle with anything.)

When Joseph contracted a nasty wart on his knee, Dr. Old Timey determined that a good “bike accident” was the best way to shear off that ‘sucker.’

Today I left my languishing Sue in her pull-ups from bedtime.  Dumb. Me.  I received a 10-minute-lecture on how horrific they were and how before their invention all children were potty trained by 18 months.


Anyway, this same fellow was happy to see us sitting in his exam room, coughing, hacking, chalk-covered and weary.

“Ahhh, I’d know it anywhere,” he chortled with a broad, welcoming smile, as if greeting an old friend.

“Scarlet fever.”

“I don’t even need to do a throat culture!”

Well, there you go!  This is grand!  At any rate, it sounds quite romantic and Victorian.

“Ahhh, young man.  Seventy years ago and this would be a different story!  You’d have been quarantined for at least a month!”

Joseph shudders and looks over at me, a tad frightened.  Sue, however, likes this happy, gleeful doctor.

“I’m drawing a cat.”  She explains to him, pointing to the chalk board.  “But my brother is allergic to cats.”

“Ahhh cats!  One good thing for them, my friends!  A bag, rocks and a swift river.”

Edward looks over at me in his fevered state…so confused.

Sue begins to tell her version of the preschool mascot cat’s demise.

But Dr. Old Timey is out the door, coattails flying.  “Penicillin for you both!”

And he is gone.

Well, we have quarantined them.

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22 Comments to “Quarantined”

#1 Posted by Stonefox (26.11.08 at 03:10 )

Scarlet Fever?! Good heavens.

Stonefoxs last blog post..Giving, Giveaways, and Thanksgiving

#2 Posted by Christine (26.11.08 at 03:11 )

ummmmm, any chance of a second opinion? He sounds like a quack! Good Luck with the sick little sweethearts.

Christines last blog post..Build-a-Bear Wii Game Giveaway and Celebrity Bear Auction

#3 Posted by Charlotte (26.11.08 at 09:41 )

Scarlet Fever?! Poor you! Does Dr. Old Timey wear a bowtie by chance? He sounds like quite a character.

Charlottes last blog post..The Budweiser Clydesdales are coming to Columbus!

#4 Posted by Steph at the Red Clay Diaries (26.11.08 at 09:55 )

Oh. my. gosh. You’re a brave woman going back to Dr. Old Timey. After the bike accident advice I think I would’ve grabbed my kids and fled from the examining room. 😉

Poor kids. I hope they feel better soon. And no one else gets it.

Steph at the Red Clay Diariess last blog post..A turkey on the tablecloth is worth two in the oven. Or something like that.

#5 Posted by jaden (26.11.08 at 10:12 )

Poor things! And just in time for Thanksgiving, too 🙁

Hope everyone feels better quickly, and that the scrip from Dr. OldTimey works out…

jadens last blog post..It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

#6 Posted by Wyndsong (26.11.08 at 12:05 )

As quacky as that doctor sounds, that was my first thought as soon as I started reading the symptoms. My neice had Scarlet fever when I was 18 (wow! That was 20 years ago!! I”m OLD!), and because I wasn’t in school I took care of her. I didn’t get scarlet fever but I did get a horrible case of strep throat. Same thing causes them both.

I hope they get better soon!

Wyndsongs last blog post..Getting Frustrated With My Son

#7 Posted by Elle (26.11.08 at 12:32 )

Poor kiddos! Hope they feel better soon. We’ve got 2 sick ones here too, but not scarlet fever.

Elles last blog post..Not Your Mother’s Tupperware Party!

#8 Posted by Anonymous (26.11.08 at 13:46 )

As I was reading the beginning of your post I immediately thought scarlet fever too! Hannah and I both got it last month. It was horrible, but at least we don’t live in the 1800s! We could have died from it back then. Good luck with the recovery. The rash can get quite itchy.

#9 Posted by ali (26.11.08 at 14:19 )

Poor babies! Sorry y’all missed the Thanksgiving program. Big pup broke his arm last year and was in surgery the day his Kindergarten had their play. And then they didn’t have one this year:(

alis last blog post..Wordless Wednesday: Breakin’ The Law

#10 Posted by Mrsbear (26.11.08 at 14:39 )

Truth is stranger than fiction, I couldn’t have made up that exchange if I tried. What a character. The comment about the cats would have shocked me a little, along with the wart treatment. How close is this guy to retirement? lol. Hope everyone feels better after the antibiotics kick in. 😉

Mrsbears last blog post..Wordless Wednesday – Thankful Times 4

#11 Posted by Jenni Jiggety (26.11.08 at 18:04 )

Oh poor kiddos! I hope they are feeling better soon!

Jenni Jiggetys last blog post..200th and When Teachers Dream…

#12 Posted by Patty (26.11.08 at 18:52 )

Scarlet fever? It sounds so serious. Glad to know penicilin will fix it. Your doc cracks me up, but I don’t think he would if I had to deal with him……. Good luck with the quarantine. I hope it works.

Pattys last blog post..Thank you!!! And our impromptu dance club….

#13 Posted by April ~ EnchantedDandelions (26.11.08 at 18:57 )

Oh no! I hope they both feel better ASAP. Sorry to poor Sue who missed the T’day recital.

I must admit that I’m a bit 0.O at the doctor’s comments.

BTW, we just had a semi-VanPan moment. I might blog about it… if I can stop wretching from the smell.

April ~ EnchantedDandelionss last blog post..Wordless Wednesday – Me in 1964

#14 Posted by Trish @ Another Piece of the Puzzle (26.11.08 at 21:01 )

I hope they are both better soon! And maybe you can find a new doctor. 🙂

Trish @ Another Piece of the Puzzles last blog post..Fun Stuff on Wednesday

#15 Posted by Elizabeth (26.11.08 at 22:14 )

I so appreciate everyone’s concern about Dr. Old Timey! Rest assured, he is *not* our regular pediatrician but only part of the “group” we use…he’s the last resort, so to speak!

#16 Posted by Danette (27.11.08 at 00:56 )

Oh no, I hope they’re feeling better soon!

That doctor sounds like a real piece of work… glad to hear he’s not the regular ped (scary).

Danettes last blog post..SEW & WW: Naptime

#17 Posted by BQkimmy (27.11.08 at 01:03 )

awww… too bad about missing the t-day show. Ol’ Doc Baker sounds like quite a treat. My mom had scarlet fever as a kid, nearly died, and had to start school a year late because of it. Medicine has indeed come a long way in 60 years.

BQkimmys last blog post..Would We Do It If We Knew?

#18 Posted by Peanut (27.11.08 at 02:41 )

Scarlet fever! That sounds serious! (Possibly because of my love for historical fiction). I hope the little ones feel better soon.

#19 Posted by hellokittiemama/MT (27.11.08 at 10:34 )


I am dreadfully behind in reading and writing and all of that, and so this morning I thought I’d take a little quiet time to read my favorites and found this.

1) I am so sorry that the kids are sick for Thanksgiving and Sue missed her show.

2) That Doctor!!!!! Wow. I’m a little speechless. I take it that the other doctors in the practice are not like that????

Try to have a happy thanksgiving.

hellokittiemama/MTs last blog post..GFCF & Gluten Free Thanksgiving Tips, Menus, and Recipes

#20 Posted by Carla (27.11.08 at 12:17 )

awww, poor kiddos (and poor you for trying to keep everyone else healthy). I too thought of scarlet fever, it’s kind of unmistakable.

That doctor sounds interesting. As someone who has been to an “Old Timey” doc, it’s quite interesting sometimes.

Carlas last blog post..Thankful Thanksgiving!

#21 Posted by Tari (27.11.08 at 23:30 )

Sounds very Little House on the Prairie. Hope they feel better soon!

Taris last blog post..Fabric Gift Bags

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