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Noctural Snakes Will Wait

–An Italian sonnet by a recently 7-year-old boy and his 8-year-old brother

I love the creek because snakes swim in it
The creek has many tadpoles that wander about
Snakes eat the tadpoles while the tadpoles shout
Many frogs croak while they watch the snakes sit
Alexander gives the frogs a get-well kit
Many hawks hover, watching frogs pout
Alexander worries frogs will shout
Snakes slither, watching Alexander spit
At the beginning of the night, frogs begin to sleep
Alexander feels curious and goes where snakes lay
He is bitten by a rat snake
Nocturnal snakes will wait for their keep
Alexander moans, “Yow, cow, thou, hey!”
He stumbles and calls for his brother, Blake.

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10 Comments to “Noctural Snakes Will Wait”

#1 Posted by Peanut (21.11.08 at 09:32 )

that is so cute! I love the imagination! I’m laughing thinking of a tadpole shouting or a frog pouting 🙂

#2 Posted by jaden (21.11.08 at 10:25 )

hahaha so cute! They are really talented 🙂

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#3 Posted by Mrsbear (21.11.08 at 10:39 )

You’re doing a heck of a job with the homeschooling, grooming mini Shakespeares over there. I love it, particularly “Yow, cow, thou, hey!”

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#4 Posted by April ~ EnchantedDandelions (21.11.08 at 12:42 )


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#5 Posted by andreacook (22.11.08 at 08:28 )

wow! looks like you have got an emerging blogger there! Very adorable! Thanks for sharing!!!

andreacooks last blog post..21st Day of a Sugar Free Diet

#6 Posted by Kia (GoodEnoughMama) (22.11.08 at 21:53 )

Cracked me up! Yow cow thou!!! 🙂

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#7 Posted by ali (24.11.08 at 11:26 )

Poem? Awesome! Random quote? Awesome-er!!

#8 Posted by ali (24.11.08 at 11:27 )

P.S. It was the quote about dad smelling like urine, ha!

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#9 Posted by Patty O. (24.11.08 at 12:38 )

That’s awesome. I am continually amazed with what youa re teaching your kids. They have got to be pretty advanced in what they are learning, compared to most kids who go to public school. Where on earth do you find the energy to be so darn creative??

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#10 Posted by Jamey (24.11.08 at 18:41 )

that is very cool, love it!

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