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Boy Pajamas !

It doesn’t matter how many pink, silky, princessy pajamas our grandmamas give us.  We insist on wearing only “boy pajamas.”  That’s what you get for having two big brothers!

Posted on 19 November '08 by , under Humor/Disconnected Miscellany.

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#1 Posted by Mrsbear (19.11.08 at 20:10 )

That’s cause boy pajamas are way cooler. The ones at our house usually have dinosaurs on them. A T-Rex can totally take out a Disney princess any day. 😉 Nothing against pink as a color, but I got plenty of it with my girls.

#2 Posted by Jennibeanv (19.11.08 at 21:30 )


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#3 Posted by ashley (19.11.08 at 21:30 )

She just need to come hand out with the royalty over here! Here you get bullied into wearing pink and loving it!!

#4 Posted by Kia (GoodEnoughMama) (19.11.08 at 22:44 )

Bug jammies!!!! They’d be perfect for Little Man’s bug room!!! 🙂 She looks gorgeous in them! 😉

#5 Posted by ali (19.11.08 at 23:18 )

I was never into princesses but I was the queen of everything Barbie!

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#6 Posted by Helene (20.11.08 at 00:58 )

Awww, that’s adorable! I love her huge smile!

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#7 Posted by Felicia (20.11.08 at 02:03 )

Such a cute little tom boy!

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#8 Posted by hellokittiemama/MT (20.11.08 at 03:18 )

Well, I can’t blame her because they are probably 10,000 more times comfortable – especially if they are big brothers. They are kewl.

Belle hasn’t ever tried Alex’s PJs but she has tried a T-shirt that went down to her ankles and the neckhole fell completely over her shoulders… I think the size difference we have is way too vast…. 3T vs an 8-10 (top) yeah..

Now, have the boys ever wanted her girly stuff? And would that be “ok”???

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#9 Posted by Peanut (20.11.08 at 04:22 )

My daughter won’t wear anything that’s NOT pink. Does that mean her little brother will be wearing pink, frilly jammies soon? I’m not sure that his daddy would be too into that!
Your daughter looks delighted to be wearing boy jammies!

#10 Posted by Steph at the Red Clay Diaries (20.11.08 at 11:57 )

My boy is all boy, and my girls are all girl. I only got away with dressing my first daughter in her brother’s old jeans until she was old enough to have an opinion. Then it was pink and princessy all the way.

Of course, the second girl never really had a choice. Their shared room is a sea of Barbie pink.

Think of the money you can save!

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#11 Posted by Tonggu Momma (20.11.08 at 20:11 )

Tonggu Grammy would love those. She is nothing if not bug obsessed.

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#12 Posted by Charlotte (21.11.08 at 22:54 )

LOL! We have the same problem here, only I’m the one raiding DH’s drawers for the flannel jammies and wool socks. Boy clothes are so comfy…

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#13 Posted by Kate (23.11.08 at 22:58 )

Ha- she should be easy to go clothes shopping with! My little man is the total opposite, he is very picky and always insists on matching perfectly. And he’s only three

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