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“Kevin threw up in his lunch,” or the First Day of Kindergarten!

My heart pounded furiously as I edged the Town & Country up to the curb in front of the award-winning Computer Magnet Academy.  Hastily I searched the sea of kindergartners, stopping quickly at a mass of curly hair popping up and down, bookbag flopping, clutching a Blowpop—my 5-year-old!

I jumped out of the van, tears in my eyes, ready to hear the verdict.

Edward ran toward me, smiling gleefully, and cried, “Mom, it was great!  I found a baby frog on the playground and Kevin threw up in his lunch!  And he was sitting across from me!”

What could be better?

Posted on 12 August '07 by , under Humor/Disconnected Miscellany.