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Butter Pat Eye Pig

Sorry I’ve been absent for so many days.  Just over here imagining the moments ahead….and oh, the moments we’ve had!

Apparently third grade is a grade of projects done in the home.  With no further adieu, I bring you the glorious, the spectacular,


This project is designed to teach proper placement of the continents which renders unfortunate Antarctica as a blue pig scrotum.

Edward told me about this project just as we were going to bed the night before it was due, so he hastily colored the continents and placed them in their respective spots on this pig friend.

Does anyone else find the eyes somewhat creepy?  Do you find his smile authentic, or is something far more sinister going on here?

(Mrs. Bear might even find him a tad zombified.)

So the rest of the story finds E running out the door the next morning, gluten-free bagel in hand, casually dripping a swathe of butter right onto the pig’s eye since the all-important project was left in the middle of the kitchen floor.  Edward casually wipes off the butter, scoops up the pig, who now boasts a rather rheumy, glowing eye, and runs off to school.

Imagine my horror upon opening his backpack later that afternoon to find the pig crammed inside!

“I did not put him in there!  I promise I turned him in!!” a frightened Edward screams.

“Look at his eyes,” Sue chants, “Just look at those eyes!”

At this point, I’m rather miffed.  I do not like to be part of continent pig projects period, much less at 8:45 at night only to have them not turned in.  Still, Edward swears he has no knowledge of how the pig got back in his backpack.

And I believe him.

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17 Comments to “Butter Pat Eye Pig”

#1 Posted by Patty (24.09.10 at 20:22 )

What IS that thing?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Yes, it scares me. It really does.

What do pigs have to do with continents? I don’t get it.

And I know I’d be miffed, too.

#2 Posted by Barbara (24.09.10 at 21:58 )

Thanking Edward and you for wonderful and therapeutic humor!

Did your Hubby make any money with the toenail clipping booth?
.-= Barbara´s last blog ..Learning Neurology from the Comics =-.

#3 Posted by Kim (26.09.10 at 17:01 )

LOL at the blue scrotum of Antartica!!! !
What teacher thought that was a good idea!!!
By the way, I would just like to confess I HATE projects – the end!

#4 Posted by Mary (04.10.10 at 17:56 )

OK I’ll admitt that I giggled so loud while reading this my husband had to come check it out. It that a bad sign that blue pig scrotum is that entertaining to me.
.-= Mary´s last blog ..Community 31 for 21 Day 4 =-.

#5 Posted by Coreen Trost (06.10.10 at 22:19 )

Wow, I’m so glad you explained the ‘learning’ aspect of the pig project! LOL

Funny… thanks for the smile!!
.-= Coreen Trost´s last blog ..Divine Intervention Do you Believe =-.

#6 Posted by the domestic fringe (07.10.10 at 22:18 )

LOL. We had a continent pumpkin project last year. I’m convinced teachers think up projects to drive parents crazy.

#7 Posted by Mrsbear (18.10.10 at 22:06 )

I know I’m a little late to the party, but what in the world do pigs have to do with geographical placement of the continents.

And yes, that pig! Is a bit dead in the eyes. Also, it doesn’t help that the butter eye seems a little askance. Wandering butter pig eye is clearly dangerous.
.-= Mrsbear´s last blog ..Why Yes- Friday is in Fact the First Day of the Blog Week =-.

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