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A School That Serves Funnel Cakes…

Yes, we have been welcomed to some experimental (yet mandatory) free breakfast program for our local school system.

This sounds all fine and good until you peruse the breakfast menu choices. I cannot imagine my hyperactive 5-year-old on a FUNNEL CAKE breakfast!  You might as well give him a box of powdered sugar and a straw.

The offering labeled “Pancake Pod” is literally a white flour pancake with about half a cup of high fructose corn syrup-infused grape jelly plopped down in the middle of it.

Remember, this is from a school system that has the “riblet sandwich” on their regular lunch rotation.

In the interest of somehow keeping Edward enrolled in the “award-winning computer magnet academy” as he calls it, I have orchestrated a strict daily breakfast of scrambled organic eggs and water—no deviations—not even a banana! Maybe after he’s made it to the 6-week mark, I can introduce a small piece of fruit or bran muffin, but for right now, it’s the egg-only option.

No, we don’t have money for more than two computers in the classroom but just sit back and relax!  Have a funnel cake!

Shhhhh…close your eyes and pretend you are at the State Fair!  Don’t you hear the midway rumbling?  Hmmm, it feels like someone is peeing on my shoe.

Very disorienting…particularly to a 5-year-old.

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OK i have thought!! But porrelby not much use for you!The only special toy my son has carried around for about 10 years was a chopstick!!And the most useful thing i did was to have his bedroom walls padded (cos of headbanging) and bullet proof glass.And on the book front, the most useful ones for me were any by Donna Williams.

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OT!!men visst var det du som postade en skärmdump från ett forum där det var en jämförelse där en man och en kvinna la ut bild på sin nya frilla. har du den bilden nånstans att länka? tack och hej

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I’m thinking center is the easiest position on the oline. Let me clarify why. Because against 3-4 you have one guy period, the NT. You also have doubleteam help to either side. Against a 4-3, you are the doubleteam on a DT. Yes at times you have to get to the second level on a LB, but that is no different than any other olineman. The shotgun snap is the only question. I personnally think it is easy to get to people from the center position.