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Proper Food Plating for Lizards

Sort of new to the home school scene, I was a little nervous about meeting a large, well-established group at the local Burger King for a play date.

While all the other moms were hurriedly chatting about the merits of Shurley Grammar verses Easy Grammar, I was mentally trying to take notes (since I didn’t know the difference) and keep up with Sue who, at 2, had finally felt the freedom of the fenced-in playground was running back and forth throwing wood chips in the air.

So Joseph rushes up to the group of chatting mommies, cupping something in one hand and grasping a small, green lizard in the other.

“See!”  He exclaimed with delight to the entire group, “I found this old lettuce leaf and here you see a dead beetle and this is kind of like a nice snack for this little fellow.”

Yes, he’s found a wilting piece of iceberg lettuce and placed a dead beetle creature on top (actually I think it’s a roach).

At such a young age to have the concept of “plating” and “food presentation.” I’m really impressed.

I wonder if they will ever invite us back…

Posted on 1 September '07 by , under Humor/Disconnected Miscellany.