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Right Before She Put A Nerd Up Her Nose

It was a lovely, cool evening.  We had a few moments to spare before Joseph’s last football game.  So, we were walking, hand in hand…ended up at the swings…enjoyed this touching moment…

A few minutes later she sat in my lap, bundled under my coat, enjoying a box of left-over Halloween candy Nerds.  Lemon flavored to be exact.

And then she shoved a relatively large one up her nose.

Reflect that the candy coating of a nerd renders the treat somewhat smooth initially.  As it is broken down, however, in the nasal cavity, the true sugar crystals are revealed.

We all know crystals are not smooth.

Lots of hawking and screeling and snorting in the packed football stands.

We ended up retreating to the squatty potty where, with much huffing and straining, the errant Nerd was excised.

“I’ll not put Nerds in my nose again, Mama.  I’ll not do it.”

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27 Comments to “Right Before She Put A Nerd Up Her Nose”

#1 Posted by Carla (06.11.08 at 03:05 )

*giggle…snort…OH MY GOSH ROFL*

okay, I’m composed now. I’m glad she got it out, and hopefully is not too traumatized. However, I just knew this story was going to end with….and then we went to the ER.

I love that she said she’ll never put Nerds in her nose again…what about other candy? toys? food items? Do you almost feel the need to spell it out for her? I did for one of the boys.

Carlas last blog post..Halloween – FINALLY!

#2 Posted by Stonefox (06.11.08 at 07:47 )

Ditto on the giggle snort. Hard earned lessons, there!

Stonefoxs last blog post..Sustaining Truth

#3 Posted by Steph at the Red Clay Diaries (06.11.08 at 08:20 )

What a great story!

Although I have to say that when I saw the “giggle, snort” in the previous comments, it made me wonder if THAT was what got your daughter INTO this mess.

“screeling.” I must use that word this week.

Also: I somehow missed your photo essay response to Stonefox’s squatty potty challenge. Thank you for linking to it today so I could experience it.

Steph at the Red Clay Diariess last blog post..Stef Poetry Jam – Save the Date!

#4 Posted by Tonggu Momma (06.11.08 at 09:14 )

The mark of a highly intelligent child is one who learns the first time, not repeating her mistakes.

#5 Posted by acarlson (06.11.08 at 09:47 )

JW was reading this over my shoulder and got very excited. “I saw that! I saw her put it in her nose! I heard the whole thing!” He thinks he is part of some very important breaking news story………. 🙂
congratulations to Joseph! C. and JW had a great time!

#6 Posted by April ~ EnchantedDandelions (06.11.08 at 10:25 )

Granted I’ve only been a mother for 3.5 years, but I don’t think I will ever understand WHY children stick things up their noses….

April ~ EnchantedDandelionss last blog post..Wordless Wednesday – "I have boootiful eyes, mommy!"

#7 Posted by ali (06.11.08 at 11:10 )

Errant Nerds are the worst! Glad she got it out, or else everything may smell like lemon fo the rest of her life!

#8 Posted by kim (06.11.08 at 11:57 )

Oh my !!
Kids crack me up
I mean what are they thinking right before they shove something up their nose?!!
I am so glad it came out though!

kims last blog post..Rejoice! He Reigns!

#9 Posted by jaden (06.11.08 at 12:44 )

Wow, that is pretty funny. At least it wasn’t a lego! That would have been cause for YET ANOTHER trip to the ER.

jadens last blog post..Erm… Text From Post?

#10 Posted by Van Pan Dad (06.11.08 at 12:48 )

Wow – first time I’m hearing about it. If I’m not mistaken, the lemon Nerds feature the “super sour” coating. It must not have made too much of an impression – she didn’t brag about it this morning!

#11 Posted by Patty O. (06.11.08 at 15:40 )

What is the allure of shoving things in one’s nasal cavity? It almost seems like a rite of passage, so many kids do it. A year or two ago, I bought some craft pom-poms to use for sensory stuff and for crafts. Danny loved feeling them and tickling his sister with them. I didn’t even mind that they seemed to show up everywhere around the house.

Until Danny decided they belonged up his nose. It freaked him out, because it was big enough to block the one nostril and there was no way for him to get it out. Instead of blowing his nose, he kept inhaling, which just made it worse. I don’t know how I managed to stay so calm, but I was able to retrieve it from his nose with tweezers.

Then, a week or two later, he did it AGAIN.

After repeating the trauma, I think he finally learned his lesson, and so did I. I began collecting the pom-poms and disposing of them when no one was looking.

Patty O.s last blog post..my blue funk

#12 Posted by andreacook (06.11.08 at 16:55 )

Well what do you expect Mom? Yellow Nerds totally look like boogers and everyone knows that boogers are in your nose. Duh. Tee hee. Thanks for sharing. Glad you didn’t have to take her to ER at least.

andreacooks last blog post..You are Here

#13 Posted by Felicia (06.11.08 at 18:42 )

Bless her sweet little heart! Or should I say nose!

Come by and pick up your award when you get a chance!

Felicias last blog post..Wordless Wednesday: Alter Egos

#14 Posted by Tiff@Three Peas (06.11.08 at 18:54 )

LOL. I can just picture her snorting and trying so hard to get that thing out. Reminds me of the time my little brother stuffed pinto beans up his nose. . . . they wouldn’t come out. A trip to the ER ensued.

Tiff@Three Peass last blog post..Craft Project Thursday

#15 Posted by hellokittiemama/MT (06.11.08 at 20:13 )

Shaking my head.

A nerd up her nose. Nice!!!!

I know a girl that put a red crayon (the sniffy kind) up her nose and then had to go to the ER to get it pulled out because her mother panicked and the crayon broke when she was trying to get it out…. Lets just say, I never stuck anything up my nose again after that 🙂

hellokittiemama/MTs last blog post..A Cow At The Zoo? Visit to Popcorn Park

#16 Posted by Jennibeanv (06.11.08 at 21:28 )

I believe she’s learned a valuable lesson…

Jennibeanvs last blog post..When You Put an X on my Door, Make it Purple Instead of Red

#17 Posted by Lydia @ On The Verge (06.11.08 at 23:14 )

So glad there was no ER involved!

#18 Posted by Helene (06.11.08 at 23:50 )

Well, some lessons are learned the hard way, right? I bet she’ll never do that again! But I do wonder why kids stick things in their noses…mine do it all the time too! I mean, it can’t be comfortable but I guess it’s just one of those things that’s just too tempting to NOT do.

Helenes last blog post..Revamping the food around here…successfully!

#19 Posted by Mrsbear (06.11.08 at 23:56 )

Lesson learned, my friend. Once again, you dodged the ER bullet, thankfully. 😉

Mrsbears last blog post..Wordless Wednesday – Airborne

#20 Posted by Stonefox (07.11.08 at 00:42 )

Hey, just another comment that has no rhyme or reason to this post. Have you checked our Jeneil’s blog at http://www.rhemashope.wordpress.com? If not, you need to.

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#21 Posted by The FringeGirl (07.11.08 at 10:25 )

LOL. Kids do the craziest things.

The FringeGirls last blog post..Bumper Cars

#22 Posted by Jamey (07.11.08 at 12:36 )

LOL yeah I bet she won’t do it again, my Wild child put a pea sized rock in her nose, they had to wrap her up like a mummy and get a long tweezers to get it out, yeah she will never do that again!

Jameys last blog post..Friday Fragments

#23 Posted by Corina (07.11.08 at 14:02 )

The things children randomly stick in random body parts. At least you didn’t end up in the ER again~

Corinas last blog post..My guffaw and snort moment

#24 Posted by Rhemashope (07.11.08 at 15:20 )

Oh, this is hilarious! Reminds me of the time my daughter stuffed a tiny alphabet foam puzzle piece up her nose. Unlike Sue, she did NOT learn from her mistake. =)

Rhemashopes last blog post..Perfect

#25 Posted by Danette (07.11.08 at 23:50 )

Oh no! Poor thing, I’m glad it came out ok.

Danettes last blog post..Little Bitty at the petting zoo

#26 Posted by Becki (08.11.08 at 00:56 )

That totally made me laugh. Glad it all turned out okay 🙂

Beckis last blog post..Pants

#27 Posted by Kristen of La Dolce Vita (10.11.08 at 10:09 )

oh no she didn’t! I did that w/ a crayon as a kid, not sure why we they do it but it happens.

Kristen of La Dolce Vitas last blog post..Feel Good Sunday: I Melt For You