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Our Favorite Thing About Charlemagne

Yes, well, it’s election day and while I have scads of thoughts, emotions, fears, tremblings, peace, questions and wonders, I’m not called to blog on politics.

So I will leave you with my children’s favorite part of their history lesson today.  We are studying the Franks as part of The Story of The World for the Classical Child.

Their favorite part?

The fact that Charlemagne encouraged the Franks to stop stomping on grapes with their dirty feet to make wine.

So we stomped a few grapes just to make sure this lesson stuck.

Need any non-alcoholic wine?

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12 Comments to “Our Favorite Thing About Charlemagne”

#1 Posted by jaden (04.11.08 at 16:41 )

So cute! At least you can be sure they are retaining some of their lessons!

jadens last blog post..TRICKERTREAT!!

#2 Posted by andreacook (04.11.08 at 16:59 )

Cute! Light and lively post, just what I needed to read today! How’s life?

andreacooks last blog post..You are Here

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#4 Posted by hellokittiemama/MT (04.11.08 at 18:31 )

I’m glad that was grapes they were stomping on and not what I thought it was at first LOL!!!!!!

I’ll take the fully loaded wine, please.

hellokittiemama/MTs last blog post..A Cow At The Zoo? Visit to Popcorn Park

#5 Posted by ParentingPink Mommy (04.11.08 at 20:24 )

Love the grape-stomping. I’ve always secretly wanted to do that! LOL

#6 Posted by Helene (04.11.08 at 23:58 )

At first you don’t even wanna know what I thought those were!! Then when I read they were grapes, I sighed with relief!! What a fun lesson for them though!!

Helenes last blog post..Hide and Go Seek = Time off for Mommy

#7 Posted by Casdok (05.11.08 at 07:55 )

A great way to get them to remember!!

Casdoks last blog post..Stress

#8 Posted by Jamey (05.11.08 at 11:07 )

I am sure they had a good time learning!

Jameys last blog post..Temp My Tummy Tuesday

#9 Posted by Mrsbear (05.11.08 at 11:14 )

I love little feet, although I probably would not drink the grape juice. That Charlemagne was full of good advice. 😉

Mrsbears last blog post..Too Bad, Sooo Sad

#10 Posted by Christine (05.11.08 at 12:28 )

Ummm I’ll take some after it has aged a bit…I like mine with alittle vintage behind it and a very dark red. At the very least they all have future careers inthe napa Valley wine country, LOL

Christines last blog post..Riddle me Tuesday

#11 Posted by Ashley (05.11.08 at 21:38 )

You had me scared there for a moment – I couldn’t quite make out what they were standing before.

Precious Toes!

Much Love, ASHLEY

#12 Posted by Baby Boy Names (06.11.08 at 05:09 )

cute. i am sure you had a good fun learning