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Yummy Gluten-Free Birthday Cake!

I’ve experienced run of rather dry gluten-free cupcakes of late, so I decided to try Arrowhead Mills Gluten-Free cake mix for Sue’s 5th birthday.

(I don’t think I’ve mentioned this, but Sue was recently diagnosed with a gluten intolerance so we are forging ahead now with two gluten-free children!)

The cake turned out quite well, and was a bit dense but not at all dry like the Betty Crocker.  Sue and Edward thrilled to the gluten-free confection after suffering through a ridiculously large batch of gf cupcakes I made a few months ago and froze.  (Maybe the freezing dried them out further…)

Even Joseph ate a large slice of cake and he is the biggest gluten-free snob I know.

I’ll be using this mix again!

Disclaimer:  I bought this mix myself and was in no way compensated for this review!

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6 Comments to “Yummy Gluten-Free Birthday Cake!”

#1 Posted by Tari (17.07.10 at 00:21 )

Happy 5!!!
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#2 Posted by mrsbear (18.07.10 at 22:50 )

Happy Birthday to Sue. You need cake on your birthday, a bonus if it tastes good. 😉
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#3 Posted by Patty (19.07.10 at 12:31 )

What do you do for frosting? Are your kids also casein free?

Have you had a chance to try that flour free chocolate mousse cake I sent you with the almonds in it? I need to make that again. It’s so yummy and moist, but very rich.
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#4 Posted by Elizabeth (19.07.10 at 15:38 )

I used the Whole Foods GF/CF frosting because I was short on time. We are mostly casein-free but do use butter and occasionally a little milk for baking if I don’t have almond milk or rice milk on hand. I also let them eat those regular Rice Krispie treats sometimes.

I’ve got to make that cake you suggested! Thanks for reminding me!

#5 Posted by Karen G (27.07.10 at 17:12 )

Hi there! Rachel at Following In My Shoes recommended your blog to me as we have a little something in common….gluten free kidlets! Actually, only one of my kidlets is 100% gluten free (and casein free, msg free, and as soy free, preservative free, and organic as we can get him!) and while his sister is entirely all these ‘frees’, she does eat a lot of his food. I haven’t tried Arrowhead Mill’s gluten free cake mixes yet, but we do use Pamela’s cake mixes for both of the kidlets’ birthdays and it comes out really good!! I usually add an extra egg and make sure not to go heavy on the oil or ghee added, but it comes out delish and moist and its what we serve all of our guests too! Pamela’s also has icing mixes that we’ve tried. We can’t use butter (because of the casein – protein in dairy), but we just substitute ghee. Yum! :>

I’m glad I stopped by! I’ll have to come back and check out the rest of your blog soon…..my wee girl is done with her painting and I’d prefer the paint stay on her paper & not the carpet! lol Have a great day! :>

#6 Posted by danette (02.08.10 at 01:57 )

happy birthday Sue!!
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