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Why It’s Important To Read Preschool Coloring Worksheets

Although I am accidentally homeschooling my (now 7) and 8-year-old boys, my three-year-old, Sue, attends a sweet church-based preschool several mornings per week.

She has a tiny “pack pack” which she brings home each day stuffed with colored apples, traced letters-of-the-day and the like.  I’ll have to admit when my first child went to pre-school, I seized the backpack every day, looking for evidence of advanced coloring skills and creativity.

Now I am enthusiastically excited about Sue’s coloring because she is the first child I’ve ever had who actually colors.  The boys would just slap a random, cromulent color streak across that special “letter of the day” and call it complete.

Sue, however, gingerly colors in the lines, traces her name and genuinely makes an effort.  It’s a new era for us…we’ve never witnessed fine motor skills like this.  A three-year-old who can actually button a coat?  Who knew?

Still, it’s not like I’m racing through the ‘pack pack’ every day after school to note how well she colored the apple tree, or scarecrow or whatever the season calls.

Big, big mistake!

So today, my tiny three-year-old approaches me at the pick-up line with these prophetic and painful words:

“Mama, CiCi died and Pastor Tom put her deadness in a shoe box; now she is in the ground in the woods over there.  He told us about it in the chapel and we sang songs for her and everything…Where were you, Mama?”

Whoahhhh…..wait a minute!  My head spins in disbelief and confusion…I thought this was the “Happy Harvest Hayride Day” where we wear orange and remember the blessings of the harvest…what’s this about a burial???

I looked down at her serious face.

“You mean, CiCi the cat…she…she… passed on?”  I asked in disbelief.

I kind of looked up at the crowd of mothers and teachers gathered around witnessing this interchange.  They nodded knowingly as if I were the greatest dolt of a mother to ever grace the school.

“Yes, Mama.  She died.  She’s dead.  She’s gone in a shoe box in the woods now.  Pastor Tom did it for us.  But we got to sing songs…”

I hustled my tiny sweetheart away from the throng…away from the confusion…so I could gather my own scattered thoughts for a moment.

I buckled Sue in the Britax.  And then in the depths of the van, beneath a crumpled Burger King bag, I found the previous day’s “pack-pack.”  I searched through the pack and amid the carefully colored Fall Leaf sheets and pumpkin seed art, I found a letter–carefully typed–explaining the untimely demise of “Ci Ci,” the preschool mascot cat…A sweet creature who camped near the front door of the school in a cat dome only to greet each child as he or she entered (or was coaxed into) the school each day.  Because of our allergies, I always had to remind gently, “See that sweet Ci Ci–now let’s just look and not touch her…”

Yet she was always there…every day… so dependable.

Until a parent unwittingly hit her with his or her van.

A touching memorial service was held for Ci Ci today; parents were encouraged to prepare their children in advance, and then attend the service with his or her child to assist in the grieving process.

My poor child grieved alone.

And then she burst into tears about a caterpillar that someone had killed on the playground.  And she cried and cried and cried in the clean, preschool bathroom as I held her, understanding at once her young, first-fruit brush with death and the transience of life.

And then she had diarrhea.

I finally calmed her down enough to take her back to the van, gently buckle her in, warn her brothers to be quiet, and promise to search for some high fructose corn syrup-free, dye-free, artificial color-free candy since the candy we ordered three weeks ago for this very same purpose had not yet arrived.

I tried one health store to no avail; they only boasted some wretched carmine-dyed nuts.   If you don’t know what carmine is, you’d better educate yourself–it’s a food coloring derived from boiling a cochineal bug.    So we slogged on to the next health food store only to hear the tell-tale “Oh!  Oh no!  The brown!  It’s coming!  It’s out!”

Yes, a soiled Britax car seat.  Candy abandoned we traipsed home for a bath, clothes change and the ever-challenging project of car seat dismantling.

It was a good day, though.  All in all.

And so I leave you with this sage word:  Read the preschool coloring sheets; they might be important.

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#3 Posted by Steph at the Red Clay Diaries (31.10.08 at 08:27 )

Oh my goodness. I’ve done that too. Just today my kindergartener asked if I was definitely coming to today’s party because “when we had a party last time, you didn’t come.” (BTW, it was probably 4 parties ago, but I think that makes me feel worse, since it means she still vividly remembers.

But a cat funeral? Ugh. I’m sure she’ll adjust and now you can help her grieve after the fact. Sounds like you’re philosophical about it.

Just proves that God works in our kids’ lives sometimes THRU us, and sometimes IN SPITE OF us. 😉

Steph at the Red Clay Diariess last blog post..Hmm. These slippers weren’t fluffy when I bought them…

#4 Posted by jaden (31.10.08 at 09:50 )

Thanks for the advice! I’ll be sure to rush to the pack-pack every day once my little starts school.

Sorry your little peanut had to go through this! And I’m sure the diarrhea didn’t help…

jadens last blog post..High School Meme

#5 Posted by Patty O. (31.10.08 at 10:31 )

I do usually rush through the backpack (Danny is my first and only child in school right now) but the problem is I often forget what I have read. There is so darn much to keep track of. He gets a book from the lending library that is due back every Monday, but then there is a traveling “library” from which he can borrow books, puzzles, toys, etc. and those are due every other Wed. And there are the show and tell days and the wear brown to school days, etc. This week I forgot to send back both the book and the puzzle, so Danny wasn’t able to borrow anything this week. It was almost a relief. Nothing to keep track of…..

#6 Posted by Mrsbear (31.10.08 at 11:16 )

Poor Sue. Poor you. You have my kitty condolences. That first death brush is never easy, makes sense diarrhea was to follow. For my five year old, it’s the sight of his own blood. We had a similar occurrence when he scraped his elbow mini-golfing, I’ll skip the details. Hope she’s feeling better today and that your candy arrived in time. Never heard of carmine-dye but I thank you for the advanced warning, I’ll keep my eye out for it…ack.

Mrsbears last blog post..Boo Pumpkins or Out of my Gourd

#7 Posted by April ~ EnchantedDandelions (31.10.08 at 12:06 )

Oh no!! ((HUGS)) for both of you.

April ~ EnchantedDandelionss last blog post..I think we may be onto something…

#8 Posted by Christine (31.10.08 at 12:08 )

Wow, what a tough day for you, and the poor princess. As my girls have gotten older I have been les back packed obsessed thenwhen they were younger, so now I miss stuff all the time, and they have just learned to deal. Thanks for the tip on carmine dye….that’s just gross

Christines last blog post..Happy Halloween Ya’ll

#9 Posted by Tonggu Momma (31.10.08 at 13:49 )

Oh, I’m so sorry. We are also dealing with death here at Tonggu House. The Tongginator continues to feel confused at times, constantly reminding herself that Rosie is “gone forever, not just for a little bit.” It’s difficult.

And my momma once had a funeral with her class in attendance… their chicks died (someone bumped the heating knob on the incubator and… well…). The children decided they needed to sing a song at the funeral, but they didn’t know which one would be appropriate. Then someone suggested the ABC Song. And so occurred the most pitiful rendition of the Alphabet Song ever.

Tonggu Mommas last blog post..Halloween: Links and Love

#10 Posted by ali (31.10.08 at 15:10 )

Poor Sue! Poor you! Poor Cici!

#11 Posted by andreacook (31.10.08 at 15:58 )

Ummm… Elizabeth… were you the mom who hit the cat with the van? Just makin sure… perhaps, you did and didn’t know?


andreacooks last blog post..You are Here

#12 Posted by Helene (31.10.08 at 17:10 )

You know, that sounds like something that would happen to me! You and I seem to share the same kind of luck! Who could’ve known the one time you didn’t go through her backpack, there was a notice in there that you were supposed to look at? I’m guilty of that too and I actually missed signing up for teacher/parent conferences! Thankfully the teacher has taken pity on me and has squeezed me in her schedule.

Helenes last blog post..Halloween past….

#13 Posted by Kate (03.11.08 at 02:53 )

Oh no, my condolences on your great loss. And I’m glad I’m not the only one with non-coloring children. Up until Kaydn Rye, I thought every child in the world colored.

Kates last blog post..I am the Pioneering Woman

#14 Posted by Charlotte (03.11.08 at 11:57 )

Poor baby…. The diarrhea was an unexpected plot twist. ugh!

PS. Call me when you have a minute. I’ve attempted to email the story several times, but your server keeps rejecting it…

Charlottes last blog post..Fall Festival at Westminster Christian School

#15 Posted by Three Channels » George Washington’s Blood Chin (22.02.09 at 18:37 )

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