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Spirit Filled Football?

We played a church team named “Spirit Filled” from a more rural, northern county; they had a boy who had to weigh 120 lbs and he fell on top of my 65-pounder; these are 7 and 8-year-olds, mind you.

I know.  I agreed to let him play. Don’t give me a hard time, just heed my advice below.

“You have two choices,” offered the doctor,  “a soft, temporary, removable splint that he can remove when you aren’t looking, or the hard, old-school cast.”  “We’ll be taking the hard cast, please.”

That’s really my only comment about youth football.  Oh, and this occurred during the second game of the season!  And Joseph played for the duration of the game without anyone realizing his elbow was actually broken in two places.

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