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TSA Workers Panicked by Keychain at Reagan National and More Terrapin Updates

My husband almost never travels, therefore when he does, exciting events transpire such as the loss of a rather large terrapin in our home.

Below you see the exact spot where the terrapin was finally found, a mere 18 hours after he “went missing.”

Note the joyful facial expression:

Here you see him tempted by the wilted lettuce Edward had scattered about the home in hopes of sustaining the creature through the night:

And here the sweet taste of freedom as the dear terrapin is reluctantly released into the wild of our yard:

Lest you think that the good times only occur in our actual home, let me share a recent tale that occurred while H was traveling last week.

He was only in DC for one night so he didn’t have a gracious amount of time for souvenir-seeking, yet he spotted a Smithsonian Institute kiosk in the airport, and carefully chose crystal grow-kits for Sue and Edward, a nifty gyroscope for Joseph, and rather striking key chain for me that flashes my name every second or so.  He popped it all in the Smithsonian bag and headed for the gate.

He hurried through the scanning machine and began putting on his shoes.  His belongings, however, remained in the scanning area.  All of a sudden the scenario turned a bit frantic when a TSA worker shouted,

“Come here!  I ain’t ever seen anything like this?  What’s that?”

Shoeless folk began slowly backing up from the scanning area.

“It look like it’s pulsing!”

Several TSA workers are summoned, the conveyor built is abruptly halted, and H’s Smithsonian Institution bag is carefully prodded by a professional probe that H said looked remarkably like a car antenna.

I suppose the juxtaposition of the gyroscope next to the flashing keychain proved menacing to say the least.

Almost immediately the situation eased when the TSA professional drew her probe away from the bag and said with a loud, relieved laugh, “Awww!  That ain’t nothin’ but a solar key chain!”

Crisis averted!

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18 Comments to “TSA Workers Panicked by Keychain at Reagan National and More Terrapin Updates”

#1 Posted by Crysm (09.06.10 at 12:40 )

That’s pretty funny. Those solar powered key chains can be pretty scary, I guess. LOL
.-= Crysm´s last blog ..The "I Love You" Way =-.

#2 Posted by Tari (09.06.10 at 14:13 )

good to know these people are keeping us safe! who knows what could happen if they weren’t as intelligent as they are vigilant.
.-= Tari´s last blog ..The Book Review I Can’t Write =-.

#3 Posted by The Girl (09.06.10 at 14:18 )

Oh my gosh! I would have still felt guilty if that had happened to me at the airport. Well… at least they are doing their jobs.

And I love the excited look on your Terrapin’s face 🙂

#4 Posted by Elizabeth (09.06.10 at 14:33 )

Who knew terrapins could be so expressive?

(And some people say reptiles have no emotions…)

#5 Posted by Jen (09.06.10 at 15:23 )

Ummm, I need to go and google solar powered key chains! Glad the terrapin is safe and free though 😀 Jen.
.-= Jen´s last blog ..Fun with food. =-.

#6 Posted by Barbara (09.06.10 at 15:34 )

Good entertainment here, Elizabeth – educational, too!

What a good Dad!
.-= Barbara´s last blog ..More for Your Money =-.

#7 Posted by kim (09.06.10 at 18:04 )

A pulsing key chain that sounds like something Craig would buy me – LOL
What a funny story!
.-= kim´s last blog ..Shred day 20 =-.

#8 Posted by Stacy (09.06.10 at 20:46 )

That’s funny! At least they figured it out before they had to do a body cavity search!

#9 Posted by Coreen Trost (10.06.10 at 22:02 )

That is hillarious!! LOL Hadn’t they had the solar key chain experience before, since it was purchased in their airport?!
Wow, thanks for sharing! I needed this tonight! 🙂
.-= Coreen Trost´s last blog ..Goal Challenge for this Week =-.

#10 Posted by danette (12.06.10 at 14:07 )

Glad the terrapin was found safe and sound :).

ROFL about the solar key chain!! I had my bag searched once (while traveling with my boss, embarrassing!) because apparently my brush looked suspicious until they checked it out. I guess it’s good they’re being careful though, sigh.
.-= danette´s last blog ..Day-of-the-week humor =-.

#11 Posted by Patty (12.06.10 at 21:54 )

How is it that the airport workers in D.C. all sound like they come from the southern Illinois town in which I currently reside?

This was hysterical!
.-= Patty´s last blog ..Family Ties =-.

#12 Posted by mrsbear (20.06.10 at 23:23 )

Haha. Who knew a key chain would prove so threatening?

Free the turtles!
.-= mrsbear´s last blog ..Back to Your Corners – Spin Cycle =-.

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