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Stone Fox Asked: Squatty Potty American Style

WARNING: These photos are not for the faint of heart, or the easily grossed-out.

This post is being perpetuated at the request of Heidi, AKA Stone Fox, at Mom’s Ministry and More.  She pontificated on the yuckified potties where she lives overseas and I told her we had some mighty putrid ones at our local football field.  She challenged me to photograph these and post them.

I seized that challenge!   I pledge to share those disturbing potty images below.

First, here is her indoor squatty potty.  (Mighty weird and mighty gross with all the standing, hunching and hovering that must go on.)

And now, the “American Dream” Squatty Potty Photo Essay:

My “delicate flower” 3-year-old would rather “tee tee a weed” in the woods behind the football field than attempt to grace this beast.  Can you blame her?

It gets more troubling:

There is never toilet paper here.  Why the lock?  Can someone explain this?

Here you see a supposed soap dispenser.  Who wants to wager whether or not there has been actual soap in here since the Nixon era?  Any takers?

Why would it matter if there was soap, however, since there is no running water anyway.  (There is a sink, though, which is a nice, decorative touch.)

It compliments the mirror:

It’s a nice place to relax, powder your nose, touch up your lipstick and freshen yourself a bit before getting back out there with the crowd to cheer on your team.

The generosity of this powder room never ceases to amaze me.  Whereas there is no running water, no toilet paper and certainly no paper towels, they do provide a lovely trashcan:

I leave you with an image of a dear, delicate fan who yearns to cheer for her team, and does so knowing that her only toileting options are those described above.

Now that is a fervent fan indeed!

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15 Comments to “Stone Fox Asked: Squatty Potty American Style”

#1 Posted by jaden (28.10.08 at 12:46 )

umm.. yuck? or ewwwwwww. Whichever you prefer.

I’d rather pee in the woods, too. Or hold it till my bladder burst. 😛

jadens last blog post..Ten on Tuesday- My Top 10 Horror Movies

#2 Posted by ali (28.10.08 at 12:50 )

Public restroom mirrors are all the rage–someone just had to have one!

alis last blog post..Happy Birthday To You…Woof, Woof

#3 Posted by Peanut (28.10.08 at 13:52 )

Ugghh…. gross public bathrooms are just… gross! When my daughter was two, she would return with her daddy from a pee break, reporting that the bathroom was “nasty”.
ewwww… nasty!

Peanuts last blog post..Here comes the bride…

#4 Posted by Patty O. (28.10.08 at 14:13 )

Gotta love those public potties. It does make one wonder what happened to the mirror and toilet paper. When I lived in Hong Kong (where they also have squatty potties) they sold little packets of tissue on the street, which I thought was quaint. Until I realized everyone bought them so that they would have tp when using the public facilities.

Patty O.s last blog post..word to the wise

#5 Posted by April ~ EnchantedDandelions (28.10.08 at 18:35 )

I have nevery heard of a squatty potty before. I thought that was a picture of a urinal that was just taken sideways. But it’s really… on the floor?

Wow, you learn something every day! Thanks for enlightening me… I think.

April ~ EnchantedDandelionss last blog post..Tag, I’m it!

#6 Posted by Mrsbear (28.10.08 at 21:27 )

Oh my goodness, a squatty potty?!?! I am not a big fan of the public rest rooms, particularly the park ones. Don’t know why they’re consistently heinous, but they totally are. Great photo documentary by the way, I am impressed. It’s like one of those undercover exposes on 20/20. 😉

Mrsbears last blog post..Disconnected – Where I Complain About My Internet Service

#7 Posted by Ashley (28.10.08 at 22:31 )

The fervent fan is going to be sooo excited that she was included on the blog!! She is indeed a dedicated fan. As usual, we have laughed until our sides hurt. Thanks for the relief. I have heard about the toilets in Asia, I had been unable to visualize what they were talking about. Now I don’t have to imagine it. Thanks for that as well!! Have a great night!


#8 Posted by Felicia (28.10.08 at 23:37 )

How incredibly disgusting! I shutter at the thought!

Go Graham Go!

#9 Posted by Jamey (29.10.08 at 11:27 )

oh my, that is so gross! Go potty before you leave the house!

Jameys last blog post..Mary’s Story

#10 Posted by Hilary (29.10.08 at 21:48 )

I gotta tell you, this has been one of the more interesting blog posts I’ve seen in a while ….

Hilarys last blog post..Dressing for Success

#11 Posted by Carla (30.10.08 at 22:13 )

I would much rather use a squatty potty instead of some dirty American version ones. Seriously, squatty potties are NOT hard at all to use. In fact, wouldn’t you “squat” above that yucky one at the ball field? 😉

#12 Posted by cbowman (30.10.08 at 22:52 )

ewwwww…. I don’t know which is worse!

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#13 Posted by Tonggu Momma (30.10.08 at 23:01 )

Okay… that IS pretty bad. I will say that most western toilets in public places in China look like that, too, but with shoe prints on the seat. Yes, people don’t know how to… umm… go about their business without squatting, so they simply squat on the seat.

And can you believe I potty-trained on squatty potties?

Tonggu Mommas last blog post..Halloween: Links and Love

#14 Posted by Stonefox (01.11.08 at 02:53 )

I don’t know how I missed this one. But I’m glad I didn’t miss miss it. This is just disgusting. In America, there is just no excuse.

Stonefoxs last blog post..In Which You Talk Back

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