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Sensory Seeker + Concussion = Extreme Vigilance

It doesn’t take much time spent reading this blog to realize that my 8-year-old son, Edward, is a sensory seeker.  Running, bouncing, spinning, crashing–these movements and sensations are all a therapeutically necessary part of his everyday life.  These actions provide the proprioceptive input his body craves in order to maintain some sort of focus and order, and without them, he cannot sit still, concentrate or maintain his emotional composure for any length of time.

Edward takes sensory breaks during the school day during which he bounces on a mini (I shudder to utter the word) trampoline; his classroom is equipped with multiple bean bags and large pillows for crashing and smashing.  He pops over to the OT room for some intense spinning in a mesh swing, and thrills to careening all over the OT room on roller boards.

Edward spends almost ever afternoon after school outside in the back yard swinging, playing “tackle” football with his brother and rolling around in the grass.  We have devoted an entire storage closet in our new house to being a “crash room” outfitted with huge pillows, futons and mattresses.  Only after these activities is he focused enough to endure his social skills class or attempt handwriting practice.

So after Edward’s untimely tumble off an un-netted trampoline, (at a friend’s house), and subsequent ambulance ride, we leave the ER with this sage advice from the attending doctor: “His recovery should be fairly easy.  Just keep him calm and quiet for the next week or so…no running or jumping or rough-housing.”

My husband and I looked at each other and our shoulders kind of slumped.

The next day we wondered aloud why we hadn’t asked the doctor for a sedative…for all three of us.

We have made it through the one-week mark, and I have to say I am beginning to relax just a bit.  When he tripped over his sister’s huge box of crayons yesterday afternoon, my heart did stop for a moment, only to start beating again when he assured me, “That was my hip, Mom, not my head!”

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9 Comments to “Sensory Seeker + Concussion = Extreme Vigilance”

#1 Posted by Jen (29.04.10 at 16:59 )

My 2.5 year old is a sensory seeker too and you have just given me a flash of our future *groans*. At least I will know to ask for the sedative for all of us, when the time comes! Happy to hear he is on the mend though, love the pics, what a handsome little fella 🙂 Jen.
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#2 Posted by Stimey (29.04.10 at 17:46 )

That kid of yours is absolutely adorable.
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#3 Posted by Mary (30.04.10 at 00:13 )

Its makes me tired just reading that list of activities. Wow you have your hands full… good thing he is so stinkin cute. Save em every time doesn’t it 🙂
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#4 Posted by Barbara (30.04.10 at 23:20 )

Glad to read you are able to relax a bit again. He sure is cute.
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#5 Posted by Gavin Bollard (01.05.10 at 06:07 )

Trampolines are one of the best things you can get a child with sensory conditions and/or aspergers.

Ours is unnetted and while the kids have taken some tumbles, they’ve always been unharmed. Perhaps our grass is softer?

Netted trampolines weren’t readily available when Santa picked up ours but they’re a good idea.

My wife and I were talking to some emergency ward people asking if netting was reducing the number of trampoline-related emergencies.

Interestingly, the answer was “no”. Apparently most trampoline accidents don’t happen when someone falls off, they happen when several people are jumping and someone get’s jumped on.
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#6 Posted by Tonggu Momma (01.05.10 at 21:36 )

Oh, no! Glad y’all are finally able to *mostly* relax. (Because when you have that much of a sensory-seeker, can you ever REALLY relax?)
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#7 Posted by danette (02.05.10 at 11:23 )

(((hugs))) we have 2 1/2 sensory seekers at our house too (I say 2 1/2 because one of my twins is not quite as outrageously sensory-seeking as his brothers). Being advised to keep them calm and quiet would be like being asked to keep them from breathing for two weeks!! My heart goes out to you, hoping the next week goes by quickly! 🙂
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#8 Posted by Elizabeth (02.05.10 at 13:58 )

Gavin, thanks for that great information! Our trampoline has a net but I do let the boys get on there and wrestle…maybe I should limit it to two boys…or maybe just one?

Thanks Danette for your encouragement. I know you know what it’s like, as do so many of you!

#9 Posted by mrsbear (03.05.10 at 10:12 )

You made it through the week! Yay. Too bad you guys are confined to the indoors. 🙁
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