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Sleepin’ Like Slaves

I’m not so sure reading Huckleberry Finn was a good idea.  Granted we just read the Great Illustrated Classics version, but still now we are obsessed with slaves and slavery.

I don’t know why we have beds, or bedrooms for that matter, when we can all just pile onto the black wood futon H bought in 1989 and sleep there, “like slaves.”

You know, three children sleeping end-to-end under Spiderman fleece blankets…to heck with the Pottery Barn matching car set…who cares about the custom-made toile bed skirt and comforter with monogrammed pillows?

Give us a faded, blue-jean fabric covered futon from the late 80s and we’re happy as can be, sleepin’ like slaves!

Now I find myself saying things like, “Slaves didn’t have a light on when they slept…they didn’t talk…if I hear one more word, the youngest slave is going back to the Toddler Bed…slaves didn’t listen to Elvis CDs while they slept…” and similar comments like, “If I hear one more word, no one is sleeping like a slave tonight!”

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2 Comments to “Sleepin’ Like Slaves”

#1 Posted by MT (04.08.08 at 01:14 )

I love it!!!

hey – they look pretty comfy cozy there!

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#2 Posted by Patty O. (07.08.08 at 09:12 )

This is GREAT! I love it. If it makes you feel any better, neither of my children sleep in their beds. My son has preferred the floor for as long as I can remember. We aren’t sure if it is a sensory thing or what, but now my daughter has followed in his footsteps. Now that she can climb out of her crib, she claims she would rather sleep on the floor. So, we make them nice little nests of blankets and pillows and everyone is happy. Kids are so weird, huh?

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