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Random Tuesday Drivel, Plus A Chance to Win!

Thanks be to the Unmom for her ingenuity!


My disdain for Burger King’s Neopets may soon be usurped by McDonald’s dragon toys that come equipped with, you guessed it, a virtual online world.  Don’t get me wrong.  I thrilled to Cressida Cowell’s books after Tari turned my boys onto them…this was way before Ms. Cowell got so cool and became endorsed by McDonald’s and all.  Someone I don’t think this whole online avatar deal was her idea…she is far too creative and well-read.


I am pleased to report that the free “home warranty” that was part of my recent  home purchase is actually costing me money.  My dishwasher began leaking and, because we had the “warranty,” I called the sanctioned repair professional who happily pocketed my $50.00 deductible and then told me that all I needed was a $12.00 seal.  But alas, “seals and gaskets” are not covered in the “home warranty.”  So a stupid seal that would cost me $12.00 at Sears, and could have been installed by my 8-year-old, has now set me back $50.00.  Plus my hardwood floors are now beginning to buckle from the leak, although the sanctioned repair professional informed me that he was certain the buckling had nothing to do with the leak and must be related to some faulty hardwood floor installation.  So happy!


I have officially solved the problem of Fajita, the guinea pig’s, cage smelling up my pantry/office.  Mint hay has completely eradicated this issue.  Maybe I should fill bowls of mint guinea pig hay and place them in each bathroom?


I love Sue’s preschool teacher so very very much.  Not only did she take down a troubling painting of an elephant with an “evil eye” that was preventing Sue from using the bathroom during the 5-hour school day, but today she found out that Sue thrills to her brother’s leftover pirate costumes and declared this Thursday will be “Pirate Day.”  As she explained to me, “Everyone else will need to either find a costume or draw on a beard.  Sue has a costume so we’ll have an official day!”


I need a Monsignor.  First person to comment who knows what I’m talking about wins a bottle of “Twilight Woods” Bath and Body Works bubble bath!

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6 Comments to “Random Tuesday Drivel, Plus A Chance to Win!”

#1 Posted by Jen (21.04.10 at 05:34 )

Ssshhh, my son hadn’t figured out there is a online world for those dragons! Jen.
.-= Jen´s last blog ..How embarrassing is that! =-.

#2 Posted by mrsbear (21.04.10 at 07:33 )

I had no idea the dragons brought an online code. I guess we’ve dodge that bullet.

My daughter wants a guinea pig. She does so well in school that we’ve *gulp* agreed. One more beast to add olfactory charm to our already crowded little abode. Good to know mint hay can help, maybe I should line the dog beds with it!
.-= mrsbear´s last blog ..Hello Piggies and Random Tuesday Thoughts =-.

#3 Posted by Barbara (21.04.10 at 07:58 )

That house warranty stuff is a rip-off! Rotten luck!

I will be keeping the mint hay secret from our Teen. No need for her to know. Shhh!

No why would you need a priest with the administrative designation of ‘monsignor’?

Any chance you will enter my blog carnival? Tomorrow is the deadline. Just saying.
.-= Barbara´s last blog ..With Misgivings =-.

#4 Posted by acarlson (21.04.10 at 17:23 )

Monsignor: the usual style of address for all higher prelates of the Roman Church below the rank of cardinal or patriarch, including bishops and archbishops.

If he can help, I would like one as well.

#5 Posted by kim (21.04.10 at 22:51 )

Well shoot Amy answered before me – stink!
Love Sues’s teacher too – she is the model all teachers should copy!
.-= kim´s last blog ..Our Protector =-.

#6 Posted by Elizabeth (21.04.10 at 22:54 )

OK, I see you are all trying hard on the “Monsignor,” but this is a far, far sillier Monsignor than you all are thinking. I want someone to win, so please think Betty White!