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How much do I hate thee, Neopets? Let me count the ways…

I seriously could not believe it!  Last night was my father’s 73rd birthday party complete with pizza, cake and a fruit tray, and since Edward is GF/CF and Sue has recently become casein-free, H popped over to the local Burger King to procure some suitable fare for our unorthodox brood to consume during the festivities.

My poor sweet husband innocently purchased one kid’s meal.

Yes, one.

This should have been copacetic, however, because BK has had rather lame toys of late so nobody has been fighting over them.  But what to my wondering ears should I hear than the shrill scream,

“NEOPETS!  NEOPETS!  Remember the them from last year!  There’s one in the bag!  This is the greatest night ever!”

(Because a grandfather turning 73 is just small potatoes…)

His or her name is “Jub Jub.”

Compelling, isn’t it?

And then I just cringed because I knew what was coming:

“Where’s the web-enabled code?  I don’t see a code!  There’s got to be a code!  You must have a code for web-enabled play!  Where are the BK bags?  Don’t tell me you threw then away?  Who would do that?  Let’s dig in the trash to find the bags and get that code!”

We dug through my sister-in-law’s kitchen trash.  We sifted through coffee grounds and old orange peels.  We found the crunched bags, but, alas, there were no web-enabled codes to be seen!

Eerily familiar, isn’t it?

We left the party dejected, demoralized, and with me vowing to never, ever step foot or van wheel on Burger King property again.

Still, because I am an good mom idiot, I checked out the BK web site to try to understand more about these elusive codes.

The web site explains that the codes are on the “collectible box.”  The site promises:  “Be sure to check your Neopets collectible box from BURGER KING® for a Virtual Prize Code. Enter it below to claim your virtual prize!”

Golden!  I scan the box.  I turn it over and over and inside out.  I compare my box to the box depicted on the helpful web site.

Except my box DOES NOT HAVE A CODE!

Do you see a code?

Do you think my family has received a leftover “collectible box” from the days when the web–enabled codes were printed on the BK bags?

Do you think this fluffy, friendly “Jub Jub” should be enough to appease children promised by the Burger King Corporation to receive a non-existent VIRTUAL GIFT?

I just drew a line in the sand, Burger King.

Consider yourself warned.

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14 Comments to “How much do I hate thee, Neopets? Let me count the ways…”

#1 Posted by Jen (16.04.10 at 05:39 )

Nooooooo!! Amazing how something so insignificant grows into a mountain when children set their minds to it lol. Hope you have recovered:) Jen.
.-= Jen´s last blog ..Love is……………….. =-.

#2 Posted by Barbara (16.04.10 at 07:25 )

A truly valid consumer complaint! (My sympathy is tainted with laughter…sorry.) 😉
.-= Barbara´s last blog ..Tools of the Trade =-.

#3 Posted by kim (16.04.10 at 09:49 )

Oh my that is terrible!!
Those toys are just plain annoying
I can not stand the stinkin kids meals anymore!
We order just plain whopper jrs at 1 dollar and we
are done with it!!!
.-= kim´s last blog ..Spring Break randomness =-.

#4 Posted by Elizabeth (16.04.10 at 10:15 )

Good call, Kim! You might note that it was my “better half” who purchased the Kid’s meal. While it escapes me at the moment I am sure he had a good reason ; )

#5 Posted by Maddy (16.04.10 at 14:25 )

Neopets, Webkins, Pokemon, Dinosaurs……will it never end.
.-= Maddy´s last blog ..The most useful PEC of all time =-.

#6 Posted by mrsbear (16.04.10 at 15:21 )

Holy cow, Elizabeth. It’s like deja vu all over again! I still remember the first neopets fiasco. Yikes. Couldn’t they have just given you a nice, harmless Spongebob watch. I think BK management might read your blog, they are toying with you…pun intended. 🙂
.-= mrsbear´s last blog ..Are You Saying Words? Spin Cycle =-.

#7 Posted by Patty (18.04.10 at 21:44 )

I cannot believe this has happened again. definitely grounds for boycotting BK.

I love the pictures, though. Especially the one with the neopet and the corkscrew. Totally classic and made me laugh maniacally.
.-= Patty´s last blog ..note to my neighbors =-.

#8 Posted by Coreen Trost (18.04.10 at 23:04 )

You put a very funny spin on this; but I remember my boys being young and even worst, my babysitting girls and the barbie toys. Oh my, such fights and a crying. It was awful.

I talked my nephew into a Wendy’s happy meal (because I wanted Wendy’s) a while back the he got the lamest toy every. It was a crayon holder with a plastic clip on it. No crayons inside, like it was supposed to, 2 tiny 2″x2″ papers to color (again no crayons) and he couldn’t figure out what he would clip the holder to. He took it extremely well! Saying ‘note to self… tell mom and dad No Wendy’s. LOL
.-= Coreen Trost´s last blog ..Life Lessons and Blessings =-.

#9 Posted by Tess (19.04.10 at 11:18 )

I have gone through this myself with other online pets. It drives me crazy!

#10 Posted by Danette (20.04.10 at 07:56 )

Oh, ack!! I had to laugh while reading this but I am mad at BK right along with you… I’m glad my guys haven’t discovered online pets yet. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time :/

#11 Posted by Elle (20.04.10 at 09:25 )

What are you thinking? 73 year old birthday vs Neo Pets w/online code???!! Of course that nasty little Neo Pet is going to win hands down. Also, the husband only getting 1 kids meal is classic. I’ve been in that situation a time or two.
I loved the pics that went along with it.
.-= Elle´s last blog ..Random Tuesday Thoughts =-.

#12 Posted by Three Channels » Random Tuesday Drivel (20.04.10 at 23:24 )

[…] How much do I hate thee, Neopets? Let me count the ways… […]

#13 Posted by elaine @ peace for the journey (02.05.10 at 23:51 )

Haven’t been here in a while; you just fill my heart with laughter and smiles and just generally realizing that life is going to be OK despite the craziness going on around me.

Thank you.

.-= elaine @ peace for the journey´s last blog ..Who’s in charge… Who knows best =-.

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