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Parenting Books I Adore

Genny over at My Cup 2 Yours wrote about her three favorite parenting books today, and I thought that would be an winning way to begin the first day of Non-Spring Break, as I like to call this day.  I am dedicating this day to five loads of muddy laundry, picking up all the exploded water balloons throughout my back yard and treating the poison ivy that I apparently garnered during one of our hiking adventures.

In the meantime, here are a few books that I have loved since becoming a parent:

I am a big fan of The Five Love Languages of Children by Gary Chapman.  I try to re-read it every few years so I can attempt to discern what love language each child responds to because I have found their languages change as they grow.  My oldest child used to be “Quality Time,” but as he has creeped into tweenhood, “Words of Affirmation” have usurped his desire to spend so much time with me…unless I am taking him to a restaurant or the ball field of course.  Edward’s love language is quite tough to discern these days.  He is a major lover of gifts, and likes “Words of Affirmation” somewhat, but he is just such a complex child it is hard to say.  Sue’s language is absolutely “Quality Time” spent playing with Barbies, building babies and playgrounds out of Legos, and making worm houses out of sticks.

I also find myself reading through Bringing Up Boys every few months, even if it is just to remind myself that the brain of a boy is bathed in dangerous chemicals, and that is why they feel compelled to build bombs, climb way too high in fragile crepe myrtle trees and nearly crash through plate glass windows.  (The window thing happened yesterday.)

Another favorite is Praying the Scriptures for your Children: Discovering How to Pray God’s Will for Their Lives, by Jodie Berndt.  This book is divided into five sections such as “Praying for Your Child’s Future” or “Praying for Your Child’s Relationships.”  I have spent a lot of time in the chapters entitled “Praying for Self-Control, Diligence, and Self-Discipline” as well as “Praying for Health and Safety.”  I have a cool testimony associated with that book that I need to share one day.

On the autism front, I have read so many books that they all run together but my latest favorite is The Complete Guide to Asperger’s Syndrome by Tony Attwood.  This books is so well-organized and answers so many questions about the typical road to an Asperger’s diagnosis.  In reading this, I realized that our road to diagnosis was, surprisingly enough, fairly typical and that has alleviated some of my own guilt regarding whether or not I should have taken Edward to get more developmental testing at an earlier age.

If you would like to write about your own can’t-live-without parenting books, just pop on over to Genny’s site and grab her button!

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6 Comments to “Parenting Books I Adore”

#1 Posted by Adoption of Jane (12.04.10 at 12:26 )

Thanks I think I will definitely check out bringing up boys! Might be worthwhile since I have 3 of them!

#2 Posted by Jen (12.04.10 at 14:21 )

I am really interested in reading the first one you mentioned, it sounds great and yes, I could see that it would need to be revisited. Off I go to Amazon then, thanks:) Jen.
.-= Jen´s last blog ..Go on, say ‘WOW’. =-.

#3 Posted by Genny (13.04.10 at 01:28 )

So glad you joined in and linked up! I love that love language book. I read it a while ago and this makes me want to go back and pick it up again. 🙂
.-= Genny´s last blog ..What are your favorite parenting books? =-.

#4 Posted by Patty (14.04.10 at 11:48 )

Great post! I like to hear about parenting books that real parents have used. I have read so many that just do not work for us that I kind of gave up.

I did recently read the Love Languages book for couples. I really like it–I’ll have to pick up the one for kids.
.-= Patty´s last blog ..note to my neighbors =-.

#5 Posted by Tonggu Momma (16.04.10 at 21:15 )

I have one of these posts sitting in my dashboard. Heh. I need to finish it. I’ve heard wonderful things about “Bringing Up Boys, ” though I haven’t read it of course. *grin*
.-= Tonggu Momma´s last blog ..On a Post-It =-.

#6 Posted by Mainstay Ministries (13.03.11 at 23:17 )

I have 2 boys as well and I’ll this one to my list, seems a good book.