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Why No German Aphid Toothbrush Timer?

My inlaws spent almost three weeks in Germany visiting relatives and having a generally grand time while we were here making a revolving door out of the ER.

(More stories to come, folks–we actually called an ambulance on Thursday.  Everyone is OK and once I process it all, I’ll finish the post.)

They brought these dear German toothbrush timers to my three children.  I looked at the offerings and cringed–my grave concern being which creature should be bestowed on which child without tantrums ensuing.

Of critical concern was the feline holder.  Joseph is allergic to cats, so I surmised he would never accept the cat.

Yet again, I was wrong.

“No–See, it’s a food chain!  I must be the cat!” Joseph cried.

Edward found this observation mesmerizing:  “The cycle of life…” his eyes glazing over as he pondered the wonder.

“I just want to be that cute ladybug!” Sue squealed.

Thank you for three-year-old sanity.

“Now what we really need is an aphid German toothbrush timer,” Joseph asserted.

Yes, that would make it!

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16 Comments to “Why No German Aphid Toothbrush Timer?”

#1 Posted by hellokittiemama (12.10.08 at 23:06 )


Alex would demand to be the cat -he LOVES cats.. too much, I think. He has every cat webkinz, they all have names and he talks to them – buckles them in seatbelts, etc.

hellokittiemamas last blog post..For the love of Pumpkin Picking

#2 Posted by Mrsbear (12.10.08 at 23:21 )

Those are soo cool. It would’ve been a war at our house, I tell family members they’re always so much better off getting everything identical, otherwise someone always ends up dissatisfied. I’ve returned toys at McDonald’s because they weren’t the same, it’s just not worth the aggravation.

Mrsbears last blog post..Thanks and No Thanks

#3 Posted by On The Verge (12.10.08 at 23:36 )

It never fails when you think you know what the kids want they surprise you and want something else. A war would have erupted over here too. I am sure all my girls would have wanted the same one. They are cute, though!

On The Verges last blog post..Politics Of A 5 Year Old

#4 Posted by Kate (13.10.08 at 00:52 )

Uffda, I would have had the same concerns, if that would have been my sister and I when we were little, oh my word, clawing and scratching would have occured. But I’m so glad all was well in your household with the toothbrush timers.

Kates last blog post..BLOG PARTY – HOSTED BY ME!!!!!!

#5 Posted by Stonefox (13.10.08 at 01:18 )

My goodness, your kids are getting a vocabulary like yours. I am ashamed to say that they put me to shame. Lots of shame here. I’m going to go buy a dictionary and read it now.

#6 Posted by Annette Piper (13.10.08 at 01:24 )

Sounds like life is still challenging on your side of the world! Keep up the deep breathing 😉

Annette Pipers last blog post..Everything has a story

#7 Posted by Danette (13.10.08 at 01:25 )

LOL, glad they were able to choose without a major battle. I’m going to have to go look up “aphid” though… (embarrassed to admit).

I tagged you for an award, stop by my blog to check it out 🙂


Danettes last blog post..Award Time!!

#8 Posted by Patty O. (13.10.08 at 07:57 )

It never ceases to amaze me how your kids’ minds work. I LOVE it. Edward and my husband would be best buddies if they met–they are so much alike it cracks me up. I hope all is well with the hospital trips. I’m thinking of you!

Patty O.s last blog post..A letter from Carol Kranowitz (SPD guru)

#9 Posted by Casdok (13.10.08 at 12:28 )

I love them!!

Casdoks last blog post..When labels don’t help

#10 Posted by Nina (13.10.08 at 12:56 )

That is funny! Don’t you love when kids do the unexpected.

Glad to here everyone in your family is ok.

Ninas last blog post..Birthday cake dilemma….

#11 Posted by Jamey (13.10.08 at 13:03 )

those are cute, but yes same problem here, my girls always fight over the same one!

Jameys last blog post..A Monday Meme

#12 Posted by Elizabeth (14.10.08 at 00:23 )

Please don’t give me any credit for vocabulary! The only reason we know what an “aphid” is rests on our desperate love of bugs and previous house having about 75 rose bushes to take care of when we moved in. Aphids eat roses–hence our knowledge. When we moved about 15 bushes remained living…struggling, straggled, aphid-ridden, but alive.

#13 Posted by Felicia (14.10.08 at 08:04 )

Because you are so hilarious…I love your blog! Come pick up your award (even though I think you alread have it)!


Felicias last blog post..Amazed Again…

#14 Posted by Jennibeanv (14.10.08 at 20:18 )

Those are REALLY cute! What great gifts!

Jennibeanvs last blog post..Meme, Awards, and A Quickie!

#15 Posted by Kia (Good Enough Mama) (14.10.08 at 21:03 )

“It’s a food chain!” Thanks. A lot. I just peed myself.

Kia (Good Enough Mama)s last blog post..Ten (Point Five) Things On Tuesday

#16 Posted by elizabeth channel (14.10.08 at 22:36 )

That’s my goal, Kia, that’s my goal!

elizabeth channels last blog post..Why No German Aphid Toothbrush Timer?