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More Wisdom from the ER…Trip IV

It’s become a tradition around here–get close to the weekend and have a trip to the ER.  It’s gotten so crazy that I frequently receive emails from some of you saying something to the effect of “Here’s a cool meme if you can break yourself away from the ER.”  Seriously.

Let me begin with asserting that I adore going to the grocery store alone.  Love it with a grand passion!  I relish plopping my purse in the conspicuously empty seat part of the cart, looking at all the others struggling with their three or four children, glancing knowingly to the tired, worn mother wrestling her brood, and then perusing my own grocery list…my mind clear and unfettered with questions about trichinosis and why we can’t buy foods with Blue Lake 3 and Red 40 food dyes.

I will be able to actually calculate which purchases are mathematically cromulent with a “buy-one-get-one-free” offer.  So after I had leisurely shopped (45 minutes), paid, allowed a sweet Publix friend to take my groceries to the van, turned up some Casting Crowns, cruised out of the parking lot feeling that all was right with the world, my cell phone rang.  Not unusual.

I scrambled around my purse, grasping for the phone but snagging a linty craisin and old buppie instead.  Immediately it rang again in succession.

I grabbed it, only to hear, “Come home right now, drop everything.  I’ve called an ambulance.”


It’s amazing how the mind races with the possibilities when receiving a phone call like that.  Fear runs through your veins like ice crystals.  A rush of prayer-pleas filled my brain for about 10 seconds.  Then I had to redial.

“Just tell me was it for Grandmama or one of the children?”  “Grandmama,” he replied.  And then I sighed slight relief, and partial guilt for that relief.

Most of you know that H’s 88-year-old grandmother has been staying with us for several weeks, and has been in and out of the ER during those weeks.

When I burst in the door, Grandmama was lying on the ground, pale, gray and clammy.  My children, thank goodness, had been shuttled outdoor with a neighbor and were joyfully busy covering themselves in fire pit soot.

As is the case with such traumas, time stood still as ambulance personnel stabilized her, asked us pertinent questions, and retrieved her medications.  My husband hopped in the ambulance and off they roared.

The house was eerily silent for a moment.  I stood still, watching dust motes rise and fall in the sunlight, and reflecting on what might have happened and what might happen in the future.  We don’t have any guarantees (other than that of our Salvation should we elect to receive it).  Not at three, not at 42 and not at 88.

And then I looked outside to see my three-year-old rubbing black soot on her legs and face.  This snapped me back into reality and gave me purpose!  I scrubbed her down haphazardly and shuttled all three children off to the Perfume Stalker’s.

(Again, a friend who will receive three soot-covered, shoeless, unfed children is a friend indeed.)

It turns out that Grandmama did not have a stroke as was suspected but only an electrolyte imbalance due, again, to blood pressure medicine.  She actually came back home that same night.  Yet the blessing in the whole affair centered around conversations that H was able to have with her during the ambulance ride and after as she rested in the hospital.

While he did not go into great detail, I believe he was able to tell her what a blessing she has been in his life; he grasped that coveted chance many of us miss or neglect–that often ignored opportunity to let important people in our lives know how much they mean to us…that chance to say goodbye in a certain sense and to make sure nothing remains unsaid.

I, too, seized (or more likely was pushed by God to seize) those opportunities with my own grandmothers before they passed, and it has given me such great comfort throughout the years.  I will post about that at a later date, but today I just felt led to pass this story along…for no particular purpose…just to pass it along.

Have a blessed day!

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26 Comments to “More Wisdom from the ER…Trip IV”

#1 Posted by Patty O. (16.10.08 at 21:06 )

Holy Cow, what a night! Sorry you had to deal with all that, but I am so glad your grandmama is ok. (BTW, my husband has had fainting spells due to electrolyte imbalance, so now he drinks gatorade throughout the day. I don’t know if that would help you guys…) What a blessing, though, to have the chance to really express your love and gratitude. I admire your husband for taking that opportunity.

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#2 Posted by Elizabeth (16.10.08 at 21:19 )

Yes, Patty, all these issues have been *with* the gatorade! It’s baffling to me because prior to her collapse she had just been to the doctor! Thanks for your encouragement!

#3 Posted by Renée aka Mekhismom (16.10.08 at 21:31 )

Wow, you have had a lot of hospital visits lately. I am glad that grandma is okay and that your husband had the opportunity to say everything to her.

Renée aka Mekhismoms last blog post..Unexpected Surprises

#4 Posted by Steph at the Red Clay Diaries (16.10.08 at 21:33 )

What a full day! I’m glad everyone is okay now.

And I’m totally with you on LOVE for solo grocery shopping. I was feeling cranky tonight and the hubby let me take off after dinner for my “date” with Publix.


Steph at the Red Clay Diariess last blog post..When Insects Attack

#5 Posted by hellokittiemama (16.10.08 at 21:36 )

Oh my goodness,
Sending you *hugs* and an ER fast pass.

I’m so sorry!

#6 Posted by Elle (16.10.08 at 22:17 )

Glad to hear she’s okay and is home. Hope you guys can stay away from the ER for a while.

#7 Posted by Mrsbear (16.10.08 at 22:32 )

Quite a scare. Glad again Grandmama was okay. I hope you’re able to keep the fam out of the ER for a long time.

Solo grocery store trips though? Wow. That almost trumps a girls’ night out. Sweet. 😉

Mrsbears last blog post..A Job So Nice I Did It Thrice?

#8 Posted by Melanie (16.10.08 at 23:29 )

Wow. What a scary time that must have been. Glad all is okay.

And I LOVE trips to the grocery store alone. Who knew that would be so much fun!

Melanies last blog post..Fun, Fun, Fun

#9 Posted by Stonefox (17.10.08 at 00:14 )

Elizabeth, my heart sped up and my breathing did too as I read this post. This is really frightening! I hope Grandmama gets a sense of “normalcy” here soon. I’m thinking of you all.

Stonefoxs last blog post..More Potty Stuff

#10 Posted by Stimey (17.10.08 at 00:29 )

Scary. I am glad everyone is well now. My fingers are crossed for you that the ER staff won’t get to see you again for a while.

Stimeys last blog post..This Post Embiggens Us All

#11 Posted by Tari (17.10.08 at 09:29 )

So scary – I’m glad it wasn’t worse!

Taris last blog post..Please Pray for Tricia, Nate and Gwyneth

#12 Posted by Jamey (17.10.08 at 10:52 )

oh I hope she is feeling better, that was such a scare, but a snap to reality most of us need. thanks for sharing.

Jameys last blog post..Friday Fragments

#13 Posted by jaden (17.10.08 at 11:54 )

Although I feel bad that you had this scare and ended up in the ER again, at least your husband was able to have a needed talk with his grandmother! Fingers crossed that this means no more ER this week (at the very least!!)…

jadens last blog post..Thursday Thirteen #5- Link Love- Favorite Websites!!

#14 Posted by ali (17.10.08 at 12:18 )

My secret reason for wanting to move back to my hometown after being away for 15 years: drop kids off at my parents for solo grocery shopping!

So glad to hear that it wasn’t a stroke. Scary.

alis last blog post..Make That Thirty-Five

#15 Posted by Jennibeanv (17.10.08 at 18:18 )

Oh wow…I am so glad she was okay!

Jennibeanvs last blog post..I Blame PMS! And Facebook! And Sleeping With the TV On All Night…

#16 Posted by Tiff@Three Peas (17.10.08 at 18:36 )

I’m so glad it wasn’t anything Serious! I hope they find the right medicine for her. I’m sure that had to be scary.

Tiff@Three Peass last blog post..Craft Project Thursday: Homemade Slime

#17 Posted by On The Verge (17.10.08 at 21:19 )

I am glad to her Grandma is ok. There is great importance in being able to say good bye. We lost my FIL four months ago and my hubby and I were at his death bed. It has given us some comfort.

I LOVE the grocery store! I am addicted! I get to go go alone and I love every minute of it!

On The Verges last blog post..Sleepover Conclusion

#18 Posted by Kia (Good Enough Mama) (17.10.08 at 21:48 )

I’m glad she’s ok. How wonderful that your hubs had a chance to have a great talk with her.

I LOVE grocery shopping alone. My kid is in school purely for this reason. So what?

Kia (Good Enough Mama)s last blog post..Sensory Processing Disorder: What It Looks Like in Our Neighborhood

#19 Posted by Felicia (18.10.08 at 09:06 )

TAG! You’re IT!


Felicias last blog post..Who Wants to Play Santa? Looking for Featured Bloggers!

#20 Posted by Helene (18.10.08 at 11:45 )

My heart stopped as I read that post, thinking the absolute worst. I’m so relieved for you all that she’s gonna be okay! That’s wonderful that your husband is getting to spend some really good quality time with his grandmother!

I smiled reading about grocery trip adventure by yourself. I hate grocery shopping but the times I’m able to go by myself, I actually find that I enjoy it. I can read labels, shop leisurely, no impulse buying b/c the kids “just have to have this or that”, I can shop the sales. I always seem to save so much money when I don’t bring the kids with me!

Helenes last blog post..Never underestimate the memory of a toddler!

#21 Posted by Nina (18.10.08 at 13:20 )

Talk about a heart stopper…. I would die if I got that phone call and didn’t know if it was one of my children. Good thing she was Ok and your husband got that moment of time with her. Those moments are so important.

Ninas last blog post..Meme Award

#22 Posted by Alisha (18.10.08 at 14:17 )

I’m glad to hear Grandmother was okay. It’s ironic how emergency situations always make us think of all the things we wished we’d done or said. My own Dad was in a minor emergency this week and just like you said, when you get that phone call, your mind quickly goes to imagining the worst, and then to prayer. I can’t imagine going through anything like this without that Hope, can you?

Alishas last blog post..How to Scrapbook…Digitally

#23 Posted by Rebekah (18.10.08 at 15:51 )

Thank you for visiting my blog! I have one grandmother left, and she is 86. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know who I am, but I think she realizes that she’s supposed to know me. We came very close to losing her last year, so we are so thankful to have more time with her.

I hope you have a very blessed weekend!

Rebekahs last blog post..

#24 Posted by CC (18.10.08 at 18:10 )

Hugs hugs hugs!!!!!!!!

I just found your blog from some of the comments you’ve left on other posts I’ve been reading.

CCs last blog post..Ergo? Maya Wrap? or Stand on a plank and pray gravity doesn’t work?

#25 Posted by Elizabeth (18.10.08 at 18:21 )

I am overwhelmed by the love, friendship and support I have received from all of you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I wanted to do a quick update. Grandmama became strong enough to go home to Alabama where she lives, only to end up back in the hospital the very next day. She will be there for several days and will leave there to go to a rehab hospital. Thank you for your continued prayers and concern. She is pressing on and has an inspirational attitude.

Thank you again for your kindness!

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