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How I Survived Spring Break

It’s 5:25 on Friday afternoon which means I have successfully made it through an entire vacationless Spring Break week!

(If a coworker loaned you a Florida condo free of charge for a week, please do not tell me.  Everyone all over the country seems to be flocking to these grand free condos but me.)

Per usual, I have learned a few important life lessons this week, some of which make me miss homeschooling and others that make me glad we are having a run at a neighborhood school so my children can return there Monday morning.

1.  Ten-year-olds are much better at spotting snakes than I am.

2.  Our family still attracts ticks at an unnatural pace.

3.  No matter what kind of life-changing coupon you receive in the mail from Chuck E. Cheese, DO NOT GO THERE!  It will take four children more time to choose their “prizes” than to play every sorry game in the place twice.

And Chuck’s vacant eyes terrify most children under the age of five.

4.  Having blood drawn and getting an X-ray of your hand does not qualify as a Spring Break activity if you are eight.

5.  Puppies will go into heat *again* if you “forget” to do something medically about that natural wonder.

6.  You can teach a ten-year-old how to use a crock pot but you cannot make him eat ham-potato casserole.

7. Boys can make a competition out of pulling up wild onion weed.

8.  Fig Newtons have hard stemmy things in them that can break a tooth.

9. If you give two boys Pop-its, Silly String and balloons, they will try to make a bomb.  It may end up inexplicably on your roof.

10.  Children will drink hummingbird nectar.   Out of the feeder.


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21 Comments to “How I Survived Spring Break”

#1 Posted by Barbara (09.04.10 at 23:06 )

C’mon! Florida would not have been near as fun. 😉
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#2 Posted by Bobbie-Jo (10.04.10 at 00:32 )

I love number 10. And I did not spring break in Florida, either. I was in the snow, actually. It was miserably cold!
.-= Bobbie-Jo´s last blog ..I’m in Love *UPDATE – Question answered* =-.

#3 Posted by JoyMama (10.04.10 at 07:40 )

Amen on the Chuck E. Cheese thing. Wretched place.

Your spring break sounds like a full and varied stay-cation. I bet it was less exhausting than our travel (which did NOT involve a Florida condo.)
.-= JoyMama´s last blog ..Conference Report, Part 3: Eric Courchesne =-.

#4 Posted by Jen (10.04.10 at 08:56 )

That sounds like an interesting and varied Spring break, lol at some of them. Mondy will come around quick enough and you will get a break, just long enough to prepare for the Summer holidays 😀 Jen.
.-= Jen´s last blog ..Making Little Friends. =-.

#5 Posted by kim (10.04.10 at 09:47 )

yeah I do not know who gets those free condos at the beach but it is never us either 🙁

And hummingbird nectar out of the feeder – blech!
Is Edward ok? What did he do?

At least you made some fun memories this week 🙂
.-= kim´s last blog ..Spring Break randomness =-.

#6 Posted by Stimey (10.04.10 at 11:10 )

It sounds like a great week! You know, except for the ticks and the broken tooth. Congrats on making it through!
.-= Stimey´s last blog ..Oh, You Guys. Y’all Are AWESOME! =-.

#7 Posted by Elizabeth (10.04.10 at 16:14 )

Edward is fine! He just had routine X-rays and blood work as part of his growth hormone, which I have to say, is working wonderfully! Such a great blessing!

#8 Posted by Coreen Trost (11.04.10 at 15:33 )

Oh my… I remember weeks like that. I took a vacation day during Brandon’s Spring break and the college gave us ‘regular’ employees one of the days off and that was nice. So I sent one of my days off with my son for his birthday and had the honor of sharing his birthday dinner with my ex. It was ok, I let him pay! 🙂 and the next day I spent running my mother around in the pouring rain. Good deads and I was happy to help her out. I think your Spring Break was much for exciting!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!!
.-= Coreen Trost´s last blog ..So Proud of You, Son! =-.

#9 Posted by Mrsbear (11.04.10 at 16:37 )

Bwahaha. Yes, Spring break is almost always an adventure.

Out of the feeder? Really?

Also, I’m burning my Chuck E. Cheese coupons as we speak. As if the off-putting foot smell isn’t bad enough, I’ve got to stand by while they figure out whether they want stickers or plastic lizards. Ugh.
.-= Mrsbear´s last blog ..Your Emotional Rollercoaster Makes Me Nauseous =-.

#10 Posted by Anonymous (11.04.10 at 21:23 )

HAHA! Glad you made it through!! I think I have at least Six new Grey Hairs!!

#11 Posted by Adoption of Jane (11.04.10 at 21:24 )

HAHA! Glad you made it!! I know I’ve counted at least Six New Grey Hairs!!

#12 Posted by Patty (11.04.10 at 23:45 )

Yeah, I think Chuck E. Cheese’s is one of the circles of hell, personally. Luckily we don’t have one anywhere near us. Talk about sensory overload.

Sounds like you have had an eventful Spring Break–way more fun than Florida or Hawaii, right?
.-= Patty´s last blog ..autism, appearances, and awareness =-.

#13 Posted by Tess (12.04.10 at 10:37 )

Our spring break was quiet and uneventful. My son is just happy to not of been in school for a week-lol
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#14 Posted by Three Channels » Parenting Books I Adore (12.04.10 at 12:19 )

[…] How I Survived Spring Break […]

#15 Posted by The Girl Next Door Grows Up (12.04.10 at 14:55 )

Oh that was a fun read!

I do not know why, but Chuck E Cheese is always closed here in our neck of the woods 😉
.-= The Girl Next Door Grows Up´s last blog ..A Loophole =-.

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